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October 5, 2006


    An object with an initial speed of 4.0 meters per second accelerates uniformly at 2.0 meters per second2 in the direction of its motion for a distance of 5.0 meters. What is the final speed of the object? Vi=4m/s a=2.0m/s*s d=5.0m Vf=? Vf©÷=Vi©÷+2ad

    asked by Katelyn
  2. Biology

    Describe two practical applications for being able to extract DNA from cells. Genetically engineering insulin producing bacteria Crime lab testing of blood (white cells have DNA) and semen what are some biome characteristics for a freshwater wetland

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Pre-Calculus

    The period T (in seconds) of a simple pendulum is a function of its length l (in feet), given by T(l) = 2pi sq root of l/g, where g = 32.2 feet per second per seconds is the acceleration of gravity. Express the length l as a function of the period T. If

    asked by Erica
  4. Science

    A supersonic jet flying at 145 m/s is accelerated uniformly at the rate of 23.1 m/s squared for 20.0 s. a. What is its final velocity? b. The speed of sound in air is 331 m/s. How many times the speed of sound is the plane's final speed? I don't care what

    asked by Rob
  5. Chemistry

    This is a mulit step problem How many grams of barium phosphate are produced from the reaction of 3.50g of sodium phosphate and 6.4g of barium nitrate? The other product is sodium nitrate. 1. Write the balanced equation for the reaction 2. How many grams

    asked by Tracey
  6. the earth

    name the four layers of the earth in order from the outside to the center of the earth This site will not only give you the layers but a picture and a discription. crust,

    asked by kamya
  7. 5th grade math

    what is the least common multiple The least common multiple is the lowest possible number that has both numbers for a factor. For instance, if you are asked to find the LCM for 4 and 8, the LCM would be 8 because it is divisible by both 4 and 8. If you

    asked by leo
  8. Chemistry - Density

    Automobile batteries contain sulfuric acid. Calculate the number of grams of sulfuric acid in 0.500L of battery acid if the solution has a density of 1.28g/mL and is 38% H2SO4 (small numbers) by mass? Can you please answer this for me? density = 1.28 g/mL

    asked by Tracey
  9. calc

    given S=piX(X+2Y) and V=piX^2Y show that dS/dX=pi(X-Y) when V is constant, and dV/dX=-piX(X-Y)when S is constant. Please HELP!! I have tried several times, and I don't get the result you asked for. If we're given S=piX(X+2Y), then dS/dx=

    asked by sammy
  10. Chemistry - Density

    Automobile batteries contain sulfuric acid. Calculate the number of grams of sulfuric acid in 0.500L of battery acid if the solution has a density of 1.28g/mL and is 38% H2SO4 (small numbers) by mass? Can you please answer this for me? double post.

    asked by Tracey
  11. Biology

    Describe how density-dependent and density-independent factors regulate population growth.

    asked by Anonymous
  12. Math

    *Sigh* Can someone explain to me how I would work through this problem? An honest coin tossed n=3600 times. Let the random variable Y denote the number of tails tossed. (a) find the mean and the standard deviation of the distribution of the random variable

    asked by SherylA
  13. U.S History

    Unscramble this message: worl h wa emer ralp d. " the 'ro und "th son, eard e sh ldo ot h thanks. =) That doesn't work. I already tried it. Just guessing ... worl h wa emer ralp d. " the 'ro und "th son, eard e sh ldo ot h worl +

    asked by Amber
  14. chem

    Using electronegativity arguments, classify the following diatomic molecules as nonpolar (N), polar (P), or ionic (I), and enter five letters in order (e.g. NPNPI, INPNP, etc) : NaF, HF, NaH, CaO, and F2. Look up electronegativity (EN)of each element and

    asked by maria
  15. Geography

    - What large city lies east of rocky mountains and north of 37 north? - Name a large city that lies near the Sonoran Desert? Denver is probably the city you are looking for east of the Rockys and north of the 37th parallel. Both Phoenix and Tucson are in

    asked by Rosa
  16. Algebra

    Write an equation for the translation so the graph has the given vertex. 1. y=-|x| vertex (-5,0) 2. y=2|x| vertex (-4,3) 3. y=-|x| vertex (p,q) I really have no idea how to even begin these, but I do know the answer to # 2 is y=2|x|+11 and #3 is y=-|x-p|+q

    asked by Josie
  17. english advanced grammar

    I want you to explain modals to me but not basically please send me your answers I WAÝT YOUR ANSWERS IMPATIENTLY I don't know what "not basically" means. Modals are irregular verbs that do not follow the normal pattern of verbs in the third person. Here

    asked by aysenur
  18. Math

    It takes ten identical pices to form a circular track for a pair of toy racing cars. If the inside arc of each pair is 3.4 inches shorter than the outside arc, what is the width of the track? any help would be greatly appreciated. If you know that the

    asked by Amey
  19. unscrable this phrase

    Need help in unscrambling this phrase: MTLEFKOTRYETEEMCISRTRAE for what subject?Is this for What subject is this for? capilpsean (toy) ttstelli can you unsramble this (ttstelli) resdoita Littlest

    asked by Jin
  20. Pre-Calculus

    The function f(x)= x^4 is not one-to-one. Find a suitable restriction on the domain of f so that the new function that results is one-to-one. Then find the inverse of f. Restrict it to be non-negative to meet the 1-1 requirement.

    asked by Erica
  21. Chem titration ph

    What arethe pH, pOH, and concentrations of CO3 2- and HCO3 - after 1.000 mL of 0.1500 M HCl is added to 100.0 mL of 0.0100-M sodium carbonate solution? ignore the added1% volume. CO3^-2 + H^+ ==> HCO3^- Calculate mols carbonate to start. Calculate mols HCl

    asked by Andy
  22. Spanish

    Hey can someone proofread my work? I had to write a short paper on the life of an astronaut. Thanks. SPANISH: Una vida del astronauta como una parte de la Estación Espacial Internacional es muy interesa. Debido a la diferencia en la gravedad, un

    asked by JYD
  23. History

    How did Thomas Jefferson's inauguration differ from that of George Washington ? Discuss

    asked by Milind
  24. chem

    determine the correct molecular shapes of XeF4, GeF4, and SeF4 (Broken Link Removed)

    asked by maria
  25. History

    What was Thomas jefferson doing during the revolutionary war years ? Did he awquit himself well ?

    asked by Milind
  26. History

    How did Thomas Jefferson attempt to heal the differences between the rupblicans and the federalists after the election of 1800 ? Was he successful ?

    asked by Milind
  27. genetic information

    I am doing a small (paragraph) section on the requirements of genetic information and I probably will put some of this in. It can be over anything. Is the below all correct? It must be an information carrier. It must be resistant to change. It must be able

    asked by Susette Stubbs
  28. Geography

    Why is it unlikely to find earthquakes at depths greater then 300km? (something to do with the athenosphere) According to the principle of isostasy, what will happen to the elevation of a mountain range in the early stages of erosion? Why are continents

    asked by Stephen
  29. Science

    Where can I find a biography on William Harvey? The other two posts don't seem to work right. Try this one.

    asked by Nicky
  30. History

    List and explain the ways i which Jefferson's administration was able to reduce the fededral debt ?

    asked by Milind
  31. History

    Who was Samuel Chase ? What were Thomas Jefferson's feelings about the proceeding for his impeachment ? Was this incident in any way political maneuver ?

    asked by Milind
  32. History

    Look up the 12th amendment to the constitution and summarize it in several sentences. then discuss its impact on theelections of 1804 ? Are you going nuts? Do you think someone here will do that for you? Folks here will gladly critique your work or

    asked by Milind
  33. science

    what steps do you think can be taken to reduce the harmful effects of human activities on biogeochemical cycles? i don't know What steps do you think can be taken to reduce the harmful effects of human activities on biogeochemical cycles? The first major

    asked by nickey
  34. To Lindz

    If you see this post, respond here for a follow up on previous questions about reactivity to double bonds.

    asked by DrBob222
  35. History

    Did Thomas Jefferson overstep his authority in making the Louisiana Purchase ? How wa sthe New Orleans area originallhy governed by the United States ? Disscus.

    asked by Milind
  36. ETH

    What is the most significant similarities between the Chinese American and Japanese American [cultural] experiences They like baseball? this is an opinionated question physical appearance

    asked by Bernadette
  37. math

    the key...^=exponent QUESTION: What is 2^3-6x3^2 Can anyone help me please!!!! 2^3 is 8 3^2 is 9 I will be happy to check your work. is it 1? [[[help]]] u there No, of course not. Where is your work?

    asked by jessica
  38. Science

    What lives in the forest and starts with the letter k A koala? Kudu-Africa Kangroo-Australia King Snake-USA Kodiak Bear-Alaska i want adeai of kangroo please

    asked by Danette
  39. 5th Grade Math

    Complete each pattern: 25,_____61,_____ We are thinking 43 and 80 since you can count up and down by even and odd. 64,_____,_____,_____,32 This one is no clue 25,43,61,80 YOUR RIGHT ABOUT THIS ONE 32,40,48,56,64 YOU GET THE ANSWER BY MULT BY 8'S Thank you

    asked by Trudy & Mark
  40. english

    I have to write a one page persuasion letter to a congress person. I would like to write it about the issues surrounding DD. Debbie.... I don't know what topic "DD" is, so I can't help you specifically. However this site is super in giving you a step by

    asked by Debbie
  41. math

    6=7x+x 4=2/3X+9-1/3X Not sure about the question, but it could be to solve for x, like this: 6=8x , then x=6/8 or x=3/4 4-9=(2/3)X - (1/3)X try to finish it...if you need more help, post it again

    asked by james
  42. vacation

    If you were going on vacation to New Zealand in December......... What would you pack??? THANKS FOR HELPING!!!!!!! Since December is wintertime in the northern hemisphere, it's summer in the southern hemisphere, where New Zealand is -- so pack for summer.

    asked by SW
  43. U.S History

    The first two battles of the Revolutionary war were at ________ and ________. Be sure to scroll down. =)

    asked by help!!!
  44. social studies

    what is the connection between arabs and electricity? can not think of any relation but oil to generate energy.

    asked by hannah
  45. english

    To what extents did Tolkien borrow characters,events and objects that are found in the book,"The Hobbit" from the pervious literature,"Scandinavia" I have not read either of these works, but if you go to and enter as search terms, you

    asked by Mike
  46. History

    Who are the "midnight judges" In your own words, explain the Supreme Court decision Marbury v Madison. What does "judicial review" mean ? You need to learn how to research and then answer your own assignment questions. Then people here will be able to give

    asked by Milind