Questions Asked on
October 23, 2006

  1. A.P Chemistry

    Three volatile compounds X,Y, and Z each contain elements Q. The precent by weight of element Q in each compound was determined. Some of the data obtained are given below Percent by weight Molecular Compound of Element Q Weight X 64.8% ? Y 73.0% 104. Z

    asked by Brianna
  2. Chemisrty

    Would Flame test be useful for detecting metal ions present in a mixture of metal ions?? It is not a reliable method. Atomic spectroscopy would be much more accurate and sensitive than the human eye. To add to the information provided by Bob Pursely, which

    asked by Bryan
  3. Economy

    How to draw isoquant curves for a certain quantity? What does "increasing return to scale" and "decreasing returns to scale" mean? What is "capital input" if all I have is quantity of labor and total quqntity of product? Typically, a production isoquant is

    asked by Stacy
  4. Solvent

    Question: A sample was placed on a chromatography column. Methylene chloride was used as the eluting solvent. All of the components eluted off the column but no separation was observed. What must have been happening during this experiment:? How would you

    asked by Sheryl
  5. force

    A girl on roller skates accelerates at a rate of 2m/s2 with a force of 100N. is her mass F=ma m is mass in kg a is acceleration in m/s^2 F is in Newtons solve for m. A girl on roller skates accelerates at a rate of 2m/s2 with a force of 100N. what is her

    asked by vincent
  6. A.P Chemistry

    A different rigid 5.00L cylinder contains 0.176mol of NO(g) at 298 k. A 0.176mol sample of 02(g) is added to the cylinder, where a reaction occurs to produce NO2(g) (d) write the balanced equation for the reaction. (e) calculate the total pressure, in atm,

    asked by Brianna
  7. another A.P Chemistry Question

    A different rigid 5.00L cylinder contains 0.176mol of NO(g) at 298 k. A 0.176mol sample of 02(g) is added to the cylinder, where a reaction occurs to produce NO2(g) (d) write the balanced equation for the reaction. (e) calculate the total pressure, in atm,

    asked by T-Baby
  8. A.P Chemistry

    Three volatile compounds X,Y, and Z each contain elements Q. The precent by weight of element Q in each compound was determined. Some of the data obtained are given below Percent by weight Molecular Compound of Element Q Weight X 64.8% ? Y 73.0% 104. Z

    asked by T-Baby
  9. chemistry

    I just need a basic idea as to how to approach these two problems. 1. A 1.020 g sample know to contain only magnesium carbonate, MgCO3, and calcium carbonate, CaCO3, was heated until the carbonated were decomposed to oxides as indicated by the following

    asked by Chris
  10. physics

    A wheel is rotating at a rate of 2.2 revolutions every 3.5 s. Through what angle, in radians, does the wheel rotate in 1.0 Angular displacement=angularspeed*time angular speed has to be in radians/sec, and time in seconds.

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Government

    I am a college student but I really need help with one of my classes. I was wondering if you could help. Thanks! How did the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the Civil Rights Act affect other minority groups? These articles point out that the Civil Rights and

    asked by Kat1025
  12. math (geometry)

    how do you do this problem? If ZY=7XY then ZX=8XY It is a two colun proof

    asked by Troy
  13. Spinach

    I did a column chromatography on spinach and then a TLC. On the TLC I got five visible bands of colors. On the extracted yellow substance I got one yellow band (carotene) and on the green I also got only one green band. I thought there would be more bands

    asked by Sheryl
  14. pharmacy calculation

    A suspension contains 2400 mg of active drug in 1000 ml waht is the percentage of drug in the final product? what is the answer? Total mass is 1000g + 2.400g. Percent by mass (m/m)= 2.4 /1002 * 100

    asked by sheila
  15. physics

    balloon filled with 1 liter of water (1000 cm^3) in equilibrium in a container of water, the balloon is totally submerged in the water. a. What is the mass of 1 liter of water? b. What is the weight of the 1 liter of water? need assitance in setting up

    asked by mitch
  16. Marketing Question

    Technological changes do not directly affect what, how, when, and where products are to be marketed. Now is this true or false and why? This statement is false. We've come a long way from the weekly village markets and the later door-to-door salesmen,

    asked by Heidi
  17. Social Studies

    Where can I find information on the lifestyles in the Southeastern U.S. in 1906? This article has some information.

    asked by Anne
  18. Science Question 1

    The entire spectral classification of our Sun is what? A.M5V B.G2lB C.K9lll D.Not Given D. (not given) The sun is a G2V star.

    asked by Liz
  19. Scientists PCR

    Scientists use polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to amplify a segment of DNA into many copies. to insert new nucleotide segments into a plasmid. to make a complementary strand of DNA. to link together multiple fragments of DNA WHICH ONE WOULD YOU PICK AND

    asked by Tori Renee
  20. English

    I am really trying to understand the novel Lord of the Flies. My teacher asked us to find the theme. I'm not sure what it is. Also, I am college student and one of my high school friends told me about this site. Can you still help me? Thanks! Please tell

    asked by SoonerGal
  21. human genome

    The human genome has far fewer genes than previously thought. All of the following are ways that cells theoretically can increase the types of proteins they produce except alternative splicing transcription factors compounding Anticodons that are

    asked by kenneth
  22. World history

    How did the ancients catalog the scrolls of the library of Alexandria? What was their system? This is an excellent article on the Library. Scan down to the section on The Collection. I think you will find what you want there.

    asked by Steve
  23. American History

    Compare and contrast Bourbon and Habsburg rule. What in general should i talk about? ty These sites will give you lots of ideas for contrasting the Bourbon and Habsburg rules.

    asked by Ted
  24. quick personification question

    would "drowned leaves" be personification since leaves really can not drown? I should think it would. =) help plz.. heres an example>> Victims call out for me I am used in the

    asked by Anonymous
  25. check/ help!

    a new car depreciate by 20% in its first year. Each succeding year its depreciate by 10% assume the car is still good working condition after ten years. if the car costs $25000, calculate the value of the car after 10 years? At 0 yrs, the value is $25000

    asked by ben!
  26. gene control

    ------------------control(s) which genes are expressed and at what times. is it transcription factors? or am I wrong? Transcription of the DNA is the first step. Yes, this is the beginning.

    asked by Janaisha
  27. earthsciene

    which items contain mineral that can be used without being extracted after they are removed from the ground? Removal from the ground IS extraction, by some definitions. Materials usable in the mined form include potash, sodium nitrate, gypsum, gold, salt,

    asked by ashley
  28. math

    Farmer joe had 3 animals, he wanted to weight Lucy, Nancy and Sue. He only had a scale that started with 100kg. Now, as heavy as those animals were, none of them exceeded he weighted them in pairs. Lucy and Nancy weight 132 kg together and Sue and

    asked by Brendon
  29. percents

    In a survey 200 people were asked what they liked to do the most.Whats percent about? If 150 people said they liked to swim, then the percent of those who enjoyed swimming would be (150/200*100 = ?? percent. Those who liked to do something other than

    asked by anne
  30. Physics

    What is the energy from a hollow cylinder of surface charge density sigma, radius R and charge q? Energy? DO you mean E, the electric field intensity? If you mean Energy, it is an odd question, but the answer is that it is the work it took to put the

    asked by Mary
  31. chemistry

    how do you do ionic equations Do you mean net ionic equations?

    asked by sarah
  32. math calc. asap asap please

    the point on the curve is 4y=x^2 nearest to (7,2) is: this is what i did: i solved for y and I know that the there's a tangent line at (x1,y1). so using y-y1=m(x-x1), I found the lines of the tangent and perpendicual lines: slope is derivative so it is

    asked by Anonymous
  33. Evaluation-repost

    Reposting because it has gone down to the second page! Evaluate 1. sin(tan inverse sqrt(x^2-2x)) 2. tan (sec inverse 3y) For 1. draw a right triangle and label the opposite leg sqrt(x^2-2x), the adjacent side 1 and the hypotenuse x-1. Do the calculations

    asked by Jen
  34. Physics (E&M)

    1/2Eo times ( (volume integral)E^2 dtau + (surface integral)E PHI da ) That's the equation, the first integral is over the voume of a surface charged (q) sphere of radius a > R (radius of sphere) so a Gaussian surface beyond the sphere and the second is

    asked by lucca
  35. salt blood pressure

    Why does an increased salt intake cause a rise in blood pressure in salt sensitive individuals? A Sodium ions from salt increase heart rate. B Chloride ions from salt increase heart rate. C Sodium and chloride ions in blood cause water to move (via

    asked by Tori Renee
  36. math-algebra

    Find three different ordered pairs that are solutions of the question x=2 and you have to use -1,0,1 for thje subsitut of y or x i don't so confused please help i don't know the ansrer math is hard I can see why you are confused-- so am I. If x =

    asked by sarah
  37. 3rd grade social studies

    americans are united by their strong belief in basic principles. they believethat people are born with privileges that cannot be taken away from them.these are , ,and the . Be sure to check out the Declaration of Independence

    asked by bob
  38. geometry

    Write a two column proof of the Corollary Triangle Sum Theorem. The acute angles of a right triangle are complementary. m

    asked by Steve

    Thanks so much for the previous help.Please answer these for me: 1.How does Process errors in mathematics affect academic achievements? 2.What is the influence/effect of the errors of beginning Mathematicians on students academic achievements? 3.What type

    asked by MFONOBONG(A.S.A.P)
  40. US government

    someone please give me some conservative point about taxes. Taxes discourage work and discourage private investment. Taxes assume the government knows best how to spend your money. With tax revenue in hand, governments will spend it, regardless of whether

    asked by mike
  41. physics

    A spinning flywheel has rotational inertia I = 402.9 kgm2. Its angular velocity decreases from 20.3 rad/s to zero in 266.6 s due to friction. What is the frictional torque acting? Torque= MomentofInertia*angularacceleration. You are given the moment of

    asked by Anonymous
  42. history

    How did the Supreme Court decision, McCulloch v. Maryland contribute to a greater sense of independence and manhood? I'm not sure how this decision established a sense of manhood, but please check this site about it.

    asked by Nikah
  43. Geography

    what do blue lines mean on a map? 3rd paragraph down

    asked by cindy
  44. Science Question 2

    Having nothing to do with trigonometry, what type of parallaxes use the width of absorption lines to estimate the star's luminosity and size and distance? A.bolometric B.photometric C.spectroscopic D.holographic metric You can find the answer here:

    asked by Liz
  45. come on dont be shy

    please heeeeeeeeeeelp i just need to know wat the abbreviation is for degrees celsius and millisecond.......HELP degrees C for Celsius. ms for millisecond. degrees C for Celsius. ms for millisecond. so is it c or dc????????????????????? C. You may write

    asked by chemiii
  46. Solar System Sun

    What is the circumference of the sun in metric? pi x diameter = pi x 1.4 x 10^9 meters = ?

    asked by Solar
  47. Algebra 1

    2. The line y = 4x - 7 crosses the y axis at: a.(4, 0) b.(0, 4) c.(-7, 0) d.(0, -7) Set y=0 and solve for x You can automaticallly elimintae b. and d. because y has to be 0 when the line crosses the y-axis. Something seems to be wrong with your other

    asked by Rachel
  48. Algebra

    Can someone please find me a picture of an animal or other thing that is made with algebraic equations????

    asked by John
  49. check!

    write 0.12......( repaeting decimal) as a geometric sequence? is this right? 11/90 thanks! Nope. Use a calculator. 11/90 = .122222222 Try 11/99. Sorry, try 12/99

    asked by Anonymous
  50. Business (fraud)

    My business class required me to read Joseph T. Wells' article "So That's Why It's Called a Pyramid Scheme" and make a speech to talk about the implication and personal comments on the article. The discussion focus on fraud. I have difficulty to come up

    asked by Sandy
  51. A.P Chemistry

    N2 converted is 0.874molN2 and O2 is 0.875molO2 N2: P=? PV=nRT V=5.ool PV/V=nRT/V n=0.874molN2 P=nRT/V R=0.21latm/molk T=298k P=0.874+0.821+298/5.00=299.695/5.oo= 59.9392 O2: P=? PV=nRt V=5.ool PV/V=nRT/V n=0.875molO2 P=nRT/V R=0.821latm/molk T=298k

    asked by Brianna
  52. reading

    where does marty place the can of food for shiloh to prevent from spoiling? this is from chapter 7 of shiloh. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Marty puts the can in the stream to keep it cool.

    asked by joseph
  53. Economics(micro)

    hey, could someone please give me some tips for the following questions. iv got a test coming up, and one of these 4 questions will be in it..... so i have to write 4 essays n learn it. i just need a few points to put my essay together. thanks in advance.

    asked by Pia
  54. science

    why are stars shaped in a star form All stars are spheres. Their own gravity forces then to take that shape

    asked by nicole
  55. world history

    the cradles of civilization all had: a relatively mild climate, rivers for fishing and tansportation, and..? agriculture, civilization, towns, specialization of labor?? Dates, liesure time, Instatutions of higher learning, big parties, the first sewer

    asked by amelia
  56. kk now i only need..

    k i only need to know the abreviation for degrees celsius................................................ I gave it to you.

    asked by chemiii
  57. 1861 England

    Did anything major occur around the 1860s in England? Other than inventions and England's take on the American Civil War. You'll have to change the year and then check month by month to find out. This includes things that

    asked by Joe
  58. Algebra 1

    1. Which line is the flattest (or is less steep)? Why? a.y = 5x -6 b.y = 5x + 6 c.y = x - 3 d.y = x + 3 I think this question has been aswered a couple times, but I'll try again. The slope is given by the number before the x varible. The first two choices

    asked by Anna
  59. AP US History

    How did the war of Spanish succession affect Spain and her colonies? thx Here are many websites with interesting information about this particular war and its results: ... especially ~~>

    asked by Gerald
  60. precalc

    3x to the third power

    asked by Tricia
  61. Ethnic

    where can i find events and leaders of the civil rights and black power movements and where it also states their contributions to their respective causes. Or if someone can help me with this all i know is booker t.washington(FOR THE NORMAL SCHOOL FOR

    asked by Anny202005