Questions Asked on
October 26, 2006

  1. english

    Who is the intended audience for the novel The Scarlet Letter? That is a good question. He wrote of historical times, of sin, guilt, and repentance. He wrote of social mores, social pressure, and the pain of reconciling this with personal morals. I think

    asked by anonymous
  2. !!!!!!!History!!!!!!!!

    What is the third part of the declaration called???? What is the fourth part of the declaration called???? I know that the first part is called the preamble and the second is called the Declaration of Rights. I also know what the members of congress(Thomas

    asked by Katie
  3. Physics desperate Help!

    A 2.0 kg lunch box is sent sliding over a frictionless surface, in the positive direction of an x axis along the surface. Beginning at time t=0, a steady wind pushes on the lunchbox in the negative direction of the x-axis. Estimate the kinetic energy of

    asked by Krystal
  4. Critical Thinking

    How do assumptions relate to the process of critical thinking? This is an excellent article explaining the purpose of assumptions in the process. This guide to critical

    asked by Rebecca

    Why is the word “Salesman” capitalized in the stage directions that open the play? help! It's been ages since I read this, and I don't have a copy here (and since it's still copyrighted, it's not available online!) -- but my best guess is that the

    asked by Anonymous
  6. Math

    I am to find all possible values of a and b where a, b are positive integers and to show that I have found all of them.For example: "2^3 = 3^1 + 5" is a satisfied equation where(a, b) are (3,1). I know that it can be solved using modular arithmetic but I

    asked by Riddhi
  7. math

    a professinal basketball player is about how many meters tall? two meters is about six feet six inches, right?

    asked by mickey
  8. Writing

    I have spent 2 weeks writing a paper and I am trying to perfect the introduction. Below I will paste the introduction tell me what I can do to better and what questions you have and what it make you think of... “The disease of jealously is so malignant

    asked by Jeremiah
  9. Chemistry

    Anyone able to balance/do the equation: C8H7O2COOH + NaOH -> I can't figure out the products. C8H7O2COOH + NaOH =>C8H7O2COONa + H2O acid + base ==> salt + H2O Merci buckets. :D Oui, oui! Oui, oui! is C8H7O2COONa an acidic salt or basic salt?

    asked by Ariel
  10. english

    The Roman Emperor Caligula is infamous for his ______ which included his marriage to his sister. A. depravity B. wanton C. deviant D. amoral A Some people believe the topless dance clubs are places of ________. A. wanton B. nefarious C. iniquity D. sordid

    asked by anonymous
  11. History help

    I need help on these true/false questions. if false, i have to write what the correct word is. i need help in being steered towards the right answer! 1. the process of handing out jobs to ones supporters is known as "citizen system" 2. racial seregation in

    asked by Kasey
  12. harddrives

    are there any speeds in MHz for harddrives. for IDE, EIDE,SCSI,SATA, USB? i looked on internet, but i can't find it any websites or also the costs of these harddrives Thank you for using the Jishka Homework Help Forum. Since I don't know if you have a

    asked by Anonymous
  13. AP Calculus BC Resources

    Hi there, I was hoping if any one was familiar with any sites that have printable integration/differentiation packets? I'm hoping to use them for everyday practice. I skipped Calculus AB and need a little help. I love packets so if there are any out there

    asked by Ted
  14. MICROeconomics

    It has been estimated that the world demand for wheat can be represented by thefunction P = 80 - 2Q. It has been further found that the countries supplying thismarket have marginal cost curves which when summed together are given by theequation MC = 5 + Q

    asked by whhgn
  15. U.S. History

    I TOTALY NEED HELP..... i have to answer 4 questions in a paragraph or long enough to fully explain it.... the questions are 1) Discuss the economic and financial programs of secretary of the treasury alexander hamilton. What id they include? What was

    asked by Krystal
  16. chem

    Assuming that you have 0.4g of Y(OH)3, calculate the mass of of BaO2 required to react stoichiometrically (1Y:2Ba:3Cu) to produce YBa2Cu3O7. Now calculate the mass of of CuO required to react stoichiometrically (1Y:2Ba:3Cu) to produce YBa2Cu3O7. please

    asked by mary
  17. Periodic Table

    Does anyone know where I can find a really good copy of the periodic table? I desperatly need one!! "good" copy? Printable? With what information on it? Go to google, search on IMAGES for periodic table. You will find several hundred. Make a choice.

    asked by cbarnett
  18. water?

    what steps can we take to decrease our water consumption? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. First of all, look around your own home to see what you can do. Instead of sprinkling a lawn for hours, use a timer that sets it for every third

    asked by Anonymous
  19. algebra

    So... I know the answer to the question because it's something we worked on in class... but there's one part I don't get. Factoring m - 2n + m^2 - 4n^2 m - 2n + (m + 2n) (m - 2n) Then there's a 1... 1(m - 2n) (m + 2n) (m - 2n) AND my question is... How and

    asked by Kaitlyn
  20. Algebra

    Solve Rational Inequalities x^2-x-2/x^2+5x+6

    asked by Dee Williams
  21. com 120

    Richard III supposedly had the young princes murdered. Never found out what really happened to them. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. He was accused of the death of the young princes but since the bodies were never found, who knows? Here

    asked by tasha
  22. one-third done with new forum

    I worked on the new forum all day yesterday. It should be done by the end of tomorrow. There won't be any visual changes, but the forum should load even faster. Also, that silly random error message will stop occuring. Wonderful! Keep up the good work. DAG

    asked by Leo
  23. Foreign language websites

    I'm trying to compile a list of online foreign language dictionaries for one of my education classes. If you know of any free, reliable sites, please post them as a response. Thanks, Amy :) I searched Google under the key words "foreign language

    asked by Amy
  24. history

    Hi. Does anyone know where, when, or why Abraham Lincoln said: "What kills a skunk is the publicity it gives itself." Thanks in advance!! Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. This question has been asked twice before recently, under history

    asked by Maryann
  25. english

    how was chillingworth injuring dimmesdale without inflicting any physical injury? Was it mental torture? Did Dimmesdale suffer (mental) agony? NO

    asked by kyle
  26. ALgebra 1

    4. Write the equation of a line whose slope is 6 and whose y intercept is -3. The answer would be y=6x-3 This is the y-intercept formula (y=mx+b) where m is the slope and b is the y-intercept. Thanx What about this one?Can you plz help? 6. What happens to

    asked by Mary
  27. English(To Kill A MockingBird)

    In chapter 4 in what specific ways did Scout critize the school in which she is attending? Have you read Chapter Four? Maybe if you did you would know. Yeah but I can't fnd it! type in anti study+ to kill a mockingbird and you will find lots of cliffnotes

    asked by Margie
  28. Algebra

    5. Find the x and y intercepts of each linear equation. Be sure to write your answers as ordered pairs. y = 3x - 6 6y = -x + 2 The y intercepts is when x=0 So put in x=0 in each, and solve for y. The x intercepts is when y=0, put in y=0 and solve for x. I

    asked by Margie
  29. death of a salesman!

    1. Consider the literal and implied meanings of the title of the play. Summarize those meanings. what is this question asking? I don't get what it wants m,e to do? I am reading death of a sales man! What does the title say? Who does the Salesman represent?

    asked by rob!
  30. Ethnics

    I truely need help i just don't understand anything and I've read so many times the chapters that I just can't comprehend anything nomore. I have a test on the first friday of november. I'm trying to answer all the questions in the study sheet and these

    asked by Help
  31. Owen

    How to do a+d=f

    asked by Jamie
  32. Math

    how to do a sub n=n+1 over 4 12+6=

    asked by Jamie
  33. Macroeconomics

    What are the five types of economic resources

    asked by Whitney
  34. Chemistry

    What are the 4 categories included in the Periodic Table? There are many ways to categorize elements. I am uncertain how you got just four. The Originator of the four concepts did it this way... Maybe

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Biology URGENT

    What are Chroobacteria, Hormogoneae, and cleeobacteria? Spelling suggestions are welcome. Chromobacteria, Hormogonia are the spellings. I don't know about the others. Thank you. Do you know where i could find some info on them? wikpedia Thanks but no

    asked by Amanda
  36. Biology

    How does the interaction between a carrier protein and the substance it transports resemble the interaction between an enzyme and its substrate? Use the Fit model on this.

    asked by Alexis
  37. MICROeconomics

    WHY in allocative efficency p=mc=mr

    asked by whhgn
  38. Chemistry

    In what directions (on the periodic table) does atomic size increase? As you go down in a group, size increases, and as you go LEFT size increases. Size decreases as one goes right within a period.

    asked by Anonymous
  39. Grito de Dolores

    How was the writing of the Grito de Dolores similar to the writing of the petition by the First Continental Congress? Please check this site.

    asked by Karen
  40. Language Arts

    I'm researching the book To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee. I'm looking for examples to strengthen and support my thesis statement that Jem and Scout started feeling that their father was older and more feeble towards the end of Part 1. Any ideas?

    asked by Anonymous
  41. AP Calculus

    Two sides of a triangle are 15 and 20 feet in length. How fast is the third side increasing if the angle between the given sides is 60 degrees and is increasing at a rate of 2 degrees per second.

    asked by Sarah
  42. AP Calculus

    Water flows at a rate of 2 cu. ft. per minute into a vessel in the form of an inverted right circular cone of altitude 2 ft. and the radius of base 1 ft. At what rate is the surface rising when the vessel is one-eighth filled?

    asked by Sarah
  43. AP Calculus.HELP!

    Water runs into a conical tank with radius 5 and altitude 10 at a constant rate of 2 cu.ft. per min. How fast is the water rising in the tank at any instant? You want dh/dt, given dV/dt. so write an equation relating V to h. V= 1/3 Areatop*h, in this case

    asked by Sarah
  44. CHEMISTRY!!!!!

    Which of the following has the larger ionic size: Sulfur or chlorine? Why? We shall be happy to critique your thoughts.

    asked by Anonymous
  45. AP Calculus..again

    A balloon is composed of a right circular cone joined at its base to a hemisphere. The diameter of the base is equal to the height of the cone. If the balloon is inflated, at what rate is the volume, V, changing with respect to the height, h. Volume=1/3

    asked by Sarah
  46. thesis statement

    need a hook + thesis statement for a paper on psychoanalysis Psychoanalysis is a really broad subject. Narrow the subject considerably, and then worry about thesis. As it is, you could write a very, very large book and not finish the subject.

    asked by erik
  47. Math

    If you deposit $500 in the bank and if you are receving 5% intrest per year. How much your money will be after 5 years? Depends how often it is compounded. The formula is at the followiong link:

    asked by Ben
  48. Biology

    Why do Plasma Membrane exists in all living things.

    asked by pete
  49. math

    how do i get the area of a circle????????????? area of a circle=pi * radius * radius huh what huh radius is the measuremnt from the center of the circule so Pi also known as 3.14 multiplyed by radius squared or known as radius times radius

    asked by chemiii

    Which of the following has the larger ionic size: Sulfur or chlorine?

    asked by Anonymous
  51. math

    how do u compare a circle and an image of the circle? I'm not quite sure what you are asking. If you have a circle, it is typically represented by its image. If possible, please repost with a more detailed question. I hope this helps a little. Thanks for

    asked by chemiii
  52. math

    find the given percent of each number. 25% of 120 120% of 80 150% of 200 80% of 120 70% of 150 200% of 150 How many of these do you know? 120 x 0.25 = ?? You should be able to do the others. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok cool thanks vnkj

    asked by chemiii
  53. earth science

    how do we find the mass of an object? mass=density * volume

    asked by brian morales
  54. math

    suppose you copy the circle using a size factor of 150%.what will bet he radius,diameter,circumference,and the area of the image? radius will be 1.5 times as big diameter will be 1.5 times as big but the formula for area will be pi times the radius

    asked by chemiii

    Has anyone read the crisis, no.1 by thomas plain before? If anyone has, tell me the concept of it. Paine was urging support for the American Revolution.

    asked by Kalli
  56. College Algebra 1

    help! 2x/1+x-1/1-x=2 Get a common denominator. As I see your problem (you did not use parenthesis), the common denominator will be (1+x)(1-x) Thank you!

    asked by Gabrielle
  57. English 9th Grade

    HELP!!! Need to write a 2 page paper on Shakespeare using dramatic foil. Please let me know what that means. I will be contrasting 2 characters in Romeo and Juliet. Thank you so much. Here is

    asked by Lupe