Questions Asked on
October 2, 2006

  1. PHysics

    Vector a has a magnitude of 5 m and is directed east. vector b has magnitude of 4m and is directed 35 degrees west of north. A)What is the magnitude and direction of vector a + vector b b)What is the magnitude and direction of vector b- vector a? I should

    asked by Jesse
  2. Compound recovery

    The problem: Write an equation to show how you could recover the parent compounds from their respective salts shown in Figure 12.10. Figure 12.10 is a type of flow chart but I will put it down as best I can. This is an extraction. R-Phenol + RCOOH + RNH2 +

    asked by Sheryl
  3. math

    celia writes the equation d=8t to represent the distance in miles d thaat bikers could travel in t hours at a speed of 8 miles per hour... make a table that shows the distance traveled every half hour/up to 5 hours/if bikers ride at the costant speed? This

    asked by chemiii
  4. physics

    a person stands on a bathroom scale in a motionless elevator. when the elevator begins to move, the scale briefly reads only .75 of the persons regular wieght. calculate the acceleration of the elevator, and find the direction of acceleration.(ans 2.5

    asked by sarah
  5. Elementary Math

    Find the missing numbers and landmarks for the set of numbers: 48, 50, 51, 51, 57, 59, 60, 63, 69, ______ , 76, ______ . A Range: _____ B. Mode: __76__ C. Minimum: __48__ D. Maximum __76__ Help - we don’t understand this, or see a pattern. Range =

    asked by Trudy & Mark
  6. chem

    Ionization energy is defined as the minimum energy required to remove an electron from the ground state (n0) to infinity (n∞). Determine the wavelength of radiation required to ionize the hydrogen electron from the n = 2 energy level. Calculate the

    asked by Mary
  7. Math(geometry)

    I need to know how to find the meausure of a triangle using vertical angles, and also how to measure a triangle using linear pairs... Oh, I hope I'm not too late with an answer for you... To measure a triangle using linear pairs, you have to use the

    asked by Dani
  8. chem

    What is the frequency of a photon resulting from the transition of n=6 -->n=1? for what atom. H? U? Na? If for H, use one of the next two or three posts to solve.

    asked by Mary
  9. chem

    λ for one line of the hydrogen spectrum is .4118 x 10-4 cm. Use this value in the Rydberg equation to calculate the RH value using n1 = 2, and n2 = 5. change the line spectrum to meters you know the equation is Et= Ef-Ei (i think is the equation they want

    asked by Mary
  10. math (a whoole lot)

    the el paso middle school girls basketball team is going from el paso to san antonio for the texas state championship game. the trip will be 560 miles.their bus travels at an average speed of 60 miles per hour.suppose the bus travels at an almost steady

    asked by chemiii
  11. chem

    λ for one line of the hydrogen spectrum is .4118 x 10-4 cm. Use this value in the Rydberg equation to calculate the RH value using n1 = 2, and n2 = 5. I am not certain of your difficulty here. Can you amplify? How did you make the symbol for lamda?

    asked by Mary
  12. geometry

    State what conclusion can be made IFx=5 and the given statement is true IFx>x=z, then y=14z. I don't understand this part of your statement: "IFx>x=z," Please clarify this. If x>X-2, then y=14x Ok, I will suppose this is the question then "State what

    asked by maria
  13. surface energy budget

    I'm give the following data: Q*, QG, QH, QE for a 24-hour period, i'm required to plot these 4 data on the same graph, which I've already done. I'm also required to compute these 24 hours totals - transfer of sensible heat to the atmomsphere - transfer of

    asked by Fai
  14. math a little less

    celia writes the equation d=8t to represent the distance in miles d that bikers could travel in t hours at a speed of 8 miles per hour. make a table that shows the distance traveled every half hour,up to 5 hours if b!@#$%^&rs ride at this constant speed.

    asked by chemiii
  15. math

    the two-digit number whose cube root is the square root of the sum of its digits THe cube root of 27 is 3. Only two possible answers; 27 or 64 Looks fairly obvious. 2+7 = 9. Sqrt 9 = 3 and (27)^1/3 = 3. check. 6+ 4 = 10. sqrt 10 = 3+ and (64)^1/3 = 4

    asked by blake
  16. math

    the el paso middle school girls baxketball team is going from el paso to san antonio for the texas state championship game.the trip will be 560 miles.their bus travels at an average speed of 60 miles per hour. estimate the distance the bus travels in 2

    asked by chemiii
  17. Quote

    Can someone tell me if this is accurate..."this was the first time in human history that a group of people consciously created a government where non had existed before"?. This is about the Pilgrims that came to America Somehow you assume the inhabitants

    asked by Anonymous
  18. social studies

    name the great lakes the Buffalo Bills would cruise across if sailing to their game. To answer this, I would have to know what game they were going to... but you can start by looking for Buffalo New York in the Atlas.

    asked by Anonymous
  19. opinions

    If you were going on a 5 day bike tour . how much would you be willing to pay???? Please I need opinions!!!! My opinion. I would not be willing to pay anything. This gives you a minimum. How much I would be willing to pay would depend on how much I get.

    asked by HelpMe
  20. english HELP ASAP

    the directions say : For each sentence, find the infinitive phrase and write it in the blank on the left. Then tell whether it is used as a subject, direct object, predicate nominative, object of a preposition, or appositive. the sentence is The Legion of

    asked by jessica
  21. Physics

    The two vectors a and b have equal magnitudes(on an x-y plane vector a is 30 degrees from the x axis then vector b is 75 degrees from the head of vector a it is heading towards north west) of 10m A)find the x component of their vector sum r B)find the y

    asked by Jamie
  22. Earth Science

    What are 3 examples of graphing natural phenomenas? How would you predict their future occurences? One could graph the occurance of celestial bodies, such as the moon, sun, etc. Or graph the location of Vega, by hour. Or graph comets. You could graph

    asked by Leanna
  23. physics

    i'm confused with this problem..can anyone explain it to me? what should a graph of mass versus volume resemble if we were to plot the respective mass and volume values for each body as points in a Cartesian coordinate field and connect each point with a

    asked by Katrina
  24. Math

    Police report that 88% of drivers stopped on suspicion of drunk driving are given a breath test, 15% a blood test, and 10% both tests. What is the probability that the next driver stopped on suspicion of drunk driving is given: i) at least one of the

    asked by Lindz
  25. Business Education

    Explain what is meant in word processing by text wraparound. Its a text display feature of most word processing programs. Text that will not fit on one line will be automatically moved to the next line. (So, the text becomes easily readable on a monitor).

    asked by Chris
  26. Biology!

    How do you make a hypothesis! my teacher told me to use If THEN and Because! But I still don't get how to do it! IF (what you are going to do), THEN(what you think will happen),BECAUSE (why you think this way) Katrina's answer is very good. Possibly

    asked by Katie!
  27. social studies

    while in sandiego the pittsgurgh could travel just a little south to visit the famous peninsula of what in the country of mexico? Anonymous... check your local Atlas... what peninsula is directly south of San Diego, California.

    asked by Anonymous
  28. percentages

    Hi I want to know what one amount is a percentage of another example what is 0.74 and a percentage of 4.91 thanks What is the percentage of .74 of 4.01? percent= .74/4.02 * 100 Thank You !!!!!!

    asked by ron
  29. Math HURRY !!!!!!!!

    hOW DO YOU FIND OUT IF YOU HAVE A PROFIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Find out the gross income (all income) and subtract the expenses. The result is net income or profit. =)

    asked by SW
  30. english check

    Since World Wide Web was introduced, more than 43milion websites exist on the internet: Google states that they are indexing 4,285,199,774 distinct web pages. These web sites have been built on intended purpose some of these are for fun, some of these are

    asked by inmin
  31. social studies

    determine the teams from cities on the atlantic ocean that will visit a city located on the same ocean What kind of teams? Please explain your question more thoroughly and we'll try to help you.

    asked by Anonymous
  32. social studies

    what chinese invention help conqure the indians? Which Indians? The people of India or the Native Americans? This is such an esoteric question, that your answer is probably best found in your textbook. hi Wasss ^ homie (anonymous) :) If you are talking

    asked by Ryan
  33. math

    how are 2 hours and the distance traveled in 2 hours represented in the table?how are they shown on the graph?ps....make a table and a graph.... Set up x and y axis, then chart the progress. kk but wats the answer after that

    asked by chemiii
  34. math

    describe in words a rule you can use to calculate the distance traveled for any given time o this trip distance traveled = 60mph * given time

    asked by chemiii
  35. math

    the bus route also passes through balmorhea which is 1 3rd of the way from el paso to san antoio. about how long does it take the bus to get to balmorhea You told us the distance from El Paso to San Anotonio is 560mi, so the distance to Balmorhea = 560/3.

    asked by chemiii
  36. math

    hey guys thanks for ur help a lot...i have one more conecting to the bus are 2 3/4 hours and the distance traveled in 2 3/4 hours represented in the table? how are they shown on the graph? I think I answered this down below somewhere. Put the

    asked by chemiii
  37. physics

    A runner, beginning at rest, completed a 50 m run with a final speed of 6 m/s. Assuming constant acceleration. a) What was the average speed of the runner? b) What was the runner's time? c) What was the acceleration? a) half the final speed b)

    asked by maria
  38. english

    has anyone read the book by shakespeare The Mercahnt of Venice? i have a question about it Cassidy, please post your question and I will try to help you. In the meantime, you might look at this site for help. w w w .g r a d e s a v e r .c o m /c l a s s i

    asked by cassidy
  39. pigskingeography

    Name the great lakes the Buffalo Bills would cruise across if sailing to their game. ?? I don't like pigskin geography very much, what does it have to do with social studies...I mean who cares how loud a

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Math

    0.68 Write two decimals that are equivalent to each number. What are they looking from? Is this a rational fraction problem? .68=68/100=34/50=17/25 .68=17/25 Maybe, maybe, that is what is wanted.

    asked by Eric
  41. Math (Q#2)

    Even though tetanus is rare in the United States, it is fatal 70% of the time. If three persons contract tetanus during one year, what is the probability that none of the three will die. Assume that fatalities due to tetanus are independent of each other.

    asked by Lindz
  42. Need Help Big Test 2morrow

    What were the problems in society before the renaissance era? An examples of the changes in literature art and thinking. which groups first settled the colony of maryland to escape persecution in england ?: In 8 people weat to a party and each person shook

    asked by Bryan
  43. The IM (LIVE EXPERTS) thing

    Hi, Jishka I thought that this live expert thing would work but it is not. I thought it was suppose to be on hand and direct help. Could you explain this to me, because this IM thing is "NO" help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The live room has some difficulties. You do

    asked by Slow Jamz
  44. calc

    Is there an easy explanation of implicit differentiation? Where do I start to solve y" given 1) x+xy=y=2 2) x^3-3xy+y^3 Please help!! Take the first one (read the

    asked by Mary
  45. Brain

    I don't need an answer to this statement. I just want to know what your reactions are. All I want is anything that came to your mind. I.e. What questions came to your mind? Do you guys have any ideas of why this might be occurring? I just want thoughts!!!

    asked by Julia
  46. math

    how are and 3 4th bours and the distance traveled in 2 3 4th hours represented in the table?how are they shown on the graph? Having read the next four or five posts, I suggest you do two things: 1. Start over and write a complete question for each post.

    asked by chemiii
  47. math

    the bus route passes through sierra blanca/ which is 90 miles from el paso. about how laong does it take the bus to get t sierra distance = rate * time 90mi = 60mph * time solve for time

    asked by chemiii
  48. calculus

    Using the 4 step method fidn the derivative of F(x) =1/(x^2) 1) I got /(x^2+2xh+h^2) 2)2xh+h^2/(x^2+2xh+h^2)(x^2) 3)2x+h/(x^2+2xh+h^2)(x^2) 4)1/x I don't understand why I got this problem wrong on my test can you explain the correct way? The second step is

    asked by Tom
  49. math algerbra

    Identify the rate in the statement "260 is 52% of 500 The rate is 52 percent.

    asked by Melva
  50. math

    what are the 5 steps to addition? what are you adding? i know the five steps to division are divide,multiply,subtract,carry,bring down,but I forgot the addition rules.

    asked by sabrina
  51. Religions of the World

    How has modern civilization impacted the spritual lives of the indigenous people? Are indigenous religions still practiced today? If so how have the practices changed over time? These questions are WAY too broad to answer intelligently. You need your

    asked by Barbara
  52. Biology URGENT

    Where can i find the Scientific Name of the Phyla/class of Eubacteria, Cyanobacteria, and Prochlorbacteria? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "Eubacteria phylum" to get these possible sources: (Broken Link

    asked by Amanda
  53. math

    how far would bikers travel in 1 hour 6 hours 8.5 hours and 10 hours? 1hr * 8mph = ? 6hr * 8mph = ? 8.5hr*8mph = ? 10hr* 8mph = ?

    asked by chemiii
  54. biomes

    what are the latitudes of savannahs and grasslands, and coral reefs? Check these sites.

    asked by m
  55. math

    how do you solve a cubic binonial in the denominator?

    asked by al
  56. social studies

    The Oakland Raiders will drive over to thier game by taking the board across the Sakoya... please make your question clearer.

    asked by sakoya
  57. Geogrophy

    In which state is Kennedy a city? I looked on google and found a Kennedy, MN. This site shows 11 states with towns named Kennedy.;expr=Kennedy&first_hit=1 help i need some info teacher said i could ask u

    asked by Danielle
  58. science

    what is a hoodoo and what does it look like This site has pictures as well as an explanation of hoodoos. definitions of-cell,enzymes,glucose,lifecycle,liter,mass,matter

    asked by jane
  59. science HELP!!!!!!!!!

    What are 3 essential things that an observational report must have in order to be scientific???? HELPPPPP!!!!!!!!! I'm not sure what you are asking. However, I will try to answer your question. I am assuming that you are not referring to a classical

    asked by SW
  60. algerbra

    3-3r=4 Do you wish to solve for r? Put r on one side and everything else on the other. First substract 3 from both sides. 3-3-3r = 4 - 3 combine. -3r = 1 Multiply by -1 3r = -1 Divide both sides by 3 3r/3 = -1/3 r = -1/3

    asked by thaddeus
  61. math

    how long does it take the bus to complete its 560mile trip to san antonio? time= distance/speed

    asked by chemiii