Questions Asked on
October 12, 2006

  1. physics

    The plates of a parallel plate capacitor each have an area of 0.40 m2 and are separated by a distance of 0.02 m. They are charged until the potential difference between the plates is 3000 V. The charged capacitor is then isolated. How much work is required

    asked by kevin
  2. english

    similarities and differences between college students coming from high school and students that are older and have more life experience First of all, what are YOUR ideas on this topic. Are you to write a comparison/contrast essay on it? If so, here are

    asked by kareema
  3. business

    Out of the types of businesses (sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporation), which has the easiest time obtaining money to expand their business. Why? Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Once you have come up with a response to

    asked by Anonymous
  4. vapor and osmotic pressure

    A solution of the sugar mannitol ( molar mass 182.2 g/mol ) is prepared by adding 54.66 g of mannitol to 1.000 kg of water. The vapor pressure of pure liquid water is 17.54 torr at 20o C. Mannitol is nonvolatile and does not ionize in aqueous solution. a.)

    asked by Amy
  5. science

    advanteges and disadvanteges of fossil fuels Check this site. advantages easy to get energy from not expensive to get energy from disadvantages pollutes the atmosphere with carbondioxide which leads to

    asked by jazz
  6. chemistry

    What will be the final temperature of the water in an insulated container as the result of passing 5.00 g of steam [H2O(g)] at 100.0°C into 195.0 g of water at 20.0°C? (?H°vap = 40.6 kJ/mol H2O) The best way to do these problems is to make the heat

    asked by hal
  7. phys

    Imagine a motorcycle rider moving with a speed 0.7c past a stationary observer. If the rider tosses a ball in the forward direction with a speed of 0.6c, relative to himself, what is the speed of the ball as seen by the stationary observer? Ans in units of

    asked by slien
  8. My Friend Needs Help With a Calc Problem.

    how does five degrees east of north keep a plain going north when the wind pushes the plain four point six degrees west of north? This is not calculus. It is a vector problem. THe wind is pushing the plane west. If you need the solution, to find the

    asked by Sarah

    What direction does a boat go when moving along the Panama Canal from the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean? I think it's southwest but not sure. Nope. I wonder if you ever are looking at maps on these questions. See the map here:

    asked by Suzanne
  10. P.E.

    I need to type an esay on my favorite athelete unfoetunately I don't have a favorite athelete can you show me famous atheletes What sport do you enjoy? First of all, be sure to spell the word correctly -- athlete. Then you'll be able to conduct a search to

    asked by Sarah
  11. help asap gov't

    We have held that a liberty interest protected under the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment will be deemed fundamental if it is "implicit in the concept of ordered liberty." Palko v. Connecticut... In construing the phrase "liberty"

    asked by Anonymous
  12. phys

    a spaceship travels with a speed of 0.7c as it passes by the Earth on its way to a distant star. The pilot of the spaceship measures the length of the moving ship as 50m. Determine its length as measured by a person on Earth. Answer in units of m. for this

    asked by slien
  13. math

    simplify square root of 5^6 okay lets say this: the square root of 9 is three because 3*3=9. just like four is 2 because 2*=4 so if its 5^6, divide it into equal parts. since six is an even number, you can divide it like 5^3 beacause 5^3*5^3=5^6

    asked by jim
  14. Decision Sciences/Models

    Does anyone have expereince using the palisades tool package programs sucah as @risk and precisiontree in making decision making models? yes is it possible to email you a copy or post a copy of my case. i did it but im stuck on sensitivity analysis which i

    asked by Joe
  15. Business

    Why do many people believe profits on sales of finished goods are much higher than they actually are? This is a poorly formed question. "many people" is an undefined term. What do you mean by "many"? 50% of the people? 20 million people? 6 students in a

    asked by Anonymous
  16. business

    - Describe the steps involved in making a hamburger. - Think of your favorite food product. Describe the raw materials that make up the food, how it might have been processed, and then manufactured into the food you enjoy. (I don't really care which food

    asked by Anonymous
  17. economics

    I need some serious help with the follow three questions. thanks Public Goods Homework Problem

    asked by John
  18. Physical Chemistry

    The measured osmotic pressure of seawater is 25 atm at 273K. a.) What is the activity of water in seawater at 273 K? Take the partial molar volume of water in seawater to be 0.018 M-1. b.) The vapor pressure of pure water at 273 K is 4.6 torr. What is the

    asked by Jane
  19. P-Chem

    A 0.85-g sample is dissolved in 0.150 kg of bromobenzene. Determine the molar mass of the solute if the solution boils at 429.0 K at 1 atm pressure. The normal boiling point of bromobenzene is 428.1 K and the ebullioscopic constant is 6.26 K kg mol-1. A

    asked by Michelle
  20. Physical Chemistry

    When 3.78 g of nonvolatile solute is dissolved in 300.0 g of water, the freezing point depression is 0.646 o C. Calculate the molar mass of the solute. The cryoscopic constant of water is 1.86 K kg mol -1. When 3.78 g of nonvolatile solute is dissolved in

    asked by Lan

    How many degrees is the Arctic Circle displaced from the North Pole? I think it's 12 degrees south of the North Pole. I am not sure though. Arc·tic Cir·cle the line of latitude at 66°30'N that marks the boundary of the Arctic. So, what is 90-66°30 ?

    asked by Suzanne
  22. to CL re SPELLING

    Just in case you don't find my response with your original question ... =) Another webpage with the definition and

    asked by Writeacher
  23. R.E

    I can't find any info on harvest festiva Religous education, I presume. The term harvest festival is a recent invention of some Christian groups to promote an alternative to the Halloween festival, which is of pagan origin. All Saints Day is also a

    asked by meme
  24. ethics

    Can someone help me find out the similarities and differences between chinese american and japanese american cultural experiences. Some websites would be a great help thanks. Chinese American

    asked by jenna
  25. proof read bio lab

    Hi, it would be greatly appreciated if someone could proofread parts of my bio lab. Introduction VO2 max or maximum oxygen consumption is a value which measures a body’s ability to make the energy required for physical activity. VO2 max measures the

    asked by annie
  26. Ochem

    The following question is due to a reaction in organic chemistry ethanol from sucrose. I did not properly state in my last post where the reaction came from. I apologize for this (Dr.Bob). I repost the same question: Calculate how many milliliters of

    asked by tesla
  27. math

    what is the effective rate formula? There are numerous effective rate formulas in math. You will need to be more specific.

    asked by no name
  28. MATHS

    A travel agent arranged a payment plan for a client. It required a down payment of $150.00 and 12 monthly payments of $642.00. What was the total cost of the plan? 2. translate into math expression and solve. Some number divided by negative four is four.

    asked by francis
  29. maths

    Solve the equation using the multiplication principle. -35 = 7k Solve the equation. clear fraction and decimal first. 2.(y-7)- (y+4)) = 6y 3. -5b - 8 = -5 - 2b - 1b Problem one: multiply both sides of the equation by 1/7 Problem two: I will be happy to

    asked by francis
  30. how can we improve

    How can we improve Any ideas for improvement are welcome. Thanks! Perhaps separating the subject areas. The subject area categories could be fairly general: English, including how to research Mathematics/economics Sciences Social

    asked by Leo
  31. Music

    I play Baritone Saxaphone . I need to learn A , E, and B Major scales for class. That is the concert key what would the notes be in my key!!. Please Help Thanks.! Emily Is it possible for you to get another Barition Sax player to record these on a CD so

    asked by emily
  32. maths

    1. If the first and third of three consecutive odd integers are added, the result is 51 less than five times the second integer. Find the third integer. 2. Write as a subtraction problem and evaluate. 15 less than -2 n, n+1, N+2, ... are consecutive

    asked by francis
  33. Engineering

    You find out you need a pallet of 14 bags of seed that weigh 50 lbs each. You know the pallet itslef weighs 44lbs. The CO-OP forklift takes 30 seconds to move the pallet and bags of seed the 60 feet to the back of your truck. A) How much power does the

    asked by Matt
  34. maths

    1. If the first and third of three consecutive odd integers are added, the result is 51 less than five times the second integer. Find the third integer. Let the 3 numbers be x, (x + 1) and (x + 2). Then, x + (x + 2) = 5(x + 1) - 51 Solve for x. We want

    asked by francis
  35. Calculus

    Okay so I have the following question and I am totally stuck: Newton's Law of Gravitation says that the magnitude F or the force exerted by a body of mass m on a body of mass M given by F=(GmM)/r^2 where G is the gravitational constant and r the distance

    asked by Tracy
  36. maths please help

    how do you find the isoperimetric quotient of an n sided figure? my side lengths are 5cm i have split it in to triangles so 360/n is the central angle then to work out area of singular triangle its 1/2 base times height height is something like tan 180/n

    asked by Spirit
  37. Algrebra I

    1. Which line is the flattest (or is less steep)? Why? y = 5x -6 y = 5x + 6 y = x - 3 y = x + 3 I thought it would be the last one since it has the smallest slope Well, yes...but both the third and last equations have a slope of 1, and so have the same

    asked by Margie
  38. Biology

    What are 2 reasons for a species to become threatened or endangered? Usually a change or restricting a habitat will cause a species to become threatened or endangered. Also -- when new predators are introduced or old ones become more powerful, native

    asked by Amber
  39. engineering HELP

    you've bought a new truck and want to show off your ag engineering skills by painting the bore, stroke, piston displacement, clearance volume, and compression ratio for the engine on the hood. All you know about the truck is that has a 4 cyl 250 cubic in

    asked by Matt
  40. math

    i have this question the population !@#$%^&ntion of bacteria is observed to be f(t)=C e^2t where C is some constant. if after one hour a scientist abserves the growth rate to be 744 bacteria/hour what was the initial bacteria population. i know that C is

    asked by Jessica
  41. Biology

    How can exoctic species affect populations of native species? Exotic species out compete native species in several ways. One way is through competition in the environment for habitat dominancy and resource utalisation. Being exotic means they don't have

    asked by Amber
  42. Chemistry

    Can someone please help me with the following? How do I find the specific heat of a metal when the only information I have is a temperature change ( of -73 degrees C) and a mass (of 22.53 grams)? And what is the forumla for specific heat? Thanks in

    asked by April
  43. Fractions

    Well theres 1 half cup of tahini 2 thirds cups of 2 teaspoons of vanilla 1 half cup of butter 2 cups of granola and 1 fourth cups of chopped nuts. and what is the question?

    asked by Anonymous
  44. Law!

    Hi Everyone, I have to deliver a presentation on euthanasia, which requires a creative aspect that may involve the class as well. (My position is against euthanasia by the way). I was thinking that I could have a game or bring something in that could act

    asked by Scott
  45. calculus

    a 20 ft ladder is leaning against a wall. The bottom is being pulled out at a constant rate of 2.5 ft/sec. Will the top of the ladder clide sown thr wall at a constant rate? What will the rate be? In relation to time? It is not constant. Use pythagorus:

    asked by Suzy
  46. math

    2x+3x+8-3x=4..........whats x you need to get X on one side by itself - by 1st subtrating 8 and so forth..... you need to get X on one side by itself - by 1st subtrating 8 from both sides and so forth...

    asked by carrie
  47. phys

    Find the kinetic energy of a particle with a mass of one gram moving with half the speed of light. Compare the answer with the one you would find using the nonrelativistic formula. Ans in units of x 10^13.

    asked by slien
  48. social studies

    What does methodology mean.

    asked by Dillion
  49. science

    what is the eath's shape similar to? a mashed beach ball: oblate spheroid

    asked by ashley parker
  50. language arts i guess

    hi person well i need help see i don't get it what the heck does my homework mean why do we need society i don't care wht but so i don't get an f plez tell me "Why do we need society?" Is that the question you are supposed to write about? My first

    asked by brandie
  51. pig question (PHYSICS)

    Hello, a slide loving pig slides down a certain 35° slide in twice the time it would take to slide down a frictionless 35° slide. What is the coefficient of kinetic friction between the pig and the slide? Is this the equation on how to solve it? It's

    asked by Amber
  52. where is the oldest surviving parliament?

    where is the oldest surviving parliament iceland

    asked by oct2855
  53. Re: Pig question (Physics)

    Thank you, I think I get it now. I have one more question: a kimchi container of mass 1=3.0 kg connected to a block of mass m2 by a cord looped around a frictionless pulley. The cord and pulley have negligible mass. When the container is released from

    asked by Amber
  54. mood! + check!

    Identify the mood indicative, imperative, and subjunctive : 1. Karl suggested that we consider his new proposal carefully. 1a) Subjunctive 2. Don’t watch that movie. 2a) Indicative mood 3. Sasha didn’t like that book. 3a) Indicative mood 4. I wish that

    asked by adam
  55. U.S. Government

    Thi‚“ is about James Madisonfs@Federalist Essays. My question ishWhy does madison want to ratify this constitution?h Anyone please answer that question. To ratify means to formally approve the consitution. This means that the states accept the

    asked by Cory
  56. Pigskin geography

    I need help with week number 6, the question about bullfrogs. I got the first part but I still don't have how far away you can hear them. I also need help with the comic question about Leif Erickson. Thanks! Please repost with the specific questions, so we

    asked by Lanna
  57. need ideas for essay

    The prompt is: Write about a time when you had to show respect for authority, even though it was difficult to do so. Feel free to draw on examples from books, movies, or television shows. Any ideas? Isn't this the time YOU (not I) had to respect authority?

    asked by Anonymous
  58. weather

    a sudden change in the wind direction,air temperature, and cloud cover most likely signals a change in- A. climate B.landforms C.seasons It is not climate or landforms. Seasons wont have Sudden changes. sdjvbwudgv tg

    asked by Jenny
  59. deposition

    What landform was most likely made by the process of deposition sediments? A.arch B.beach C.cliff D.cave Deposts run downhill. Which of the answers is at lowest elevation?

    asked by Jenny
  60. Analgesics

    We're doing a TLC analysis of analgesic drugs. One of my prelab questions is: Name some advantages of using acetaminphen (Tylenol) instead of aspirin as an analgesic. They were probably dissolved in methylene chloride amd ethanol and I'm assuming that's

    asked by Sheryl
  61. Science

    What do the Bladder, Seminal Vesicle, Vas Defirnes, Prostate Gland, Cowpeis Gland, Epididqmis, Testicles,Scortum, Urethra mean? I'm having trouble with the definitions. These are all parts of male anatomy. You can look these up on a hard copy or online

    asked by Victoria
  62. Math

    For every girl taking classes at the martial arts school, there are 3 boys who are taking classes at the school. If there are 236 students taking classes, write and solve a porportion to predict the number of boys taking the classes at the school. So

    asked by Dutches
  63. math

    simplify square 48/square6 square root(48) is the same as sq root (8) x sq root(6). So, sq root (6) cancel, and you're left with sq root(8). and this simplfies to 2 x sq root (2)

    asked by jim
  64. to angie

    Please do not post responses to other students unless you can help them very proficiently with their specific problem or question. This is not a website for "personals" -- so please don't post any personal information about yourself or ask personal

    asked by Writeacher
  65. citizenship test for child

    What are the 2 houses of congress and what is the judicial branch of the us government? The US government is made up of three branches: Executive -- the President and those who work with him Legislative -- the Senate and the House of Representatives

    asked by stephanie
  66. subscripts and superscripts enabled

    Examples: The water molecule: H20 Quadratic: ax2 + bx + c = 0 Just like you would use the b tag for bold or the i tag for italic, use the sub and sup tags for subscript and superscript. that's great...but what do you mean "b tag" and "i tag" ?? the b tag

    asked by Leo
  67. Geography

    I am currently doing a project on Lake Michigan. I was wondering if there were any recommened sites you would suggest. I have tried many but none seem to have all the information or atleast most on one page. P.S I would like a website other than wikipedia.

    asked by Gina
  68. Economics

    The demand function for a well known economics textbook is: P = 100 - .005Q The publisher must pay $20 per book in printing and distribution costs and, in addition, it must pay the author a $20 royalty for each book sold. (a) Your job is to provide advice

    asked by Daniel B
  69. math

    x+b+2b+8(9-5b)(divide)9 x+b+2b+8(9-5b)(divide)9 You don't show clearly what is divided by 9;i.e.everything or just 8(9-5b). I will assume the equation is this. [x+b+2b+8(9-5b)]/9 First, clear the innermost parentheses. (x+b+2b+72-40b)/9 combine terms.

    asked by Gina
  70. science plz help

    do earthquakes correlate with identified large faults? do earthquakes occur in areas without identified large faults? Yes.

    asked by alejandra
  71. Common Sense

    Do people actually work for this website like, bobpursely, gurublue, PSY,Leo, and other? We teachers are all volunteers. We answer questions on this site because we enjoy helping students learn. And yes -- we are real human beings!

    asked by Gina
  72. science

    do earthquakes occur in areas without identified large faults? The key words you use are "identified" and "large." As far as I know, earthquakes occur at fault lines, whether or not they have been identified or are large. Since this is not my area of

    asked by alejandra
  73. math

    fator out the greatest common factor: 11y-22 11y-22 = 11y - 2*11 = 11*something What is the something? Your common factor is 11, so your answer will be 11(y-2) thank u so much

    asked by tasha
  74. phys

    Suppose a newly found elementary particle has an average lifetime, T=30 ns, when at rest. In order for this new elementary particle to travel 15m in one lifetime, how fast must it be moving relative to the velocity of light? In other words, find v/c.

    asked by slien