Questions Asked on
September 30, 2006

  1. Chemistry

    A spherical glass container of unknown volume contains helium gas at 25C and 1.960 atm. When a portion of the helium is withdrawn and adjusted to 1.00 atm at 25C, it is found to have a volume of 1.75 cm^3. The fas remaining in the first container shows a

    asked by Mewtwo
  2. electrical trade theory

    GIVE 2 REASONS WHY MICA IS USED AS THE INSULATION BETWEEN THE SEGMENTS OF THE COMMUTATOR? it is cheap, easy to use, heat resistant, an effective insulator, vibration resistant...what is your thinking on this? THANX TEXT BOOK DON'T HAVE THAT ANSWER.

    asked by michelle
  3. Chem

    A bicycle tire is filled with air to a pressure of 100 psi at a temperature of 19C. Riding the bike on asphalt on a hot day increases the temperature of the tire to 58C. The volume increases by 4%. What is the new pressure of the tire? Convert the temps to

    asked by Mew
  4. World History

    What were the effects of Guttenberg's printing press? Scroll down and read the section called Impact of Printing -- very complete and very interesting. =)

    asked by Bryan
  5. Economics

    Four roommates are planning to spend the weekend in their dorm room watching old movies, and they are debating how many to watch. Here is their willingness to pay for each film: Orson Alfred Woody Ingmar Frist film 7 5 3 2 Second film 6 4 2 1 Third film 5

    asked by Christine
  6. Filtration

    Problem: In each of the following situations, what type of filtration device would you use? A. Remove powdered decolorizing charcoal from 20mL of solution? My answer: Filter Aid or Celite (diatomaceous earth) B. Collect crystals obtained from crystallizing

    asked by Sheryl
  7. math problem

    My ID number is quite remarkable.Its a 9 digit number with the digits 1-9 appearing only once. The entire 9 digit nuymber is divisible by 9. If you remove the last digit, the remaining 8 digit number is divisible by 8. If you remove the last digit again,

    asked by Samantha
  8. sciecne

    In unit-vector notation, what is the sum of vector a =(4m)i + (3m)j and vector b= (-13m)i +(7m)j? a)I got (27m)i +(10m)j but the book said it should have been (-9m)i +(10m)j b)what is the magnitude and direction of vector a + vector b (relative to i)? to

    asked by Tom
  9. physics

    A women walks 250m in the diretuibn 30 degrees east of north, then 175m east. a)what is the magnitude and angel of her final displacement from the starting point? I should be getting 370m and 36 degrees north of east but I keep on getting the wrong

    asked by Anna
  10. Physics

    A room has dimensions 3m(height) X 3.7m X 4.3m. A fly starting at one corner flies arougn, ending up at the diagonally opposite corner. If the fly walks rather than flies what is the lenght of the shortest path it can take? the book says that the answer is

    asked by Anna
  11. Physics

    Note: I am in Algebra-based Physics Two 35.0 N weights are suspended at opposite ends of a rope that passes over a light, frictionless pulley. The pulley is attached to a chain that is fastened to the ceiling. Start solving this problem by making a

    asked by Josie
  12. Algebra-based Physics

    In a rescue, the 76.0 police officer is suspended by two cables. The left cable has an angle of 35 degrees below the horizontal and the right cable has an angle of 48 degrees below the horizontal. Find the tension in the left cable. find the tension in the

    asked by Mike
  13. Solvent temp

    Question: A student dissolved 0.30 g of a crude product in 10.5mL (the minimum amount required) ethanol at 25 degrees C. He cooled the solution in an ice-water bath for 15 minutes and obtained beautiful crystals. He filtered the crystals on a Hirsch funnel

    asked by Sheryl
  14. Resonance structures

    I won't try to draw one here but take for example, CH3CH2COO-. This has two resonance structures but they look the same to me. The CH2-C single bond can rotate and it looks like you can just flip the COO- section and it looks like the same structure. Maybe

    asked by Sheryl
  15. Evil PHysics!!!!!!

    Hello, I am having trouble with this problem: During volcanic eruptions, chunks of solid rock can be blasted out of the volcano; these projectiles are called volcanic bombs. a)At what initial speed would a bomb have to be ejected, at angle (sigma0=35

    asked by krystal
  16. electrical trade theory

    what r the 2 main characteristics of a shunt connected motor? sorry cant find what i'm looking for. anything else? ------------------AND--------------------- COMPARE THE STARTING TORQUE OF A SHUNT AND

    asked by michelle
  17. Algebra-based Physics

    A large fish hangs from a spring balance supported from the roof of an elevator. If the elevator has an upward acceleration of 2.65 m/s^2 and the balance reads 70.0 N, what is the true weight of the fish? Under what circumstances will the balance read 34.0

    asked by Mike
  18. Science

    How does meat tenderizer affect meat? Here is a site that will get you started. Most of the other sites I found were commercials for mechanical or brand name tenderizers. Basically the tenderizer is an enzyme that breaks down the "muscle and tendons" (the

    asked by Matty


    asked by CAROLINE
  20. asymptotes and discontinuity 2???

    consider the function f(x) = 1/x - 1 for x not=0 and f(x) = 0 for x = 0. decide whether f(x) has a)one symptote and two discontinuities b)two asymptotes and two discontinuities c)two asymptotes and one discontinuity I'm not sure if you mean 1/(x-1) or

    asked by ronan
  21. World History

    Who would be considerd a modern day renaissance person? an why Beata Pozniak is a modern day renaissance woman, a master of several fields...

    asked by Bryan
  22. limitas, asymptotes and discontinuities??

    f(x) = 1/(x^2-x-2) does f(x) have two or three asymptotes does f(x) have one or two discontinuities We have f(x) = 1/(x^2-x-2) or f(x)=1/[(x-2)(x+1)] f has vert. asympt. at the roots of the denominator. As x becomes unbounded in either direction you should

    asked by ronan
  23. physics

    Does the tension in the rope or chain of a swing do any work on a child who is swinging? No. Work is done when the force is applied in the direction of motion.

    asked by mitch
  24. Calculus...again

    I'm gonna have abunch of questions, cause I have a test. >_< If you planened to fence a rectangular pasture that must contain 4000 sq meters, what dimensions would require the least amount of fencing? Perimeter= 2l + 2w area= lw=4000 or l=4000/w P=

    asked by Tezuka
  25. Economics

    Why is it that the people responsible for pensions use the CPI as an indicator for inflation rather than the GDP deflator? Why is the CPI better? what is rconimics I believe the biggest reason is the base for each measures. CPI measures the weighted

    asked by Joey
  26. Calculus

    Find two numbers such that the sum of the first plus three times the second is 600 and their product is a maximum. x + 3y=600 xy is a max. This is the problem statement. let U be the function equal to xy. U=xy = y(600-3y) Now, maximize U (take derivative,

    asked by Tezuka
  27. Physics

    Note: I am in Alegebra-based Physics. You have landed on an unknown planet, Newtonia, and want to know what objects will weigh there. You find that when a certain tool is pushed on a frictionless horizontal surface by a 12.2 N force, it moves 16.3 m in the

    asked by Josie
  28. life skills

    how do you make a good mission stement essay? Generally, a good mission statement will follow the outline below: 1. Who are you? 2. What do you do? 3. Why do you do it? 4. What is your promise? 5. Why is that your promise? 6. How will you fulfill your

    asked by Ana
  29. Windows Server 2003 HELP ASAP!!!

    Could please help me with some questions aswell as check the ones I've answered? Thanks! Which of the following media has the largest data storage capacity? a. Zip cartridge b. CD c. DVD (This is what I think the answer is) d. Jaz cartridge Why is hardware

    asked by I_Love_Music
  30. science

    what happens to the particles in a liquid as the temperature frops? I don't know what happens as the temperature frops; however, if it DROPS :-), and we are talking about a pure liquid and not a solution, then the molecules become less and less energetic

    asked by Paige
  31. History

    Can anyone tell me what American Exceptionalism is? Like what it means..

    asked by Antonietta
  32. History

    Another question about history ...sry. But is it accurate to say that the Pilgrims 'started from scratch' when they arrived in America? Whether the Pilgrims "started from scratch" depends upon how you define this phrase. Here are three definitions I found.

    asked by Antonietta
  33. physics

    barrel is 70kg, and height of dock is 2 meters. How much work do you do when lifting the barrel? was sure if you convert the 70kg to newtons, then multiply it by the 2 meters?? Work= mass*g*distance. Yes, convert it.

    asked by mitch