Questions Asked on
October 20, 2006


    An appeals court ordered the money returned,however,the IRS didn't comply. A. PROPERLY CONSTRUCTED SENTENCE B. DANGLER C. RUN-ON D. COMMA SPLICE I THINK THE SENTENCE IS A COMMA SPLICE, WHAT DO YOU THIMK? AM I CORRECT? You are correct!

    asked by Kalli
  2. science

    What happens when a candle is alight is the subject. Explained both changes using the Big Idea of Energy? Can anyone help please or explain? I don't understand the question. Can you repost and clarify please? What happens when a candle is alight (on one

    asked by liverpool
  3. Property of logarithms

    Using property of logarithms, how do I prove derivative of ln(kx) is 1/x First observe that ln(kx) = ln(k) + ln(x) then take derivatives. The ln(k) is simply a constant so it goes away. You could also derive it as d/dx ln(kx) = 1/kx * k by the chain rule.

    asked by Jen
  4. inverse

    If f(x)=cosx + 3 how do I find f inverse(1)? Thanks y = cos(x) + 3 the inverse of this is x = cos(y) + 3 solve for y and you have your inverse The cos function only has a range of [-1,1], so the range of f(x) is [2,4]. this means f inverse of 1 doesn't

    asked by Jen
  5. limiting position of the particle

    A particle moves along the x axis so that its position at any time t>= 0 is given by x = arctan t What is the limiting position of the particle as t approaches infinity? Answer is pi/2 How do I solve this? Thanks a lot. You want to find the limit of

    asked by Jen
  6. physical science

    calculate the molar mass ofthe substance. divide it by Avogadros number (6.02x10 to 23 power) .)Hydrogen2 2/(6.02 x 10^23) = ?? hun i don't get it the teacher said first H2x1.00 and then (6.02xio^23) but i still don't get it can you help? I assume you

    asked by Jasmine

    Carmen is tall,slender,and a woman of great beauty. A. PROPERLY CONSTRUCTED SENTENCE B. DANGLER C. COMMA SPLICE D. LACKS PARALLEL PARTS (A) PROPERLY CONSTRUCTED SENTENCE AM I CORRECT? Actually, I believe this lacks parallel parts. It would be more correct

    asked by Kalli
  8. Physical Chemistry

    When the reaction glucose-1-phosphate (aq) --> glucose-6-phosphate (aq) is at equilibrium at 25.0 degrees celcius, the amount of glucose-6-phosphate present is 95% of the total. A.) Calculate the Standard Delta G at 25.0 degrees celcius. B.) Calculate

    asked by Angela
  9. Business Management

    As your first job as the new manager at the outdated, adversarial company, write a plan for changing its organizational structure, incorporating the following elements: Your vision of the new organizational structure for your division including how you

    asked by K

    Their advice was excellent... you need to put a subject in before the verb ironing and change the tense... The sentence, as it is, still has the pants doing the ironing.... Please explain because in the sentence itself it doesn't say anywhere if its she ,

    asked by Jasmine07202006
  11. scarlet letter

    What are the five motifs in chapters 16-19? I've got the "black man", sunlight, narrow path, and there should be two more......?

    asked by anonymous
  12. Physical Chemistry Help!

    I am posting a link to the jpeg file of the physical chemistry homework i need help with, because everytime I try typing it out, I just get wierd symbols. If somebody could please help, that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks~ =) img.photobucket. com/

    asked by Angela
  13. TRig WIth LoGs help1!!

    i have problem i can't solve and the book is no help.. anyone got osme hints or somehting i could start off doing? the problem is... Solve for x: log(x^3)= (log x)^3 Rewrite it as 3 log x = (log x)^3 The use algebra (divide each side by log x) to get (log

    asked by ashley
  14. Question

    What,if anything,is wrong with this sentence? An appeals court ordered the money returned,however,the IRS didn't comply. A. PROPERLY CONSTRUCTED SENTENCE B. LACKS PARALLEL PARTS C. DANGLER D. COMMA SPLICE I THINK THE CORRECT ANSWER IS: (B)LACKS PARALLEL

    asked by Kalli
  15. english 4

    i need help with a outline about the boook the great gatsby Here are two of the best sites for analysis of literature.

    asked by roderick
  16. music

    my girl friend thinks that the sax is not a beautiful sound and i play it all the time should i get rid of her or the sax Get rid of her. Quickly. She is trying to control you. Some people like one kind of music , some another. Because you both like the

    asked by Ryan
  17. find dy/ds

    y = s*square root of(1-s^2) + cos inverse(s) Just give me some hints and I will do it. Thanks. You have y = s*square root of(1-s^2) + cos inverse(s) which I would write as y = s*sqrt(1-s2) + cos-1(s) and you want dy/ds For the first term use the product

    asked by Jen
  18. Chem

    Are: Ba(NO3)2, Ti)2, MgI2, and Ca(CH3COO)2 soluble or insoluble in H2O @ 25degrees C? Here is a site that lists the solubility rules. You should know this table; eventually you will want to know it so well that it is memorized. If you still have questions

    asked by K
  19. I think we're doing something right

    I noticed a few things: 1. when I search for homework help on Google, we're #10 (page 1)! 2. We received so many homework questions yesterday that page 1 and 2, and half of 3, was filled up with questions from Thursday. 3. 99% of the students who post are

    asked by Leo
  20. precalculus

    i want to know if leo is hispanic :) It is never wise for anyone to reveal personal information on the web.

    asked by danielle
  21. End behavior models

    Thanks for the help with my previous problems Roger & Leo. It was really helpful. Now I want to know how to find the right and left end behavior models and horizontal tangents for the inverse functions, say y = tan inverse(x) I have to do this for all

    asked by Jen
  22. Anatomy and Physiology

    I'm looking for a type of tissue. It's one word. 19 letters long. _E_I_U_OE_ _O_ _E_IA_. Need to fill in the blanks. Anyone know?

    asked by John
  23. FOR DAN H


    asked by Kalli
  24. question

    how can i find free scholar ship for me i am social department if u can help me plz feel free to connect me thanks much Please talk with your high school guidance counselor about college scholarships. She or he will want to know what your career goals are

    asked by asmaa
  25. Finance

    A wealthy donor endows a chaired professorship. If the interest rate is 8% how much must he set aside to provide the following end of year salary payment alternatives? a. $100,000 per yr for 20 yrs b. $100,000 per yr in perpetuity c. A perpetuity that pays

    asked by Joe
  26. Physical Chemistry

    At 25.0 degree celcius, the equilibrium 2 NOBr (gas) --> 2 NO (gas) + BR2 (gas) is rapidly established. When 1.10 g of NOBr is placed in a 1.0 L vessel at 25.0 degree celcius, the equilibrium pressure is 0.355 bar. Calculate the equilibrium constant K.

    asked by Angela
  27. P-Chem

    The equilibrium constant K for the hydrolysis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to adenosine diphosphate (ADP) and phosphate is 1.66X10^5 at 37 degrees celcius, and Standard Delta H is -20.1 kJ/mol. Calculate Standard Delta S for the hydrolysis at 37 degrees

    asked by Angela
  28. P-Chem

    Protein denaturations are usually irreversible but may be reversible under a narrow range of conditions. At pH 2.0, at temperatures ranging from about 40 degrees celcius to 50 degrees celcius, there is an equilibrium between the active form P and the

    asked by Angela
  29. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    What,if anything,is wrong with this sentence? Arriving at the circus early,seats could be selected near the center ring. A. PROPERLY CONSTRUTED SENTENCE B. COMMA SPLICE C. DANGLER D. LACKS PARALLEL PARTS I THINK THE ANSWER IS: (B)comma splice AM I CORRECT?

    asked by Kourtney
  30. U.S. Preamble

    I am doing a extra credit project for social studies. Does anyone have any ideas for the project for the preamble of the u.s. constitution. I need to be able to do it in 1 week Let's look at the Preamble -- "We the People of the United States, in Order to

    asked by Jeanne
  31. A big one!

    Using logarithmic differentiate technique, find dy/dx y = [(x-3)³(x²+1) / (2x+5)³] raised to the power of 1/5 I don't know how to type this. It is the 5th root of all those. You have y = [(x-3)³(x²+1) / (2x+5)³]1/5 so ln y = (1/5)ln([(x-3)³(x²+1) /

    asked by Jen
  32. Chem

    The best solar panels currently available are about 13% efficient in converting sunlight to electricity. A typical home will use about 40. kWh of electricity a day. Assuming 8 hours of useful sunlight per day, calculate the minimum solar panel surface area

    asked by Joe
  33. Plutonium decay

    The amount A(gms) of radioactive plutonium remaining in a 20gm sample after t days is given by: A = 20 * (1/2)^t/140 At what rate is the plutonium decaying when t = 2 days. I think you need to find dA/dt and evaluate it at t=2 This should be a fairly

    asked by Jen
  34. Exact value

    How to find the exact value of lim (2^h - 1)/ h h->0 Thanks in advance. If you use lim dx->0 of [f(a + dx) - f(a)]/dx = f'(a) and recognize 1=20 [20+dx - 2

    asked by Jen
  35. writing

    My thesis is: Our nation needs a health care plan capable of addressing the needs of each individual. My Question is: How can I make this into a powerful thesis staement? You could start out by indicating that there is a lack of adequate health care for

    asked by Diana
  36. Government

    Name 5 countries for each government system, Theocracy Oligarchy Aristocracy Autocracy Tyranny Despotism There might be more but I am not sure, please help me! Search the rest of your terms at Wikipedia. You will see

    asked by Lanna
  37. math

    is 69325 divisble by 8526 8526 is even and 69325 is odd. Evens only divide evens.

    asked by Karter
  38. science

    I need help on science project ideas ,please give ideas on what I can do. The answer to this depends on how much time you have, your interests, and your background. I have always been rather favorable to testing the school and home drinking water for lead,

    asked by charnelle