Questions Asked on
October 17, 2006

  1. Biology

    Evaluate the difficulties with reintroduction programs using captive-born animals. thanks, Amber I have no idea

    asked by Amber
  2. Configuration

    What is the electronic configuration of carbide C-4? Thought it was 1s2 2s2 sp2. Thanks from Sheryl C is atomic number 6. Electronic configuration of the neutral atom is 1s2, 2s2, 2p2. The carbide ion, C^-4, has four more electrons. So the extra four

    asked by Sheryl
  3. English

    I am reading "The crisis, No.1" now. What does this sentences mean "Mutual fear is the principal link in the chain of mutual hate, and woe be to that state that breaks the compact"? I really need help. Please tell me someone. "Mutual fear is the principal

    asked by Cam
  4. Substitution Method-Plz help

    Use the Substitution method to solve the system of equations. x + y = -4 x - y = 2 solve for x in the second equation. x= y+2 Put that in for x in the first equation: x+y=-4 (y+2) + y = -4 solve for y. Then, x= y+2 i don't get it.How did you get that?What

    asked by Svetlana
  5. chemistry

    Ibuprofen, the active ingredient in advil, is made up of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms. When a sample of ibuprofen, weighing 5.000 g, burns in oxygen, 13.86 g of CO2 and 3.926 g of water are obtained. What is the simplest formula of ibuprofen? My

    asked by Chris
  6. math

    please i need help with this...were studying probability...possible having trouble coming up with the right answer... The product code used by Pitz Toyz consists of a letter, followed by a digit from 1 to 9, followed by another letter, such

    asked by logan
  7. Question

    What needs to be done to correct this sentence? 1.Just what would you do,Cheryl,if the situation were reversed? a.The sentence is correctly punctuated. b.Remove the comma before Cheryl. c.Remove the comma after Cheryl. d.Replace the comma after Cheryl with

    asked by Kathryn
  8. math

    need help on this one...i hate these kind of math Kickapoo Camp has 3 activities periods with the choices shown. How man different schedules are possible?? Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 leatherwork archery swimming wood carving field games

    asked by logan
  9. Music

    In a 5/4 measure, what type of note gets one beat? A quarter note gets one beat in 5/4 time (and also in 3/4 waltz time and 4/4 time). That is what the 4 in the "denominator" stands for. out of

    asked by Katie

    A box rests on a plank that is inclined to the horizontal. As the angle between the plank and the horizontal increases, does the component of the weight of the box parallel to the plank increase, decrease, or remain the same? Please just answer Suzanne,

    asked by Suzanne
  11. Help please--English

    How would you punctuate this sentence correctly? Little Rock Arkansas was the scene of tragedy and strife. Should I place a comma after the word Arkanas? Should I place a comma after the word tragedy? Comma after Little Rock and another comma after

    asked by Kourtney
  12. math/ check!

    find the general term that describes the following sequens 600,300,150,75 I the thing is that you divide each of them by 2 so I would go y(n)= 600/ 2^n but how do I check if this is right? is this right? It is right. That would certainly be a good guess,

    asked by Anonymous
  13. physical science

    how many electrons does each group lose or gain? In the main group, the common valence is the same as the group number.

    asked by tyler
  14. confused+ math!

    A finite geometric sequence has t1= 0.1024 and t2= 0.256 how many terms does this sequence have if its middle temr has the value 156.25? how would go about and do this question? If t1 = 0.1024 and t2 = 0.256, then the common ratio is t2/t1 = 2.5 The value

    asked by Anonymous
  15. solving Equations

    Solve x square pluse 5x subtracting by 6 equals zero? X^2 + 5x - 6 = 0 Solve by factoring. 3 and 2 will do it. heres the right answer.... (x-1)(x+6)=0 x=1 x=-6 Let's see if that is the right answer. The first number is the product of the first two numbers;

    asked by shanna
  16. government

    If the issue that colonists would have coming out of the Articles of Confederation, what impact whould the Articles of Confederation, what impact whould those issues have on the designing of the constitution? If the issue that colonists would have coming

    asked by Jack
  17. difference between 10k, 14k, 18k gold

    I am in the process of ordering a class ring and the options for the gold are 10K, 14K, and 18K. I know the price is different, but I was just wondering if anybody knows if you can actually tell a difference between them when you look at them or do they

    asked by Anonymous
  18. demand & Supply

    If the demand for butter rises by 4% while the price of margarine rises by 8%, then calculate the cross price elasticity of demand of butter with respect to the price of margarine? The formula for the cross-price elasticity is (%change in Qa)/(%change in

    asked by Albert jason
  19. Job Search

    I'm applying for a job for the first time. I have No work experience what type of information should i include on the job application where it asks for skills. I've have in mind hardworker what else can i place in this section?? Yes, hardworker is a good

    asked by Bryan
  20. Chemistry

    Basically as you know the electrons circle the nucleus well in that first ring how many elcetrons are there, in the second and so forth Here are the "ring" number, when filled: 2n^2 where n is the ring number: example n= 3, the third" ring" 2*3^2= 18 No, I

    asked by Cupcake
  21. Grammar

    Which sentence is correctly punctuated. 1. The cost, and size of computers are decreasing, almost as rapidly as processing power is increasing. 2. Database management systems were originally large, unwieldly, and ready to use. 3. A factory closing means

    asked by Kourtney
  22. Maths

    is it possible to find a sequence with the ruleadd four for wich all terms are multiples of four and eight all terms are even numbers all terms are negative numbers none of the terms are whole numbers if so tell me the sequence our i will die It's not

    asked by Carla
  23. Math; Algebra for PSAT

    Jim can fill a pool carrying bucks of water in 30 minutes. Sue can do the same job in 45 minutes. Tony can do the same job in 1 ½ hours. How quickly can all three fill the pool together? The answer is 15 minutes. But how? Figure the rate each can fill the

    asked by Sean

    As land became detached in regards to the Plate Tectonics Theory and continental drift, what effect would this have had on the development of species? Each land would develop its own species, as determined by the local factors (environment, climate,

    asked by Suzanne
  25. Please help----

    When it requires de-emphasis, non-essential material in a sentence is set off by a what? pair of parentheses or a colon THANK YOU!!! Here are explanations for the uses of these marks of punctuation: Colon:

    asked by Tina
  26. social studies

    how many children were separated from there parents or relatives during or after hurricane katrina As of September 8, 2006, 1220 children were still on the Hurricane Katrina missing persons list. This includes children that are either missing or simply

    asked by jose

    I need help on the freight charges of each transaction, I always get confused when I see the FOB’s. Presented here are selected transactions for Norlan Inc during September of the current year. Norlan uses a perpetual inventory system. Sold merchandise

    asked by F
  28. government

    How did different factors (size, type, slavery) impact the designing of the constitution? How can I answer it? What size and type mean? I have no idea. I think the terms, size and type, refer to the sizes of the colonial populations and the governments of

    asked by Jack
  29. online dictionary: inticed

    How come the word inticed is not on dictionary-com?... because that is a word in a passage that I am doing for english and I need the definition. Maybe you mean enticed? According to Merriam-Webster it is not a word. yeah probably.. my passage was from

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Physics help

    i don't know how to apply formula in physics questions...and tommorow is our periodical examination.. Well, it is too late to help you. I suggest a tutor twice a week, or you will surely fail. Discuss this with your parents quickly.

    asked by miss sixty
  31. com class

    What steps would you take to ensure that the purpose of your message (whether informative, positive, negative, or persuasive) is conveyed to your readers? You may or may not be writing a 5-paragraph paper, but all the steps and instructions in here (and

    asked by stacy

    Hi, For my biology homework, I need to know some things about: red blood cells white blood cells (both types) platelets and I still cant find some info- -where they are made -length of life of cell Thanks! Jessica

    asked by Jessica
  33. Question

    Is this sentence punctuated correctly? After he began the meeting, he said,"I am going home." There needs to be a space between the comma after "said" and the opening quotation marks. Other than that, the sentence is fine. =)

    asked by Merisa

    What needs to be done to correct the following sentence? Queen Mary wanted her death to be remembered,therefore,she staged a pageant. A. Change the comma after remembered to a semicolon. B. Change the comma after remmbered to a semicolon and add a comma

    asked by Tabitha

    i need to know how the ideas of nullification in the 19th century still affected us in the 20th century

    asked by INEEDHELP!!!
  36. ethics

    Why are the concepts of race and ethnicity important to United States Society? The concepts of race and ethnicity are important to U.S. society for two main reasons. First, the U.S. enslaved African-Americans for over 200 years. Their descendants still

    asked by nina
  37. science

    if current theory predicts global warming what do you think might be contributing to temporary global cooling?how could this happen? Global cooling is a myth, at least as for as mainstream science is concerned.

    asked by regina
  38. algebra

    How do you factor numbers? 2x squared + 5x-3 for instance? 2x^2 + 5x -3 Make two sets of parentheses. ( ) ( ) The first number in each set must be such that the product will be 2x^2. Obviously, that must be 2xand 1x so put them in. (2x )(x ) The next thing

    asked by Marie
  39. math

    simplify (square5)(square2) I don't know if you mean square root, or square. Here is square: 5^2 * 2^2= 25*4 =100 How about (square5)(square2) = square(5*2) ?

    asked by jim
  40. Math

    I have 37 different dollar amounts. I also have an additional 2 dollar amounts. If I total the 2 dollar amounts I get the same number as if I total all 37 amounts. Is there a way to use this information to break up the 37 numbers into 2 sets so that each

    asked by Dale
  41. Math+ check!

    oka so the question is as follows: for the geometreic sereis 8+48+288+... find the sum of the first ten terms, s 10 so I would use the formula: sn= a(1-r^n)/ 1-r were a= 8 r= 48 n= 10 8(1-(48)^10)/1-48 I get lost I don't know how to arrive to the answer

    asked by bob!
  42. science

    i need help to fill in the blank: if lava has a high content of the mineral__________, it makes a volcano erupt explosively

    asked by alejandra
  43. English

    Essay...What comparisons (similarities) are there between The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant and The Brother Grimm's verison of Cinderella? They are both above, good short reads. I

    asked by Angel
  44. ethics

    What do race and ethnicity mean to you? Since this is your question, I suggest you answer it. Your teacher wants to know what YOU think -- not what some anonymous person online thinks about it. It might help to think of your friends and what would happen

    asked by nina
  45. Chem Formula

    What is the product of: CH3COCH3 + Na+NH2- ? Thanks from Sheryl I can't help with this one. Sorry.

    asked by Sheryl
  46. hmmmmm...........

    How can moving contiental plates change the surface of earth Good websites linked here. =) what plate is iceland on how can

    asked by Jenny
  47. math

    The set S has the property that if a is in S, then a squared + a is also in S. What set could be S? The answer is {1,0}. How do you get this answer? What numbers squared are itself? one and zero But what exactly is a set and what is a? I'm not sure,

    asked by June
  48. Religon

    need info on saint Augustine for report. she s a girl. HELP ME!!!!!!!!! I don't know of any Saint Augustine of the female gender. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. If you spell it Saing

    asked by Brianna
  49. Math

    can you tell me how to do the math? Post a specific question and tell us what you don't understand about it.

    asked by Syed
  50. termperature regulation

    ok i have 2 questions and they are over temperature regulation. The only thing the paragraph says is over hypothalmus but nothing specific. here are the qeustions. in the case of temperature regulation, the intergrating center is (are) the receptors in the

    asked by Steffanie
  51. Please Help

    The subject is chemistry, okay so like The questions states are many atoms are there is 7.62g of Si? But all I am asking is if you can give me the equation to set up th eporblem then ask me to answer it, then I can give you my answer so your can see if it

    asked by Cupcake
  52. writing

    Based on what I have so far, what direction do you think I should go--what do you feel the thesis is about? This will eventually end up 10 pages long. I am concerned that I will not find enough to write about. The assignment is, "What, if anything, is

    asked by Diana
  53. question

    how do continental plates move

    asked by Jenny
  54. writing

    can you tell me what direction to take with this? My essay: During the last century, the average life span of Americans nearly doubled, from 49 years in 1900 to nearly 80 years in 2000. Increased life expectancy and advances in U.S. healthcare means that

    asked by Diana
  55. English

    I have to write an essay on the Crucible on connections/ disconnections. I have one idea about one of my paragraphs, but I need another to write about. My 1rst is between Elizabeth, John, and Abigail. Here are 3 sites which may give you the needed

    asked by john
  56. English

    After which word should you place a comma? All of us are very eager to see the presentation and we particularly look forward to the question period. It's a compound sentence. Read section 2. Then let me

    asked by Kalli
  57. United States History

    Hi I was wondering could help me with this question... :-) Why did it seem improbable that the thirteen colonies would come together and unite in a common bond? What past events made this seem like an unrealistic expectation? Off the top of my head, I can

    asked by Isabel
  58. U.S History

    Theres a few questions i have... 1. The first two battles of the Revolutionary war were at _________ and _______ . 2. All other states modeled their declaration after ___________. 3. Each new state could give their grievances by writing a ___________. 4.

    asked by Amber
  59. Math

    What do we have for home work, 6th grade MR. Saccatello? october 17, 2006 People !@#$%^&ad this message board live all over the country and have no way of knowing assignments in individual schools. Please contact your teacher or another student in your

    asked by Rae Rae
  60. PLz help Bob

    PLz help see below

    asked by Svetlana
  61. U.S History

    The federalists claimed that the war was ruining the ........? I can think of a lot of possible answers. Please check your book. I can't find it in my book. If I was able to find it in my book I wouldn't be posting for help obviously.

    asked by Anonymous
  62. help now

    which is garder to sculpt marble or limestone Marble is slightly harder than limestone, and marble has a tendency to chip.

    asked by Jenny