Questions Asked on
September 27, 2006

  1. discrete math

    prove that if n is an integer and 3n+2 is even, then n is even using a)a proof by contraposition b)a proof by contradiction I'll try part b, you'll have to refresh me on what contraposition means here. Here is the claim we start with If n is an integer and

    asked by audryana
  2. physics

    A car crashes into a wall at 20 m/s and is brought to rest in 0.1 s. Calculate the average force exerted on a 75 kg test dummy by the seat belt. Force*time= change in momentum mv solve for force.

    asked by barry
  3. To Sheryl: polarity

    The exact question is: Benzyl alcohol (bp 205 degree C) was selected by a student to crystallize fluorenol (mp 153-154 degrees C) because the solubility characteristics of this solvent are appropriate. However, this solvent is not a good choice. Explain.

    asked by DrBob222
  4. social studies

    Can you unscramble ecuminrof girnwit ___________ writing =) Hi my name is carley ragan and i need help with my social studies homework right now please help me right away thanks, Carley Ragan

    asked by debbie
  5. Physics

    Lillian (mass 46.0 Kg) standing on slippery ice catches her leaping dog (mass 15 kg) moving horizontally at 4.0 m/s. What is the speed of lillian and her dog after the catch. momentumdoginitial=momenumCombinationafter 15*4=(46 +15)v solve for v.

    asked by jennifer
  6. Decolorizing

    Question: A compound you have prepared is reported in the literature to have a pale yellow color. When the substance is dissolved in hot solvent to purify it by crystallization, the resulting solution is yellow. Should you use decolorizing charcoal before

    asked by Sheryl
  7. Filtration?

    Question: While performing a crystallization, you obtain a light tan solution after dissolving your crude product in hot solvent. A decolorizing step is determined to be unnecessary, and there are no solid impurities present. Should you perform a

    asked by Sheryl
  8. Solvent

    Question: A student dissolved 0.30 g of a crude product in 10.5mL (the minimum amount required) of ethanol at 25 degrees C. He cooled the solution in an ice-water bath for 15 minutes and obtained beautiful crystals. he filtered the crystals on a Hirsch

    asked by Sheryl
  9. algebra

    Junior ate 30% of the sandwiches at the picnic. If he ate 1 ½ sandwiches, how many sandwiches were there? you cant solve this right? We can't?? Sez who? Let x denote the number of sandwiches. Then we're told 30%x=.30x=1.5 sandwiches. So x=1.5/.30=??

    asked by jessica
  10. Physics

    The x component of vector A is -25 m and the y component is 40m a) what is the magnitude of vector A b)What is the angle between the direction of vector A and the positive direction of x? I got a) as 47.16m by for b) I am having trouble I should be getting

    asked by jenny
  11. AP US Government

    Where in the Constitution are judicial nominations described? What language is used to describe the roll of the Senate in Supreme Court nominations? Where in the constitution is the Electoral College described (Hint: two places) Since this is not my area

    asked by Kristin
  12. Macroeconomics

    If your are in a first-year macro economics course then... 1) yes government purchases can increase total income. 2) cutting taxes could achieve the same result, 3) But the tax cut would need to be larger because the tax multiplier is one less than the

    asked by economyst
  13. discrete math

    use a direct proof to show that the product of two odd numbers is odd. Proofs: (all the nos. i used are odd) 3 x 3 = 9 5 x 9 = 45 7 x 3 = 21 Yes, but you didn't prove the statement for "all" odd integers, only the odd integers you selected. uhm..he didn't

    asked by audryana
  14. biology

    What is the difference between a control group and an experimental group? Thanks in advance. :) control group is the group you do not change (what you comapre the experiement to), the experimental group is the group that you do the experiment to, you

    asked by Marie
  15. economic - emergency

    Question concerning production function - Cobb douglas. Given is: y=(0,2K-1 + 0,8L-1)-1 If wk = wL =1, what will k and L be? Now suppose again: y=(0,2k-1 + 0,8L-1)-1 and z=K1/3*L2/3. Is product y or z always more demanding to capitals (in case of labour)?

    asked by ellen
  16. math

    express distance as a function of time traveled. jason leaves detroit @ 2pm & drives at constant speed west. he passes ann arbor, 40 mi. from detroit at 2:50 pm. i understand that d=rt. but i'm stuck. is this the answer-- d(t)=t/rt ?? You could make a

    asked by hawkstar
  17. Economics

    Why would the U.S. impose a voluntary export restraint on Japan for textiles instead of using a import quota or tariff? Why indeed. This is as much an international political question as a question in economics. Quota or tariffs tend to apply to all

    asked by Remy
  18. math calculus please help!

    l = lim as x approaches 0 of x/(the square root of (1+x) - the square root of (1-x) decide whether: l=-1 or l=0 or l=1 Let me make sure I understand the question. Do we have lim x->0 x/[sqrt(1+x) - sqrt(1-x)] ? If so then multiply the expression by

    asked by ronan
  19. Economics

    Determine whether each of the following, other things held constant, would lead to an increase, a decrease, or no change in long-run aggregate supply: a. An improvement in technology b. A permanent decrease in the size of the capital stock c. An increase

    asked by hadi
  20. Physics

    What are the a) x components of a verctor a in the xy plane if its direction is 250 degrees counterclockwise from the positive direction of the x axis and its magnitude is 7.3m? b) the same question as above but for the y component of the vector a. In the

    asked by jenny
  21. algebra am i right

    Find the volume of a right circular cylinder whose base has an area of 6 cm^2 and whose height is 17 cm. [A] 153ð cm^3 [B] 612ð cm^3 [C] 102 cm^3 [D] 153ð cm^2 [E] None of these i think its C Please show your work. That's the right answer, but we'd like

    asked by cassii
  22. Biology

    Can anyone help me with this one question that I'm stumped on? The process by which a web-spinning spider makes a "sketch" of a web design before making a permanent web is called - A. lock-step sequence B. simulation C. trial and error D. cinch and attach

    asked by Travis
  23. Economics

    Explain the difference between the government purchases multiplier and the net tax multiplier. If the MPC falls, what happens to the tax multiplier? Take a shot. What do you think is the difference. Hint: if government spending goes up by $100, then

    asked by looj
  24. physical education/sport

    explain the view that physical education is a process of educating the whole person Chloe, this is just my opinion, but it is supported by both physiology and psychology. Just as a brain needs age and experience to mature to its potential, the body needs

    asked by chloe
  25. algebra

    Find the volume of a right circular cylinder whose base has an area of 6 cm^2 and whose height is 17 cm. am i right that V=(b1+b2)H Check the formula you used. The volume of a right circular cylinder is V=pi*(r^2)*h where r is the radius and h is the

    asked by cassii
  26. Conjectures-Geometry

    Given: Segements JK, KL, LM, MN, and NJ with only J, K, and L collinear. What is the Conjecture?

    asked by Amanda
  27. chem

    What is the disadvantage of the English system? Please and thank you!!! The advantage of the metric system is that units differ by a factor of 10 (or 100, or 1000, etc) so it makes it easy to convert from one unit to another simply by moving the decimal

    asked by Pyrgus
  28. english - thesis

    I have to write the introduction to literary essay on The Remains of the Day with the topic "self-deception as self-destruction". our teacher gave us a packet with things we need to include in our introduction, and for our thesis it says "the thesis

    asked by Chris
  29. ap chem-3 quest just need 1 answer

    A rifle bullet (mass = 1.50 g) is moving with a velocity of 850. mph. What is the wavelength associated with this bullet? Assume your eyes receive a signal consisting of blue light, = 470 nm. The energy of the signal is 2.5 10-14 J. How many photons reach

    asked by ash
  30. english

    In the Book, "the English patient".What can you deduce from the novel about Hana's relationship with her father? Has her father's death, and the manner of it, caused her to retreat from the war and devote herself to the English patient? What influence do

    asked by chen
  31. english

    In the book "The English Patient".Why did Hana decide to have an abortion during the war? How has that decision affected her, and how much influence has it had on her life at the villa? umm read the book

    asked by chen
  32. economics

    where was the first oil factory and is it still standing today What do you mean by "oil factory"? The ancient greeks made olive oil, the ancient egyptians made castor oil, and the ancient chinese extracted and used crude oil. I seriously doubt any of these

    asked by tomilola
  33. Chemistry

    In a lab we are doing, we need to find the theoreical amount of NaCl that we should have left after evaporating the water off an NaCl solution. our molarity of the solution was .100 +/- .6%. We made a stock solution of .5836 g of NaCl/ 100 mL of water. We

    asked by Chris
  34. Math

    What number is 100,000 greater than 99,999,999? In which places did the digits change? write 10 multiples of 9 What number is 100,000 greater than 99,999,999? it just means that u hv to add 100,000 to 99,999,999 which is 10099999 11 99999999 + 100000

    asked by Joseph
  35. horizontal asymptotes

    find the HAs of y = (x-9) / sqr(4x^2 + 3x+ 2) What happens to y as x goes to +/- infinity? Specifically, is y approaching some limit from above or below? ?? I see your question was to just find the horizontal asymptotes and not to evaluate the function's

    asked by brian
  36. calc

    find the derivative of y = sqrt(9 - 16x) Use the chain rule. First find the derivative of the sqrt, and multiply that by the derivative of what is contained inside. Cake. Use the chain rule. If we have y(x)=sqrt(9-16x) then y'=d/dx(sqrt(9-16x))*d/dx(9-16x)

    asked by joe
  37. Math

    A teacher asked studets to name numbers. After each number, the teacher responded using a certain rule. This table shows the numbers named by the students and the teacher's responses Students input 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 Teachers response 3,3,5,4,4,3,5 One of the

    asked by Tye
  38. Economics

    Sugar can be produced from a variety of plants. In tropical countries it is frequently derived from sugarcane. In the U.S. it is largely extracted from sugarbeets. As part of a program of economic pressure against Cuba, the U.S. has for years placed large

    asked by Evette Johnson
  39. Economics

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of different trade barriers? Take a shot. What do you think? Hint: consider the question broadly, not just in terms of pure economic reasoning.

    asked by Remy
  40. calc

    what is the derivative of sinx- cosy = 0 in its simplest form? I got to the point y'=-consx/siny, but I wasn't too sure. This could probably simplified further. help! You're supposed to treat y as a function of x and differentiate it implicitly. We have

    asked by lil
  41. algerbra 1

    what is the answer to 5x-16=14-5x Just giving you the answer is not what this forum is about. We'd be defeating the purpose of you assignment by doing that. Try to work the variables to one side, say the lefthand side, and the numbers to the other side.

    asked by olivia
  42. Math quiz

    Proof that half of 9 is 4..'s proove instead of proof need a clue?

    asked by Rohit
  43. pls, help me out(proofreading)

    Hi. I wrote an essay about GATTACA, a movie which describes our future life. I tried to criticize the company's employment policy. pls, check my essay, focusing on the rationales. ---------------------------------------------- Due to the dramatic advances

    asked by yeulachet
  44. music

    how do i write out the notes of the e minor triad The Triad would be E, G, B. Think of the below as a staff. __________________ __________________ ___________________ B ___________________ G ___________________ E

    asked by kirsty
  45. world history

    how did the renaissance help pave the way for the scientific method? i have a quiz on a map test for the muslim area, i need help and badly. i cant study its impossiable If you have a new question, use the "Post a New Question" link. I'm not sure what you

    asked by tucker
  46. biology

    Indentify what category (protein, carbohydrate, or lipid) each of the following is: hemoglobin, ligaments, RNA, DNA, muscle fibers, cholesterol I thought RNA and DNA were nuecleotides.. but who knows? Thanks in advance. If those are the only 3 possible

    asked by Natalia
  47. social studies (grade 9)

    How are relations between the EU (European Union) and the US (United States)? The relationship between the EU and the United States is one of friendly competition. The EU is probably our strongest political ally, but we compete with each other

    asked by kat
  48. Math

    My daughter's homework and I cant figure it out for the life of me. In America the average person spends about 9.5 billion minutes on the phone a business day. In 1997 the estimated population of Americans the ages of 19-64 is about 163,000,000. About how

    asked by SherylA
  49. science simple machines

    how much effort is needed to lift 300 newtons with a pulley? If by effort you mean force, then the answer is 300 N (300 Newtons). If by effort you mean work, I believe the answer is 300 N multiplied by the distance pulled.

    asked by carla
  50. english

    In the Book "The English Patient".How does the landscape of the novel--the Villa San Girolamo, the country around it, and the boundary between the two--reflect the inner lives of its inhabitants? Why do you think that Ondaatje has chosen Tuscany as the

    asked by Yi
  51. Electronic

    If one body is positively charged and another body is negatively charged, will the free electrons tend to move from the negatively charged body to the positiovely charged body? yes

    asked by Ed
  52. english

    Can you give me some input on the short story "the other wife" I've never read this story, but when I entered "the other wife" (including the quotation marks) in, here is the top result: =)

    asked by sharon
  53. chemistry

    Can someone please tell me the tools needed to measure amount of substance, area, volume, density, energy, and pressure? Thanks in advance! It depends on what you are measuring and the quantity. For amount of substance, the mass can be measured with a

    asked by Boromir
  54. Chemistry

    Here goes. I am NOT an organic chemist so please obtain other sources for information; i.e., don't take my work as gospel. a) I believe the second one you list is more reactive because the first one is sterically hindered due to the isopropyl group. And

    asked by DrBob222
  55. honors/Geometry

    how do you write out proofs? To be more specific with my question, how do you find the alternate exterior angles theorem? Be sure the result is not a postulate. If it is then there's nothing to prove, it's given. If it is a theorem -a provable statement-

    asked by chelsea
  56. algebra

    2x +6y =-24 This is a linear equation that can be simplified by dividing through by 2. What else do you need to do with it?

    asked by irene
  57. langage arts

    can you please show me a picture on the back of a postcard? thanks. There are some examples here. =)

    asked by amy
  58. english question

    what does bias mean? In referring to cloth, the bias is diagonal to the weave; it's not vertical nor horizontal -- it's diagonal. In our society, bias is related to the concept of prejudice: =)

    asked by tami
  59. math...up for a challenge?

    given that (x+2)s a factor of 2x^3+ 6x^2 + bx - 5 find the remainder when the expression is divided by (2x - 1) Well let's factor it then to get (x+2)(2x^2 + 2x - 5/2) I'll let you figure out b and then do the division to find the remainder.

    asked by Kim
  60. Words

    I had a conversation with the boss of a building firm who were working at our property. I was complaining of shoddy workmanship etc and he said he would have a word with them although he said he would have to careful as they are ??????? and are likely to

    asked by Mike
  61. english

    In the book "The English Patient",The English patient "whispers again, dragging the listening heart of the young nurse beside him to wherever his mind is, into that well of memory he kept plunging into during those months before he died" [p. 4]. Why does

    asked by chen
  62. economics

    i need help in econimics identify 2 product categories that are easy to sell on the internet. then identify 2 others that are not books and toys, or games sell alot on the internet and 2 that don't are electronics and automotives i have no answers

    asked by soos
  63. algebra help!!!!

    Add: b^−3 ca^−1 −xc^−2 how would i do this ? Let me make sure I have the question right. We have b^(−3) ca(^−1) −xc^(−2 )=? You might also write this as (1/b^3) c(1/a) − x(1/c)= c/(a*b^3) - x/c=? If this is correct, then find a common

    asked by jessica
  64. math

    derivative: 4/(1-2x^2) Use the general formula for deriving fractions. I remember a nmemonic like "lo di hi less hi di lo all over lo squared". ...or write it as 4*(1-2x^2)^(-1) and use the chain rule.

    asked by joe
  65. science

    what is the basis for naming the layers of the atmosphere and who named them I found this. It isn't exactly what you wanted but I think it will get you started.

    asked by maureen
  66. Math

    We would like to test 3 different treatments on a particular type of plant. A worker at the local greenhouse will allow us to use 3 amoung 10 plants. *Note: Each treatment will be used on one and only one plant.* a) In how many different ways can we assign

    asked by Lindz
  67. algebra am i right

    John has 75 books in his store. If he originally had 200 books, what percent of the original number of books remains ? 37.5 % am i right? 75/200=.375=37.5% Yep, you're right yes yes its right

    asked by cassii
  68. Spanish

    Hey, I have to write a 200-250 word paper on my life in the future as a famous person. I am in a magazine, and i have to write about how my life, career, and family are. I have received help from others, and I was hoping someone could double-check my work

    asked by Mark
  69. World Culture

    Who is Anna Akhmatova?!!!!

    asked by Kamilah
  70. Beginning Algebra

    how do i figure out this problem i have to make the equation true by inserting one or more parenthesis a. 2 * 3^2 + 4 * 3 - 1 = 47 For this a. 2 * 3^2 + 4 * 3 - 1 = 47 You need a fairly large number compared with the available numbers, so you might try

    asked by Eliana
  71. law and society

    what r the laws and punishment for each laws in Japan ? If you want to knoow about Japanese laws, this is a very broad subject. It might be helpful if you indicated which laws or areas of laws interested you. Since this is not my area of expertise, I

    asked by kayla
  72. English

    My son has recently read in class, Things Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe. He has an upcoming test. One of the items will be about, "Why Okonkwo killed the messenger and then hung himself." He is stumped on this. I obviously would not have enough time ot read

    asked by M.
  73. english

    could someone please help me come up with a sentence for the word facet and the word egalitarianism? =)

    asked by Anonymous