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October 16, 2006

  1. chemistry

    Combustion analysis of 1.00g of the male sex hormone, testosterone, yields 2.90 g of CO2 and .875 g H2O. What are the mass percents of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen in testosterone? How do I solve this? How many grams of C is in 2.90g of CO2? That is the

  2. Calculus

    Find normals to the curve xy+2x-y=0 that are parallel to the line 2x+y=0 I have the answer: at(-1,-1), y=-2x-3, and at (3,-3), y=-2x+3 How do we get this? Thanks. xy + 2x - y=0 x dy/dx + y + 2 - dy/dx=0 dy/dx (x-1)= -y-2 dy/dx= - (y+2)/(x-1) The normal to

  3. science

    what is the normal body temperature in celsius? Convert 98.6F to C. I think it is about 37.0 degrees C.

  4. Substitution Method

    Use the Substitution method to solve the system of equations. x + y = -4 x - y = 2 x + y = -4 x - y = 2 In the second equation, x= y+2 Putting that in the first.. (y+2) + y= -4 subtract two from each side, then divide each side by two to get y. Then, put

  5. Geometry

    How do you find the angle of FAC when: D is in the interior of


    A team of dogs is pulling a sled that has a load of 2500 kg at a constant speed of 5.0 m/s. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the sled and the snow is 0.10. What is the horizontal force the dogs are exerting on the loaded sled? The horizontal

  7. Neon

    I need to find out the cost of the inert gas, Neon and it's Normal Phase to finish off a project. I have searched and searched but can't come up with the info needed. Neon is a rare gas, obtained by liquifing air. Its cost for very pure form is about

  8. lab

    Why is it important to eliminate air bubbles from the slide? They will act as small extra lenses and make it difficult to focus all objects with the microscope, at a given distance.


    Are delegated powers the powers that can only be exercised by the National Government? Then, what about expressed powers, implied powers and inherent powers. Do they all fall under the category of expressed powers?


    A 525-N trunk is placed on an inclined plane that forms an angle of 30.0 degrees with the horizontal. What are the components of the weight parallel to the plane and normal to the plane? Memorize this: weight normal = mg cosTheta weight parallel= mg Sin

  11. gov't help please

    identitfy two methods that have been used by interest groups to influence the appointment process. explain how much of these methods has been used to influence that process i looked on google and there was information but it didn't give the exact

  12. chemistry

    Is there a difference between sources of experimental error and sources of error? yes experimental error is when you did something wrong not on purpose though. like stopping the time clock too early or too late but not going back to fix it. sources of

  13. Math Ratios

    If a TV screen with an aspect ration of 16:9 measures 48cm diagonally, what are the height and width measurments of the screen? The aspect ratio width to diagonal is 16: (sqrt(16^2+ 9^2)) 16:18 so.. 16/18= w/48 and for height 9/18=h/48

  14. ICT

    describe briefly an application for each of the following methods of input 1.MICR 2. key-to-disk camera 4.touch screen card


    Are delegated powers the powers that can only be exercised by the National Government? Then, what about expressed powers, implied powers and inherent powers. Do they all fall under the category of expressed powers?

  16. Honors Chemistry

    At what wavelengths do Cr(III) ions absorb the maximum amounts of light? Look at your color wheel. What color is Cr(III)? It will absorb the complement of its color. You may have a graph of absorbance vs wavelength for Cr(III). If so, the maximum

  17. geo

    what four countries possess islands in the caribbean sea =) h Name four countries that possess island in the Caribbean Sea Well it is Canada Islabn-jjjugdhjb;bvfjhbfjbjcvbghfj hgjh duighbjfg jfg jghjfgjfh;ahg

  18. geo

    is saudi arabia in asia or africa You need to get some good maps and/or learn how to conduct effective searches (such as via -- =)

  19. Algebra 1

    Can you help with solving equations with variables on both sides? can you post the problems, there are lots of people who can help you.

  20. grammar

    I don't know how to correct these sentences that are gramatically incorrect (according to Word). 1. Observed the reaction time for each mixture. 2. The primary alcohol reacted the quickest and the tertiary alcohol reacted the slowest. Thanks in advance. I

  21. english-Please

    what does it mean readability formulas? I don't understand the concept can someone explain it to me please. As I understand it, this is how they come up with these readability numbers: ~~By counting the number of paragraphs in a piece of writing. ~~By

  22. Music

    What musical form preceded the sonata-allegro form, and is the sonata-allegro form still being used today? Sup' Christy, I beleive the form that preceed the sonata-allegro form would be the "minuet and trio" form. Symphonies are where you can find the s-a

  23. english

    Can someone tell me if this is a correct answer? Question: What kinds of unwanted reactions might you get from readers of your messages? What steps would you take to ensure that the purpose of your message (whether informative,negative,or persuasive)is

  24. english

    Can someone correct this and tell me if its a good answer? Question? Discuss how you would approach creating a negative message for a superior(such as a manager at work or instructor)versus creating a message for a collegue, subordinate, or fellow student?

  25. chem

    What is the name of the compound with the formula N2O5? Dinitrogen pentoxide. or Nitrogen(V) oxide What is BF3 and NaH?

  26. Calculus

    Hi, been tearing my hair out over this question. I think I'm on the right track, but just not sure how to finish it. Anyway, here it is: A particle is moving along the ellipse 4x^2 + 16y^2 = 64. At any time 'T' its x- and y-coordinates are given by x =

  27. Calculus problem

    Evaulate: integral 3x (sinx/cos^4x) dx I think it's sec3 x , but that from using a piece of software, so you'll have to verify that. Using uppercase 's' for the integral sign we have S 3sin(x)/cos4dx or S cos-4(x)*3sin(x)dx If you let u = cos(x) then du =

  28. just curious for your opinion

    Do you think America should be a melting pot? Why or why not? I am not certain the "melting pot" ever existed except in the minds of romantics and light-skinnned historians. See: Some things get assimilated, and

  29. history: modern cities

    Consider modern cities. What problems that existed at the turn of the 20th century have been fixed? Which do you think still exist? It depends on what you mean by modern. Is Calcutta modern? One would hope that water and sewage problems have been fixed,

  30. social studies

    How can democracies prevent the rise of dictatorships in their country? The best way to avoid a dictatorship is with an alert and informed citizenry. AND these citizens need to VOTE. Democracy is based on the principle that informed citizens will run their

  31. Mathematics Ayra

    6. Vangie had 0.75 ream of bond paper. She used 0.25 of it in her project. What part of the ream of paper did she use? Please answer this question. Percent=peice/whole * 100 = .25/.75 * 100 Fraction= piece/whole= .25/.75 = 1/3 Thanks for your information!

  32. Roger or bobpursley - please help asap.

    Tony used to jog 0.95 kilometers every morning. one day, it rained, so he jog only 0.75 kilometer. What part of his regular jogging distance did he jog? percentjogging= .75/.95 * 100 percent When asking for help, please do not put particular volunteers in

  33. environmental science

    pros and cons of at least three alternative methods for maximizing food production

  34. science

    can some explain to me how birth, death and migration rates affect the population? I have read but really do not understand it? the factors that can affect these rates i am assuming is urbanization cost of raising and educating children educational and


    The home of Jeff Simms is next to the shop of the three sisters.Which one of the following sentences expresses this idea grammatically? 1. Jeff Simm's house is next-door to those lady's shop. 2. Jeff Simms' house is next-door to those ladies shop. 3. Jeff

  36. To Kill a Mockingbird

    What does Atticus say about mobs? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. In Chapter 15, according to Atticus, incident at the jail was a demonstration of mob psychology. People in a group, he says, will do things that are unworthy of them as

  37. ICT

    give 3 reasons why speech recognition systems sometimes fail to be 100% effective

  38. ICT

    state one item of software that should be supplied with a scanner and state why it is needed

  39. ICT

    state 2 advantages to the customer of banks installing ATM's

  40. ICT

    the use of ICT has allowed banks and building societies to keep detailed records of purchases tha people make using credit and debit cards. explain one reason why this is a benefit

  41. world geography

    What is a global citizen? I have to write a report on this. It must have examples, compare and contrast etc. What is a global citizen? I remember a very early Sunday School lesson, where Jesus indicated to the disciples the TWO commandments in response to

  42. physics

    write down in terms of the mass m and the velocity v of the body, expressions for i) momentum ii) the kinetic energy use your answer to (b) to help calculate the mass and the velocity of the ball momentum is mass*velocity Kinetic energy is 1/2

  43. Accounting

    I need help on the freight charges of each transaction, I always get confused when I see the FOB’s. Presented here are selected transactions for Norlan Inc during September of the current year. Norlan uses a perpetual inventory system. Sold merchandise

  44. TO BOB

    use your answer to (b) to help calculate the mass and the velocity of the ball that's the part i don't understand am i suppose to use equal the formulas? YEs, equate the formulas to the numbers you were given. If I remember correctly, you were given

  45. ENGLISH!!

    After a few __________ hesitation, he agreed that __________ not worth the risk. minute's its' minutes' its minutes' it's minute's it's There is no such word as its', so the first pair is out. it's means "it is" or "it has" its is used when "it"


    Jay and Jaylene have four brothers. All four have a poor work ethic. Therefore, Jay and Jaylene _________ pleased with any of their work habits. are'nt brother's aren't brothers' aren't brother's are'nt brothers' There is no such word as are'nt, so numbers

  47. science

    how are monerans and protists the same? how are they different?

  48. art history

    I have to do a report on prehistoric art and I want to do mine on Venus of Willendorf. We have to find one important event in history during this time but I cannot find any specific historic events. Can anyone help? This is a site on Pagan history:

  49. Science

    What were Mendeleev's reversals?How did Henry Moseley explain them? Mendeleev thought the periodic table was in order of atomic mass. Mosley determined that atomic number was the correct order.

  50. physics

    The following data concerns a tennis ball at a given instant before it is struck by a tennis racket; horizontal momentum of tennis ball= 2.4Ns kinetic energy of ball= 45J a) why is correct to give the direction of the momentum but not the kinetic energy b)

  51. English -historical fiction

    Is the book "The tale of two cites" By Charles Dickens considered histrorical fiction, if not what are some excellent historical fiction reading suggestions that have a good story and their time period that is able to reasearch with great information? A

  52. Geometry

    Help with Geometry please! Do you have any specific questions?

  53. [Data Management] - Probability

    I need help with a probability quesition that has been presented in my grade 12 class. I'm really not sure how to go about solving it. "What is the probability of being dealth exactly 3 of a kind in your 5-card poker hand?" Thanks for any help. the

  54. sports-

    i really need help for an assignment. it askes to name the contraction phases, joints and muscles involved in the following exercises: biceps curl, seated row, press up, squat and calf raise. iv been searching everywehere. ne extra help would be great

  55. social studies

    do you think the U.S had legitimate reason to go to war with Mexico , explain your answer. If you explain YOUR answer, we'll be glad to help you with it.

  56. Science help plz

    1. In an experiment, you remove the nucleus from an amoeba. Predict what will happen to the amoeba and explain why. plz help What does the nucleus do? Those functions would be absent. Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key

  57. History

    My question is Egyptian portrait masks were often made of this material? Egyptian portrait or funeral masks were made of wood, plaster, cartonnage, or even precious metals such as gold. This site has more information.

  58. Biology helppppppp

    1. Why was communication through books, letters, and lectures such an important factor in the development of the cell theory? What do you think would happen if scientists today were unable to communicate with each other? In science, we build on the works

  59. To DrBob222

    I really thank you for helping me with my problems, and not directly giving me the answer but assisting me so I can fully get it, I think your the best helper on here and I really appreciate your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dr Bob is truly super. you've

  60. Chemistry

    My question is what is the molar mass of 1.00 mol of Li? Can you explain in detail and I have another question: What is the molar mass od 1.00 mol of Ag but if you help me with the first question, then can you just tell me to the other by myself so I can

  61. Calculus

    could anybody please explain how sec x tan x - ¡ì sec x tan^2(x) dx = sec x tan x + ¡ì sec x dx - ¡ì sec^3(x) dx What I don't understand about your question is what is ¡ì ? i just want to know if those two equations are equal, if yes, how did one

  62. pre algebra

    what is 3y+2(-7+x) First, we need to distribute. 2 times -7 is -14, and 2 times x is 2x, leaving us with: 3y+(-14)+x 3y-14+x 9(4m+1) 9(4m+1) 9(4m+1) 12.x= x=1

  63. Phyisics

    A spy satellite is in circular orbit around Earth. It makes one revolution in 6.02 hours. How high above Earth's surface is the satellite Use keplers law, comparing the moon period and distance from Earth to the Satellite. There are other ways of doing

  64. Honors Chemistry

    When a solution is red, does it absorb or transmit red light? If it absorbed red would you see it? You see what is transmitted.

  65. physics

    At what altitude above the Earth's surface would your weight be three-fifths of what it is at the Earth's surface? Assume re = 6.371 10^3 km. If weight decreases as the inverse square of distance, then 3/5= (re/r)^2 where r is the distance from the center

  66. calculus

    the second number is the reciprocal of the fist and the sm is a minimum. this is my my work and i got stuck x=first number y=second number so y=1/x then what. i know the answer is 1 and 1. also can you explain why the answer is 1 and 1 and not just one. it

  67. english

    I have to write a five paragraph essay comparing the US constitution and the Haudenosaunee Great Law of Peace(the iroqouis constitution) does anyone know where I can find a copy of the iroqouis constitution or know of any similarities of the two

  68. Culinary

    What are 2 recipes for the radiation method? What are 2 recipes for the convection method? What are 2 recipes for the conduction method? What are 2 recipes for the microwave? What are 2 recipes for the radiation method? grilled chicken toast What are 2

  69. physics-angular speed

    If the coefficient of friction is 0.41 and the cylinder has a radius of 2.5 m, what is the minimum angular speed of the cylinder so that the people don't fall out? (Normally the operator runs it considerably faster as a safety measure.) I am not seeing the

  70. Solubility of a Salt - Chemistry

    a) How many grams of KNO_3 should be added to 100 mL of water at 25°C to make a saturated solution? b) The solubility of KNO_3 increases as temperature increases. When KNO_3 dissolves, is the process endothermic or exothermic? c) When CaCl_2 dissolves,

  71. History-Genocide

    when is the actual year that "the risk assessment of genocide and politicide" adoptted? (Broken Link Removed) 1998 the US government officially started to use the model.

  72. science

    what do you use sulfur for or what is it made by. Sulfur is a basic chemical, used in production of rubber, plastics, acids, and medicines. I sometimes use sulfur (burning) to fumigate my wine casts.

  73. English

    One of this _______ duties is to keep a record of all ___________ wages. 1. agency's employee's 2. angency's employees' 3. agencies' employees 4. agency's employees agency's employees'

  74. help now

    name celebrities who have over come a challenge Reuben Studdard-- weight loss Sharon Stone-- brain tumor Mary-Kate Olsen-- anorexia Mrs. Osbourne-- cancer(?) ... thanks but i need more important challenges or goals that were reached Hmmm. What is more


    A box rests on a plank that is inclined to the horizontal. As the angle between the plank and the horizontal increases, does the component of the weight of the box parallel to the plank increase, decrease, or remain the same? Explain your answer. see the

  76. geo

    which africian countries does the tropic of cancer pass through =)

  77. geo

    two capes located at africas southern tip Cape Agulhas and the Cape of Storms, which was renamed the Cape of Good Hope. Good luck

  78. help me please!

    help! name some black women who have overcome great challenges w+4.5=8 rosa parks. black lady who refused to get out of a seat on a bus

  79. The scarlet letter

    Why is there no description of what Chilingworth sees on Dimmesdale's chest Perhaps the author wants to describe it with other means, and save it to the end. Here is what the author described as the Chilingworth looked upon Dimmesdale's chest.

  80. chemistry

    how do you determine if the atom is a neutral atom or an ion and if the atom is an isotope or not? It is neutral if the number of protons in the nucleus = the number of electrons in the outside shells. More or fewer electrons means it is an ion. An isotope

  81. pigskin geography

    Who won the Minnasota-Wisconsin game last Saturday to take possession of Paul Bunyan's ax for another year? =) Thank you but the worksheet is NFL and I

  82. deperate in need of help

    please i need to know opinions about the track star wilma rudolph I can give you a short opinion. Frankly, I had not heard of Wilma Rudolph but I went to and read several pages of her biography. I see she was a gifted athlete and overcame many

  83. Rational Expression

    (x+1/2x-1 - x-1/2x+1) * (2x-1/x - 2x-1/x^2) (x+1/2x-1 - x-1/2x+1)*(2x-1/x - 2x-1/x^2) The first parenthesis reduces to zero. Check that. I have the answers in the back of my book (just not how to get there) the book shows the answer as 6(x-1)/x(2x+1). When

  84. math

    by how many order of magnitute is the speed of light greater than the average speed of grey sound? Rose Diamond when he set the hight gate track 710 m record of for this 47.43 sec in April 2003 710m/47.43s = close to 15 m/s. The speed of light is 3 x 10^8

  85. english

    Not simple but ------- There are many words that can fit here, some of which come to mind are straightforward, explainable, achievable, and many others. What are you looking for?

  86. english

    Not the whites of the eggs, but the ----- The yellow part of the egg, which develops into the chick, is called the yolk. I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

  87. PHYSICS Please Help

    A box rests on a plank that is inclined to the horizontal. As the angle between the plank and the horizontal increases, does the component of the weight of the box parallel to the plank increase, decrease, or remain the same? Explain not sure The component