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September 28, 2006

  1. word unscramble

    need help unscrambling a word or words tarluna what is it HELP ME UNSCRAMBLE THESE LETTERS TO MAKE A WORD THAT PERTAINS TO SPACE AND IS A P POSSESSIVE NOUN. SEGHRTMLAN J'aodredefis Please post the word or words you need to unscramble, and we'll try to help

    asked by amy
  2. Trig question #2

    It takes Jupiter 11.64 years to complete one orbit around the sun. If jupiter's average distance from the sun is 483,600,000 miles, findd its orbital velocity (velocity along its orbital path) in miles per second. -The answer is approximately 8.3 mi per

    asked by John
  3. Trig Question Help plz

    A ferris wheel has a radius of 25 feet. A person takes a seat, and the wheel turns 5pie/6 radians. How far is the person above the ground? please explain to me how to solve this We are to suppose the person got on the wheel at the very bottom. You might

    asked by John
  4. Chemistry HELP!!!

    Only one question, it would be greatly appreciated if you would help me Thanx In an experiment, Na2CO3(aq) was added to 25.0 mL of CaCl2(aq) solution until no more precipitate was formed. The mass of precipitate produced was 2.50 g. Some statements about

    asked by Brittany Rusk
  5. Science - Solar System

    The sun contains 99.85 percent of the mass of the entire solar system. How does the mass of the Sun compare to the masses of the planets in the solar system? See answer #2 on the link below. Thank

    asked by jenny
  6. discrete math

    1)prove that if x is rational and x not equal to 0, then 1/x is rational. 2) prove that there is a positive integers that equals the sum of the positive integers not exceeding it. Is your proof constructive or nonconstructive? For 1) use the definition of

    asked by thisha
  7. math

    What is the least number of place-value blocks you need to show 4,200? The greatest? well, here is what the blocks are: 4 2 0 0 thousand hundreds tens ones does this help at all? I'm actually trying to figure this out so I can help my daughter. I

    asked by melissa
  8. Biology

    Which one of the following is not a trace element in the human body? a. fluorine b. nitrogen c. zinc d. manganese e. iodine. The human body contains about 2.6% nitrogen. That is way above the percent in the definition of trace elements See:

    asked by Jade
  9. i need help completing this MATH question!

    ORDER OF OPERATIONS step 1. first do operations that accur within_____________. step 2. then evaluate_________. step 3. then do_________and_______from left to right. step 4. finally, do______and_______from left to right. here are your choices in

    asked by alejandra
  10. Chem

    Explain why dimethyl maleate is thermodynamically less stable than dimethyl fumarate.

    asked by Lindz
  11. science

    I have an experiment to do with active transport and osmosis with an egg? I don't know what to do? put the egg in salt water and one in plain water It might help a little more to review the concepts related to experiments. An independent variable is the

    asked by joe
  12. solution of an equation

    can someone please give me an example of a solution of an equation An equation is a statment with the equal sign = in it. If we have y=2x+3 and we're asked to find x when y=7 then we would have to solve 7=2x+3 The solution of that equation is x=2. Was

    asked by alejandra
  13. US history

    What influence did the enlightenment have on colonial political thought? Use the searching techniques in the last post. For this one, you can try enlightenment influence colonial political or some variation. =)

    asked by Ben
  14. Math

    I can't figure out this question in my math book. What would be a reasonable answer???: Why is it important to measure variability in a data set? I don't understand my homework,is about round numbers,prime factorizations,and large problems and is to harder

    asked by Anna
  15. language arts

    what follows a linking or action verd After a linking verb, there'll be a predicate noun or predicate adjective: ~~She is my sister. (is=linking verb; sister=predicate noun) ~~Delilah is very tall for a fourth grader. (is=linking verb; tall=predicate

    asked by sindy
  16. Milkweed Bugs

    How long do milkweed bugs live in the wild -------------------------------------------------------ALSO---------------------------------------- How does complete and incomplete metamorphosis compare and differ Since this is not my area of expertise, I

    asked by ?????????????
  17. language arts

    What's a simple subject,complete subject and predicate, simple predicate Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here is a grammar site you might like: Click on Terms and then find the topic you need help

    asked by issa
  18. Science

    What are fuses and why do they come in different sizes? Fuses are devices placed in electrical circuits as protection for those circuits. They consist of small pieces of wire, sometime as ribbons, and are placed in series with the circuit so that the

    asked by Bethan
  19. english

    which one of the sentences uses but as a preposition? A I wanted to leave,but I was embaressed to do so. B The lake is pretty, but it's too cold for swimming. Neither of those sentences uses "but" as a preposition. In both it is used as a conjunction.

    asked by Asia
  20. biogeochemical cycles

    what steps could we take to help reduce the harmful effects of human activities on the biogeochemical cycles? Air pollution is a big thing that needs help. But not sure of ways that we could. Any suggestions? Since this is not my area of expertise, I

    asked by AMY
  21. Chemistry

    Could you please give me a discriptive answer and explain what each term means? I have a hard time understanding chemistry. Thanx q1 In a reaction between aqueous solutions of calcium chloride and sodium carbonate, a precipitate is formed. The experimental

    asked by Brittany Rusk
  22. calculus

    Factor theorem states that "x-a is a factor of f(x) if and only if f(a)=0" 1. What is the sufficient condition of the factor theorem? 2. What is the necessary condition of the factor theorem? My answer was x-a is a factor of f(x) for (1.) and f(a)=0 for

    asked by Annie
  23. meaning

    "before you start pointing fingers.. make sure your hands are clean" i'm having trouble defining this quote or explaining it. can you help me?. i think it means before you judge someone you should make sure your actions aren't worse then theirs. uh, not

    asked by Ricky
  24. Science

    _______ belief systems play an important role in making decisions about human behavior and concerns please help Ãnd quick This is a very open-ended statement in my opinion. The most natural response to me seems like religious belief systems, but

    asked by jake
  25. Chemistry

    Q1 In order to determine the concentration of acetic acid in a sample of vinegar, a student titrated a sample of vinegar with potassium hydroxide solution. Dada from four trials was collected and recorded in a data table. Titiration of 10.0 mL of

    asked by Brittany Rusk
  26. Geometry problem Please help me!!!!!

    Triangle DGT is isoceles with TD=DG. If the perimiter of triangle DGT is 756cm and GT= 240cm then DG=?. HELP ME??? ...then 2*DG + 240cm = 756cm solve for DG.

    asked by Victoria
  27. chemistry

    Could you help me get a definition for each of these words. for i can have a better understanding of them Thanx Titration gas collection crystalization fractional distillation solvent limiting reagent I have defined titration, gas collection,

    asked by brittany Rusk
  28. Math

    I can not find the solutions to the following problems using 2 methods: algebraically and geometrically. 1. X with the square root of 2 =9 2. X with the square root of 3 =27 3. X with the square root of 4 =27 --Note: Fourth root I'm not sure what you mean

    asked by Doris
  29. math

    When you divide, how do you turn the remainder into a fraction? Put the remainder over the divisor. If you were dividing 13 by 3 you'd have 4 (1/3). In this example 3 is the divisor. You don't need to use the parentheses on paper, I used them here so

    asked by Brianna
  30. Science

    _______ deals with moral values about what is good or bad Please help and quick Probably ethics, but that deals with right and wrong, rights and duties as well as moral values of good and bad, among other concepts.

    asked by jake
  31. Math

    A train track is 5280ft. long. After adding another foot of track, an arc is created. What is the height of the arc and how would i measure it? FIND THE LEAST COMMON MULTIPLE OF 6,9 The maximum height is given by [2640(5280) + h^2 = [2640(5280) + 0.50]^2^2

    asked by Lauren
  32. US history

    what influence did the english whig party have on colonial political thought? It looks as if what you need to do is learn how to conduct thorough and effective searches for yourself. That's what research is, and I'm sure that's what your teacher expects

    asked by Ben
  33. AP Biology - Starch

    Hello, I'm in deep need of your knowledge. If you may help me, I would appreciate it. The question is regarding the high catalyzation of starch, since it breaksdown at 100 C, why is the high temperature needed? Thanks -Sally As I remember, the action of

    asked by Sally
  34. ap chem0 frequency

    how do u do this type of problem... What is the frequency of a photon with a wavelength of 2.25 102 nm? (The speed of light in a vacuum is 2.998 108 m/s. Planck's constant is 6.626 10-34 Js c = fw. c is speed of light which you have, f is frequency for

    asked by ash
  35. Algebra

    A satellite is in orbit around the earth, traveling at a rate of 85.4 minutes per orbit. a space shuttle enters the same orbit, traveling at a rate of 93.6 minutes per orbit. the shuttle is .25 orbits behind the satellite, traveling toward it. Let x be the

    asked by Emily
  36. math

    jason leaves detroit at 2 pm at a constant speed. he passes ann arbor, 40 mi. from detroit, at 2:50 pm. express the distance traveled in terms of time elapsed. i know d=rt. t=50 min. d=40 mi. does that mean the r= 4/5 mi/min. ? but how would u get the

    asked by hawkstar
  37. social studies

    Just a fun question for you to answer. Consider the choices of native Americans who decide to stay on their tribe's native land and those who consider to relocate to a city. If you were presented with this decision, which would you chose and why? I would

    asked by jeff
  38. math

    L is a straight line in x-y plane. its equation is in the form y-8=m(x-1) determine all points in x-y plane where line L intersects curve y=2x^2 i know that 1,8 is a point on the line. I'm not sure what points the question is looking for here. Without

    asked by hawkstar
  39. number story

    Hi I wanted to know what is a number story? a number story is a story that has a problem that you have to figure out the solution to figure out the answer to the number problem. I know it's a little confusing, but that's the best i can do!!! thank you very

    asked by rosa
  40. Science

    The electronic balance displays the mass of an apple in kiograms(0.1). What is the mass of the apple? Suppose a recipe for applesauce called for one kilogram of apples. About how many would you need. If the balance says it has a mass of 0.1 kg then that is

    asked by Jenny
  41. Elasticity

    Hi guys, could you please help me with this question; What reason would firms wish to have knowledge in regards to the income elasticity of demand for its products??? Is it because it allows them to see what happens to their total revenue as price

    asked by Sarah
  42. US history

    what role did benjamin franklin play in the disputes with england prior to the boston massacre? Read the last three paragraphs. =)

    asked by Ben
  43. environmental science

    I have to make a presentation and show three alternative mathods for maximizing food production for Cambodia I feel that Agricultural and livestock practices, production and marketing are very poor in the majority of the communities in Cambodia. Solution:

    asked by Toni
  44. Maths.Education.

    Please sorry for posting the first question more than once, did that when i didn't have any responce.Thanx so much for the answers,they were the best ones i got.I have another set of questions to ask, they are; 1.Please give a detailed{i.e step-by

    asked by Mfonobong
  45. English Essay

    I am writing an literary essay about The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro with the topic of "self-deception as self-destruction". Could someone proofread my introduction so far and help me fix any grammatical errors?

    asked by Chris
  46. Math HURRY !!!!!!!!

    There are two bikes one with normal wheels and one with regular hexagon shaped wheels. Imagine you put a reflector on the front wheel of each bike. You stood on the side while the bikes are ridden past you you watch the reflector's path. If the reflector

    asked by Crystal
  47. American Government

    11:59AM the 19th of April 1789, what is so significant of the this day and time? It has to do something with George Washington and/or the Constition.

    asked by Ger
  48. Inductive effects

    Is there a good tutorial on inductive effects, especially as they relate to acids and bases as taught in Organic Chemistry? My book is lacking information on this. The teacher discussed this subject in class today and I think it may have to do with a

    asked by Sheryl

    Mr. Pennymarch, the advertising manager for Chemistry Today magazine, is responsible for selling advertising space in the magazine. The magazine deals primarily with chemical processing technology and is distributed solely by subscription. Major

    asked by Jennifer
  50. Algebra

    Use (x-.25) to write expressions for the time the shuttle travels and for the time the staellite travels before they first meet. then write an equation that relates the two expressions

    asked by emily
  51. Geometry

    Can you define an isosceles triangle, cause I'm haivng trouble remembering all the characteristics of one? Thanks. Think of base angles being the same measure and 2 sides congruent.

    asked by Victoria
  52. Chemistry

    In polymer chemistry, it is often said that obtaining a polymer with certain desired physical properties is often more a problem of engineering than of chemistry. Why is this the case?

    asked by Lindz
  53. Science Help and Quick

    okay Cicilizations advanced to the use of ___________ to measure things observed and developed a scientifiv approach for testing inferences or conclusions What is the ÃNSWER??? please help instruments, perhaps? There isn't much to go on.Punctuation would

    asked by jake

    WHAT DOES VESTED MEAN? 1)Present ownership rights. 2)Defines the availability for a participant to an entitlement such as an option or share holding. You're probably looking for this definition that I found on "1. held completely,

    asked by NEVANTE
  55. maths

    wat are the square brackets that are found in algebra Just one way of grouping the terms in an algebraic expression. You can also us () or {} besides []. In certain contexts each of these symbols can have other meanings too, but the context should make it

    asked by crystabel
  56. us history

    was the boston massacre more liberty or more order what exactly do you mean? what is it called when a government gives this order that doesnt let trading ships to enter or leave a nations port

    asked by briggette
  57. algebra

    what is (34576=657)+364*4567divided by 45637*234869=? use a calculator

    asked by omar
  58. Science

    A __________ is a rule that describes the behavuor of something in nature usually without explaining why the behavior occurs Please help and quick! That's two freebies. Give us your feedback on the others and someone will review your work.

    asked by jake
  59. English

    I am writing a feasiability study on an investment made my a hypothetical company into an internet news company. This idea sprung from my inquiry question :"What does the media hold in store for us?" Has anyone got any suggestions as to what fontant should

    asked by Nick
  60. Science

    Scientific knowledge________ as testing procedures and instruments improve please help Ãnd quick! Surely you have notes and/or a text that you can use. Otherwise, we are just searching for the right word out of millions of words. I might guess "improves"

    asked by jake
  61. math

    give me an example of a verbal model

    asked by alejandra