Questions Asked on
October 24, 2006

  1. chemistry

    which element has 16 protons, 17 neutrons, and 16 electrons? Look on the periodic table. It is element number 16 since that is the number of protons and electrons. I know sulphur has 16 of each. However, it might be an isotope of sulphur to have 17

    asked by lop
  2. physics

    This is a two-part question, and I got the first part, but I do not know how to do the second part. Two students walk in the same direction along a straight path, at a constant speed- one at 0.90 m/s and the other at 1.90 m/s. a) Assuming that they start

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Chemistry

    What elements contains a full third energy level and what element contains the first p electron?? Here is an interactive site that will show you how the 1s, 2s, 2p, etc levels fill. Post your answers here if you want someone to check them. Also, you need

    asked by Bryan
  4. physics

    A small ball rolls horizontally off the edge of a tabletop that is 1.2 m high. It strikes the floor at a point 1.52m horizontally away from the edge of the table. a) How long is the ball in the air? b) What is the speed at the instant it leaves the table?

    asked by jenny
  5. History

    What problems did the Israelites face when they returned to Canaan? This is a religious, rather than a historic question. Please check your book or the Bible for the answer your teacher expects. As there is no physical historical evidence for Any of the

    asked by Lauren

    During a tennis match a player serves the ball at 23.6 m/s with the center of the ball leaving the raquet horizontally 2.37m abovet eht court surface. The net is 12m away and .9m high. When the ball reaches the net a) does the ball clear it and b) what is

    asked by Bobby
  7. open-ended formatting tags no longer an issue

    If you forget to end your bold or italic tags, this is no longer an issue. All formatting tags are terminated at the end of each post. Tags currently allowed for anyone to use are b, i, u, sup and sub. example It is still good practice, however, to pair

    asked by Leo
  8. math

    Can someone help me with prime and composite numbers? Prime numbers are counting numbers that can be divided evenly bt only two numbers:1 and themselves. A prime number can also be described as a counting number with exactly two factors, 1 and itself. So,

    asked by haylo
  9. Chem 1

    In the ground state of element 115, how many electrons have ml=1 as one of their quantum numbers? Can anyone provide an explanation? I am kind of stuck... and I don't think it is too hard, I just don't know where to start. Thanks ahead of time... Go to

    asked by Rossi
  10. Physics

    A airplane has a speed of 290 km/h and is driving at an angle of 30 degrees below the horizontal when the pilot releasese a radar decoy. The horizontal distance between the release point and where the decoy hits the ground is 700m. a) How long is the decoy

    asked by Jose
  11. college essay number one help

    how have you taken advantage of the educational opportunities you have had to prepare/ hi can you just give me like the first three or five words so i can start. i mean, i have looked at websites and i read the guidelines on how to write a college essay

    asked by Anonymous
  12. science

    You throw a vall toward a wall with a speed of 25m/s and at an angleof 40 degree above the horizontal. The wall is 22m from the realease point of the ball. a) How far above the release point does the ball hit the wall? b) What are the horizontal and

    asked by Jose
  13. Simpson's rule

    Is the simpson's rule always more accurate than the midpoint rule and trapezoidal rule? Not always; it is possible that the midpoint and/or trapezoidal rule determine exact values. 1. Some functions values for a function f are given below. x 0 0.5 1.0 f(x)

    asked by 413
  14. science

    A science student drops a rok down a mine shaft. It takes 3 sec. for the rock to hit the bottom of the shaft , at what speed of the rock just before impact? 32 feet per second per second is the acceleration rate of earth. At the end of second 1 the speed

    asked by pat
  15. chem

    assuming you have o.4g of Y(OH)3, calculate the mass of Ba)2 required to produce YBa2Cu3O7. Is that BaO2 for Ba)2? Is that really BaO2 or BaO. BaO2 is barium peroxide, not oxide. Y(OH)3 ==> YBa2Cu3O7 Step 1. Convert 0.4g Y(OH)3 to mols Y(OH)3. Step 2.

    asked by nick
  16. Chemistry

    I was wondering if somebody could help me with this... Classify the following substances as covalent molecules or ionic compounds: a. MgO e. LiCl b. NI3 f. SF4 c. CuS g. XeF4 d. NO2 h. CsF How do you know if they are covalent or ionic bonds? Metal +

    asked by Isabel
  17. pre-calc

    solve each system of equations using matrices x+2y-3z=0 2x-4y=z=-7 -2x+2y-3z=4 I don't see how it is possible to even attempt a matrix on this text oriented site.

    asked by Erica
  18. physics

    A rifle is aimed horizontally at a target 30 m away. The bullet hits the target 1.9 cm below the aiming point. What are the a) the bullet's time of flight and b) its speed as it emerges from the rifle? A) is expose to be 62ms B) is expose to be 480m/s this

    asked by jenny
  19. chem

    assuming you have o.4g of Y(OH)3, calculate the mass of BaO2 required to react stoichiometrically to produce YBa2Cu3O7. Now calculate the mass of CuO. Please HELP! Write the balanced equation. Then, calculate the moles of Y hydroxide from .4 g. Then,

    asked by nick
  20. message board threads

    As you may have noticed, an entire thread can now be viewed by accessing the original message. I think this is great for students, and this may enhance search engine rankings. If anyone has serious objections to this, please let me know. Thanks, Leo I

    asked by Leo
  21. Derivatives

    What is the fourth derivative of f(x)= e^-x^2. I got f''(x)=-2e^-x^2 + 4x^2e^-x^2 i need some help on find f''''(x) You have f(x) = e-x2 then f'(x) = -2x*e-x2 = -2x*f(x) f"(x) = (4x2 - 2))e-x2 = f(x)*(4x2 - 2)) f"'(x)= f'(x)*(4x2 - 2)) + f(x)(8x) =

    asked by 413
  22. Another A.P Question

    A different rigid 5.00L cylinder contains 0.176mol of NO(g) at 298 k. A 0.176mol sample of 02(g) is added to the cylinder, where a reaction occurs to produce NO2(g) (d) write the balanced equation for the reaction. (e) calculate the total pressure, in atm,

    asked by Brianna
  23. Finance and Investment

    What is the value of a common stock if: a) If earnings and dividends are growing annually at 10%, the current dividend is $1.32 and investors require a 15% return on investmenets in common stock? b)What is the value of this stock if you add risk to the

    asked by Kim
  24. physics

    I need help solving these problems. I tried but my teacher did not teach it to us so it is very difficult for me. Thanks. "Projectiles launched at an angle" 1. A golfer can hit a golf ball a horizontal distance of over 300 m on a good drive. What maximum

    asked by anonymous
  25. Math

    Solve this riddle please Use the riddle to name a correct animal that will gain you admission to a dance. These animals will get you through:elk,yak,dog These animals will never do; horse,mouse,frog Would this dance be a costume dress- up? Maybe it was a

    asked by Sam
  26. One more A.P Chemistry

    Three volatile compounds X,Y, and Z each contain elements Q. The precent by weight of element Q in each compound was determined. Some of the data obtained are given below Percent by weight Molecular Compound of Element Q Weight X 64.8% ? Y 73.0% 104. Z

    asked by Brianna
  27. Geography

    Land use: What type of farming is suited to poorer soil, a short growing season, hillyland, and nearness to markets? The nation's largest inland port, situated at the junction of three rivers? The area which together with the coastal waters off Cape Cod,

    asked by elizabeth
  28. math

    What is the way to find the answer to the problem....3x+1=10? My teacher told us in class but I just didn't understad it. The idea is to get the x all alone on one side. Subtract one from each side. Then, divide each side by three. 3x + 1 = 10 First

    asked by Jorden
  29. International Business

    Your organization (you may select any organization you wish, real or fictional) is considering investing in the Philippines, and you have been asked to give a presentation on this opportunity. In the presentation, you need to address the following:

    asked by Vianna
  30. vocabulary

    I need to find a six letter word made from the letters in the word favorite. There can be no repetition of the letters. FAITOR TAIVER VIATOR

    asked by Mary
  31. chemistry

    How would you solve this problem?... magnesium metal reacts rapidly in hot water. Predict the mass of pericipitate that will form if a 2.0g strip of magnesium reacts completely with water. *Use the 5-step method* *Answer: 4.8g* I don't know what the five

    asked by B
  32. environmental science

    Explain the significance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in an ecosystem?

    asked by edwin
  33. Math

    How many integers are NOT perfect powers between 1 and 1000? It might be easier to count how many are powers and subtract that number from 1000. To do this you should first find the highest power of 2 less than 1000, then you'll know how high of powers you

    asked by Nathan
  34. math

    determine the area of triangle abc when side ab= square root of x, side bc= square root of x, and side ca= the square root of the square root of x. So how do I solve it. How do I add the square root of x + the square root of x + the square root of the

    asked by Gina
  35. science

    A gun that shoots bullets at 469m/s is to be aimed at a target 45.7 m away ans level with the gun. How high above the target must the gun barrel be pointed so that the bullet hits the target? Which equation would I use? I should have gotten 4.8 cm for the

    asked by Jose
  36. find the seats

    Abraham, Wesley, Chirah, Jack, Kareem, Natalie, Shannon, and Becky were lucky enough to get tickets to the baseball playoff game. They could not get eight tickets together, so they sat in pairs in different sections of the ballpark. This gave each pair a

    asked by Kamil
  37. pre-calc

    find real numbers a,b,c so that the graph of the function y=ax^2+bx+c contains the points (-11,4), (2,3) , and (0,1) Write three equations, with each point in one. Then solve the three equations.

    asked by Erica
  38. social studies

    how did the crusades encourage europeans to explore The Crusades took thousands of men from Europe to Turkey, Israel, and other parts of the Middle East. There they learned of different ways of life and exotic products from many other parts of the world.

    asked by nikki
  39. Chemistry

    I have to fill in the blank with the a term, short phrase or number The Blank describes the sequence in which orbitals are filled. Is it The Pauli exclusion principle?? No. The Pauli exclusion principle states that no two electrons may occupy the same

    asked by Bryan
  40. math: and i really need help

    You plug a microwave into a 20-ampere (amp) electrical circuit. The microwave use up to 12.5 amps. At most, how many amps are availible for other appliances? 20 - 12.5 = ?? amps

    asked by pinkpolkadots7
  41. Geometry Definition

    What does (cevians) mean in geometry

    asked by Nique from dallas
  42. Science

    _______ and heat caused by overlying rocks and ___________________ elements produce magma. pressure for first word magma large

    asked by Liz
  43. villi/small intestine

    The role of the villi in the small intestine is analogous to the gastric pits in the stomach. sweat glands in the skin. alveoli in the lungs. cilia in the lungs. which one would you use best?

    asked by lezli
  44. science

    Suppose that the wolves on Isle Royale die off because of disease or genetic defects from inbreeding. Should we (a) intervene and import new wolves to help control the moose population or (b) let the moose population grow until it exceeds its carrying

    asked by stacy
  45. jobs 4 teens

    im a 13 year old girl and i just want to ask if i coul be able to get a job at my age ? i live in the uk and i want to gt some money but i don't know if i will be able to. I babysit. My mom made be take a babysitting class and CPR. Parents like that I took

    asked by sheromeya
  46. science

    When forming oxime derivatives from ketones and aldehydes, why when I reacted my aldehyde with hydorxylamine hydrochloride did I get no precipitate and hence no reaction. I have looked everywhere and hydroxlamine is suppose to react with both ketones and

    asked by Heather
  47. Help Please

    Help to solve this 1/2 (3g-2) = g/6 nevermind I was missing a bracket in the solution. multiply both sides by 2 This gives 3g-2=g/3 now cross multiply to get 9g-6=g now add a -g to both sides and +6 to both sides. g=3/4

    asked by Confused
  48. u s govt mock senate

    hi i need help with this: I have to write a bill for the state arizona and i'm a republican. my teacher didn't really explain it but what things would say. can you just give give an example how to start it or which sites to look at it. My topic is science

    asked by Anonymous
  49. pre-calculus

    Solve eacy system of inequalities. If the system has no solution, say that it is inconsistant. x -y -z = 1 2x +3y +z = 2 3x +2y = 0 add the top two equations. 2x+2y =3 That is inconsistent with the last equation.

    asked by Erica
  50. disease/mitosis

    What disease is caused when cells in body divide too rapidly by mitosis? It has been suggested that both certain types of cancer and Alzheimers have a relationship to mitotic disease. 1. Cancer 2. Elephantiosis (spelling?)The Elephant Man Is a good

    asked by matthew
  51. math

    24= -2(b-3)+8 I suppose you want to solve 24= -2(b-3)+8 for b, am I right? If so, subtract 8 from both sides to get 16 = -2(b-3) divide both sides by -2 to get -8 = b-3 then add 3 to both sides to get -5 = b then check the answer 24 = -2(-5-3) + 8 = 16 + 8

    asked by shanique
  52. personal finace

    Bernie and Pam Britten are a young married couple beginning careers and establishing a household. They will each make about $50,000 next year and will have accumulated about $40,000 to invest. They now rent an apartment but are considering purchasing a

    asked by sherry
  53. math

    Nancy Tai has recently opened a revolving charge account with MasterCard. Her credit limit is $1000, but she has not charged that much since opening the account. Nancy hasn't had the time to review her monthly statements as promptly as she should, but over

    asked by sherry
  54. Resonance structures

    I'm trying to figure out some incorrect answers on my last test. I'll try to explain what the original structure looks like and hope you can decipher it. It is a cyclohexane with two double bonds. Carbon # 1 has a double bond to its left and none to its

    asked by Sheryl
  55. Modern World History

    What is the relationship between wealthy nations and supporting of the arts?? Wealthy nations have more money to support the arts than do poorer nations. I hope this helps. Thanks for asking. In Wealthy nations there is a chance for leisure time and

    asked by bryan
  56. Science Helpp!!

    Explain how the pair of terms are related and/or how they are different. 1. Haploid and diploid 2. Body cells and gametes Haploids and diploids are both cells, haploids have 32 chromosomes and diploids have 64 Body cells and gametes both have 64

    asked by Maya
  57. math

    if a school has a hot-dog special for lunch. there are 18 classrooms and there are 28 students in each class. estimate to the nearest ten to find out about how many hot dogs does the school need to order? Wouldn't it be 20 x 30? This looks like a very

    asked by samira
  58. good plasmid for gene cloning

    A good plasmid for gene cloning will have genes that make it easily detectable or have multiple sites that correspond to a particular restriction enzyme or be small enough to pass easily through a pilus during bacterial conjugation. or have more base pairs

    asked by Tarik
  59. data managment

    1. can a network have exactly one vertex with an odd degree? Provide evidence to suport your answer. 2. explain why for any materix A, (At)t = A. You may use examples to illustrate your answer. this is grade 12 data managment help me out guys if u know how

    asked by Alex- hlp plz
  60. hi govt party politcs

    hi we are doing a mock senate in my government class. my committee name is appropriations and they give money to other committees and i got assigned to arizona and i'm a republican. in real life, i'm a democrat, liberal. so i'm just having a hard time

    asked by Anonymous
  61. english

    What is the simple subject and simple predicate of the following sentence? As I skiied down the hill,the wind bit at my face. Scroll down for the section to help you determine the difference between the simple

    asked by arielle
  62. Home Economics

    Why is NSP importat in the diet? I think this article will explain the importance of NSP (Broken Link Removed)

    asked by Gareth
  63. math-please help

    x + 12 >or= to 1 What could x be? I think that it is -11 or less. I'm not sure though. Please help me! that is correct 11

    asked by pinkpolkadots7
  64. science

    what are a+ topics i could use to write a 2 page 7th grade science report

    asked by bree
  65. Earth Science

    I need help with igneous rocks and the rock cycle. Is there a web site that will help me. One question is When magma cools below Earth's surface, it forms __________-grained, _________ igneous rocks. fine grained for your other word read:

    asked by Barb
  66. Baking

    For school I need to know how to make a tart. go to google Here is a tart, with a French name yet.

    asked by needs help
  67. History HECK. X_X

    My evil history teacher assigned us a project (that is a major grade) where we have to find 20 causes of the American Revolution. They must begin with the French and Indian War and end with Lexington and Concord, and I only have 13. Help? =) If you post

    asked by Anonymous
  68. english

    how do i know if this sentence has a participle or participial phrases "Having deposited our mournful burden upon tressels within this region of horror, we partially turned aside the yet unscrewed coffin, and looked upon the face of the tenant."-Edgar

    asked by stacy
  69. social studies

    who is Khufu? See an Egyptian King or prince in aincient times

    asked by thalia
  70. psychology

    which person has had the most influence on the growth of psychology? I would say Aristole and Plato. I would say Eve. Could you give me some information on her? Eve was that babe who convinced her man to eat the forbidden fruit, and got him in big trouble

    asked by jessica
  71. Calculus

    There is a sign that is 10ft on one side and 15ft on the other side (from the ground to the base of the sign), the billboard itself is 20ft. The painter brings a 25ft ladder in length. If the patch of ground 10ft from the base of the sign is used, at what

    asked by Meagan
  72. Chemistry

    What is the wavelenght of radiation of 1.50X1013Hz? The wave equation will find this: frequency*wavelength=speedoflight

    asked by Anonymous
  73. Science

    What are some things that are in the US that use or need radium to operate? Radium has very few commercial uses these days, it formerly was used in luminous watch dials, and used in cancer treatment. However, both those uses have stopped because of the

    asked by Lanna
  74. essay writing

    Hello. Below is a sentence in my essay for school: Lolling in lounge and other chairs gathered around the pool, alleviating water slides down the throats of loving relations. I was curious if this was written correctly because 'alleviating water' comes

    asked by Florence
  75. word study

    they're defintion what is the drfintion of their "their" is plural possesive. For example: That is their car. I think that your'e answer is: They are (as if a group of people are doing something) (Ex.- They are going to Grandma's house.) Who is doing

    asked by jashemah
  76. ethnicity class

    I need help to finish responding this question and also if someone will tell me if i'm going the right way. the question is:Consider racialimbalances in education,the economy,family life,housing,criminal justice,health care,and politics.Of these societal

    asked by marie0720
  77. Ethics help needed

    Can someone help me correct my work or help me answer the question. The question is: How do you think slavery influenced the evolution of both black and white america today?explain your answer. My answer: What i think is that by having slavery it made the

    asked by Anny202005
  78. social studies

    who is the leader of turkey?

    asked by menotellu
  79. social studies

    this is about the early civilizations of egypt, nubia,sumaria, assyria, persia, israel, indus valley,aryans, china. the question is: in which ways did cultures or civilizations come in contact and, as a result, aspects of one culture were adopted by

    asked by natalya
  80. chem

    Was Mercury the first superconductor? No. see what happened in 1962 Thanks for your answer. Would you please let me know if steel is a superconductor? never mind, it is not.

    asked by maria
  81. Science

    which 2 were most likely formed by the slow build up of minerals from water drops? A pool of water and trench B pool of water and stalagmite C stalacite and trench D stalagmite and stalactite probably D d

    asked by Jenny
  82. writing

    • Post your response to this question: What is the role of rhetoric in influencing people's attitudes and beliefs? How can readers distinguish between prejudicial and non-prejudicial use of rhetorical devices? Posted by Ms. Sue on Tuesday, June 20, 2006

    asked by jazmin
  83. MATH

    i need help filling this out! 4x-10=32-3x 4x-10+____=32-3x+22 ____-10+____=32+_____ ___=___ ___=___ x=___ ok you need to solve for x. remember the rule, whatever you do on the left side, you do to the right side and vice versa. on the second step, they add

    asked by alejandra
  84. math

    what is 45 times 20 900 900 Do you have a calculator? Do you know how to do multiplication by hand? Tell us what you don't understand. You need to learn how to do this instead of relying on someone to give you the answer.

    asked by mark
  85. Science

    which two were most likely formed by the slow build up from water drops. Rain?

    asked by Jenny
  86. English

    summarize interview with Marshall McLuhan interview on Electria Media and Education If you already have the interview, you need to pick out what you believe to be the important points that he makes. In case you don't have a copy of his views, here are some

    asked by Taunya