Questions Asked on
September 25, 2006

  1. economics

    Suppose that people consume only three goods, as shown in this table: (5 Marks) Tennis Balls Tennis Racquets Gatorade 1998 price $2 $40 $1 1998 quantity 100 10 200 1999 price $2 $60 $2 1999 quantity 100 10 200 What is the percentage change in the price of

    asked by shelby
  2. biology

    What connections can you identify between the metric units for length and volume length x length x length = cubic length. That is cm x cm x cm = cubic centimeters or m x m x m = cubic meters. That is length used to measure the sides will provide a volume.

    asked by wow
  3. bio

    explain and illustrate how the long-term survival of a species depends on resources that may be limited from time to time. If there is an annual dry season, the organism will adapt by going into estivation (Lungfish) . If its cold then hibernation (Ground

    asked by kk
  4. chemistry

    Criticize the following statements. 1. In an ionic compound, the number of cations is always equal to the number of anions. [Is it ok to say 'not always'?] 2. The molecular formula for strontium bromide is SrBr(sub 2) [what's wrong wih this?] 3. The mass

    asked by Chris
  5. lab

    Number of moles of oxygen gas produced from the complete catalyzed decomposition of 6.80ml sample of a 3.5% solution. Density of the 3.5% solution of H2O2 is 1.01g/ml Let's find out what you know about this and work from there. Show your calculations to

    asked by Melba
  6. Chemistry, PPPLLEASE Help!

    Hello, I'm confused on what these problems are telling me. Is questions a) and b) the same? I don't know, please help me I don't know what to do... The inteconversion of DHAP and G3P is a part of both the glycotic pathway and the Calvin cycle for

    asked by Krissy
  7. Math

    How do you figure this problem out? How many different committees can be formed from 5 professors and 15 students if each committee is made up of 2 professors and 10 students? THANKS!!!!! The limiting factor is the students. You only have enough for one

    asked by Haley
  8. Physics

    Runner A is initially 6.0 km west of a flagpole and is running with a constant velocity of 9. km/h due east. Runner B is initially 5.0 km east of the flagpole and is running with a constant velocity of 8.0 km/h due west. How far are the runners from the

    asked by Lori
  9. math

    A certain diet requires no more than 60 units of carbohydrates, at least 45 units of protein, and at least 30 units of fat each day. Each ounce of Supplement A provides 5 units of carbs, 3 units of protein, and 4 units of fat. Each ounce of Supplement B

    asked by Autumn
  10. Best solvent?

    What is the best solvent for impure fluorene? The possibilities are methyl alcohol, water, and toluene. I'm betting toluene but I don't know its boiling point. Thanks from Sheryl My Merck Index lists 9H-Fluorene as freely soluble in glacial acetic acid and

    asked by Sheryl
  11. economics

    Suppose that the residents of Veggieland spend all of their income on cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots. In 1998 they buy 100 heads of cauliflower for $200,50 bunches of broccoli for $75, and 500 carrots for $50. In 1999 they buy 75 heads of cauliflower

    asked by shelby
  12. Algebra

    I know that standard form is Ax+By=C, but I'm not really sure how to do this problem. All help is welcome. Thanks in advance. Write an equation for each line: through (-1,3) and parallel to y=2x+1 I know that the slop will be 2 because it is parallel. If

    asked by Faramir
  13. math

    how can we find the area of a figure. how can i find the area of this figure. jf=16 cm I can't see the figure, but generally we need to know the sides and angles in order to calculate the area.

    asked by ariel
  14. Engineering

    You are given a hydraulic jack which you'd like to keep in your car in case you have a flat. Your vehicle weighs 4500lbs, and you know the jack will have to lift 1500 lbs when you put it under the axle. The hand end cylinder of the jack is 1/2inch in

    asked by Matt
  15. physics

    Velocity and displacement with uniform acceleration: 1. A car with an initial speed of 23.7 km/h accelerates at a uniform rate of 0.92 m/s^2 for 3.6 s. Find the final speed and the displacement of the car during this time. The final speed is 36 km/h. is

    asked by anonymous
  16. 5th grade math

    Three frogs had a race on a 1000 chart. Freaky Frog took 30 jumps of 25, Frogurt Frog took 30 jumps of 20, and Frannie Frog took 120 jumps of 5. Who was ahead?_______________________ Help! Assuming the distance of the jump is the same for each frog. 30

    asked by Aliah
  17. Physics

    Two students are on a balcony 19.6 m above the street. One student throws a ball vertically downward at 14.7 m/s. At the same instant, the other student throws a ball vertically upward at the same speed. The second ball just misses the balcony on the way

    asked by Becca
  18. math

    3(4u-6)=2(4u-3)-(u-8) what is u 12u-18=8u-6-u+8 Can you take it from here? so I would have combine like terms then add right? what about 3(n-2)-2(3-n)=4(n-3) same thing...use distributive property to multiply, do the operations, solve for n give it a

    asked by nyaja


    asked by MATT
  20. HELP SCIENCE (Biology)

    Why water is a polar molecule? and What property of water explains why it can travel to the the top of trees??? PLEASE HELP In addition, the the properties of water that are mechanically ... distance the water has to travel by taking the most direct route

    asked by Dakota
  21. science

    What adaptation does a bird have that allows it to live in a tree? a. feathers and eyes b. claws and wings c. a pointed beak and warm feathers d. a beak and wings How would a beak help living in a tree? How would feathers help live in a tree? Can you look

    asked by tater tot
  22. math

    how do you find the interval Interval between what and what? Since I am not sure what you are asking, I searched Google under the key words "find interval" and "find interval math" to get these possible sources:

    asked by dustin
  23. physical education

    what are body shapes and what are the names of the body shapes Body shapes are your general physical structures. Things such as narrow or broad shoulders; wider or narrower hips; longer or shorter torsos. The names of the body shapes most often used are

    asked by jennifer
  24. pysical education

    history of physica educaion Anceint rome and greece , young men/boys would go to school and learn artimatics, liturature and partisapate in physical education, young ladies would learn at home housewife duties.

    asked by janeile
  25. writeteacher

    Hi thanks so much for your help but I am confused- I thought in the above it was there and these however in this sentence: Mike looked for the dogs, but there were none. -- I thought the pronoun was there but someone else answered and said it was none.

    asked by liz
  26. Discrete..HELP!!!

    how do you solve this..I have idea even where to begin. If |x| = 11 and |y| = 23 and | x - y| = 30, find |x + y| We're asked: If |x| = 11 and |y| = 23 and | x - y| = 30, find |x + y| From this, |x| = 11, we know x=11 or -11 From this, |y| = 23 we know y=23

    asked by Kaitlin
  27. scienct

    what are some benefits and risks associated with using bacteria to clean up oil spills? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "bacteria 'oil spills'" to get these possible sources:

    asked by MATT
  28. social studies

    why aren't Alaska and Hawaii considered part of the Continental U.S.? Actually, it's probably more accurate to say that they are not part of the contiguous states. Alaska is separated from Washington state by part of

    asked by e.
  29. science

    how many atoms their is in a apple? I assume you mean "there." It depends upon the size of the apple. And its compositon. l

    asked by diego
  30. math - 6th grade

    how do you do front end estimation when the number of digits are 12,249 - 6,875 dgud wat are the poperties of math and what do they all mean????????? i need help in my homework I haven't used the expression "front end" estimation but I

    asked by alison
  31. physics

    an 6lb object is hanging from a 10lb object which in turn is hanging from a ceiling. need to find tension(T1) of rope from ceiling to 10lb object and tension(T2) from the 10lb object to the 6lb object. please, need assitance in trying to set up the

    asked by greg
  32. Biology (Science)

    Why is water a polar molecule? Please read: (Broken Link Removed) AND

    asked by Dakota
  33. Darwin and Irreducible Complexity

    What was Darwin’s perspective on the idea of irreducible complexity, gaps in the fossil record and beautiful animals like the peacock? Darwin did not have all the answers as scientists today do not either.

    asked by Lee Schuwen
  34. Quotations

    the sentence is: Let's meet back here in one hour, okay? No, I was hoping to explore this area for at least two hours. add in comma - quotations and end marks. Is the answer " Let's okay" " No hours" the sentence is: Let's meet back here in one hour, okay?

    asked by liz
  35. science

    What are the parts of a computer? Please do not post duplicates. what i have to do mix gas and liquid in the house is dangoues what i have to do to mix gas and liqiuid in the house what is gases what i have to do in maths if is boring

    asked by Kevin Yong
  36. write teacher english

    are te hquotations in the right place. "The only question," he says, "is how much money your willing to spend. We're talking about hundreds of millions of dollars." I put in the quotes but I am a little confused if you can have two sentences inside one

    asked by liz
  37. Windows XP help.

    I have a few questions on my assignment over Windows XP could you please check them? Thanxs! Short Answer 17. Danni, an employee of a small medical group, manages a network of 30 PCs running Windows XP Professional on NTFS volumes. Eight of the PCs,

    asked by shiningstar007
  38. Math

    Use place value to find each missing number. Explain 4,657,839; 4,657,939; _,_ _ _, _ _ _; 4,658,139 change of +100 misssing number is 4,658,039

    asked by Joseph
  39. english

    can anyone explain how to do accent marks on words? For use in Windows: If you have a Mac, there are different keystrokes. Just go to and search for special characters or

    asked by geena
  40. physics

    25 gram mass is given an upward acceleration of 30 m/s^2 by a rope. need help finding tension in the rope? not sure how to set up the problem?? Tension is the reaction force. Clearly you have two forces in opposite directions. Let T be the tension in the

    asked by greg
  41. Math

    Question 1 : We would like to test 3 different treatments on a particu- lar type of plant. A worker at the local greenhouse will allow us to use 3 among 10 plants. Note: Each treatment will be used on one and only one plant. a) In how many different ways

    asked by Lindsay
  42. science

    what are the characteristics of a chemical change? New substances are formed. This is often accompanied by heat, light, change in appearance (though physical changes also can change in appearance)or color.

    asked by diego
  43. Chem Lab

    d = m/v 1.01=m/6.80 ml m=6.868gr coefficients of reaction: 2,2,1 two moles of H2O2 produce 1 mole of O2(g) then 6.868gr of H202 should produce...? I try .1009524929 and .2019049859 but they are not the right am stuck... See answer I

    asked by Melba
  44. english pronoun

    please help what is the pronoun in the two sentneces below: the assiment is under other pro-nouns 1. Many of the visitors were awed by the museum. 2. Sam looked for the mice, but there were none. There are all kinds of pronouns. Here is a webpage that

    asked by liz
  45. math

    put these polar equations into cartesians form: 1) theta=135 degrees 2)rcostheta=-1 for #1 is it like: (-1,1)? and for #2, X=-1, but i cant find y, any help is appreciated The slope should be sin(theta)/cos(theta) and the intercept is the origin.

    asked by hmmmm
  46. math

    what 3 fractions whose decimal equivalent is 0.25 1/4 2/8 4/16 get it? Divide the bottom into the top.....

    asked by kk06
  47. Engineering

    i did A=pi(1/48)^2=.0014 2.5 ft/sec * .0014ft .0035 ft^3 450 galmin/1 ft^3/sec * .0035 ft^3/sec*15 min = 23.625 gpm

    asked by Matt to drwls

    DESCRIBE CYTOPLASMIC STREAMING IN PARAMECIUM. WHAT IS THE BENEFIT OF CYTOPLASMIC STREAMING? In the ameba it allows movement, but in the paramecium it distributes nutrients and other key

    asked by MATT
  49. science

    What are the parts of a computer? I think that is far too many to list if you want a detailed list; however, the MAIN pieces are monitor, CPU (processing unit), software, printer. I need an imformation about leaf,stems, and roots.

    asked by Kevin Yong
  50. bio

    compare short and long life-history patterns.

    asked by kk
  51. english

    thank you to the perosn who answered about the accent marks, but i meant how do you chose how a word is accented, my vocabulary test have words that need to have the accent marks put on which syllable is pronounced stronger and i can never tell. Accent

    asked by geena
  52. Accounting

    Hi i need help with the following transactions. Right now we are learning about the accrual basis of accounting. 1.Rent Payments included $750 per month rental fee and a $900 deposit that is refundable at the end of the 2 yr lease. 2.The company manager

    asked by F
  53. derivative

    I am finding the second derivative of (x^2)(y^3) = 1 2x(y^3) + (x^2)(y')(3y^2) = 0 And I simplified the answer to y'= (-2y)/(3x) so it would be... [(-2y')(3x)-(-2y)(3)]/(9x^2) and it's simplified to (-6xy'+6y)/(9x^2)= y'' I could plug in (-2y)/(3x) in

    asked by Jin
  54. social studies

    places that have the same, or common, characteristics ar referred to as.... shires, traits, regions, or provinces? regions

    asked by sam
  55. Math - probability

    A lab is developing a new medication for headaches. To do so,they must choose from 10 active ingredients, 5 preservatives and 2 presentations (capsules or tablets). A tablet or a capsule must have at least one active ingredient and one preservative. a)How

    asked by Lindz
  56. Math

    How do you rename as a fraction and decimal 55 5/9% You should know that 5/9 is 5 repeating, so the decimal is 55.5%(with a bar over the decimal part). 5/9 is the fraction

    asked by Nadia
  57. English

    What was Myles Horton's view on what makes a good education? What do you think it was? Please post your answer, and we'll be glad to critique it for you.

    asked by Tristan
  58. science

    what are the characteristics of a physical change? The substance may change state but it does not change composition.

    asked by diego
  59. algebra

    here is my equation that I am struggling with (7-42a)(-3/7) the 3/7 is a fraction. Just multiply -3/7 by each member of the term; i.e., 7(-3/7) - (42a)(-3/7)= -3 + (6a*3) = can you take it from here? (7-42a)(-3)= -21+126a is the Numerator and 7 is the

    asked by joey
  60. math

    when expressing domain, what does the parentheses & brackets mean? for example, [0, infinity) The bracket, '[' means the left endpoint is included in the interval and the parentheses, ')' means the right enpoint is not part of the interval. The interval

    asked by hawkstar
  61. math

    a wall is 5 m. a ladder is leaning against it, which is 3 m. express the height from the top of the ladder above the ground as a function of how far the foot of the ladder is from the base of the wall. 3^2= base^2+ height^2 base= sqrt (9-height^2)

    asked by hawkstar
  62. science

    I am haveing trouble measuring thin with the metric system and I have a test tommorow can you please help me study. What is the trouble you are having? Do you have any specifics? how is eath formated?

    asked by Billy
  63. math

    What are exponents?? what is a time s to =34

    asked by Callie
  64. Math

    3(-5)squared -2/-5(2)/2 squared I don't get the second part but... any number squared is positive so 3(-5) squared is 3x25 if only (-5) is squared. If the whole thing is squared then multiply first, (3x-5) then squared the answer. Is the second

    asked by Sam
  65. Engineering

    i don't understand that formula can you elaborate a little bit i came out with 7.07lbs of force and i don't think that is enough. Thanks

    asked by Matt to bob pursley
  66. Math

    How can we use geometry as a means of understanding basic operations?

    asked by dgibson
  67. math

    change equations to polar form: 1) y= -1 2) x^2 + y^2 = 4 how would i do these questions? thank u to convert to polar, you use the relationship: x = rcos(theta), and y = rsin(theta) 1) rsin(theta) = -1, r = 1-/sin(theta) 2)try this yourself by substituting

    asked by hmmmm
  68. math

    what is 78 times 36 i don`t get it it`s hard!!!!!! 2808 right the answer is 2808

    asked by alex
  69. english


    asked by heather
  70. writeteacher

    hi so sorry - have a quiz and trying to understadn the practice test - so in the other sentence there and these are pronouns there can be both a pronoun and an adverb

    asked by liz
  71. grammar - english

    can the word --- THERE be an adverb and a pronoun - depending on the sentence? Yes. Look it up in your online or hard copy dictionary for examples of both. I hope this helps. Thaqnks for asking. help me find the verbs from sentences ám

    asked by liz
  72. math

    Number of sides in a argument Usually 2 but it could be more. You ever argue with a brother or sister? What about your parents or a fellow student? 2

    asked by Carl
  73. social studies

    What are FIVE CITIES that run along the Mississippi River? the state capital and alabamma help me on this on this paper Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "'Mississippi River' cities" to get these possible

    asked by Dee
  74. English

    Can someone explain to me factorizations of nouns I have never heard that terminology before, and googling it came up with zilch! Factoring is a math feature, not grammar and usage. We can conjugate verbs and decline nouns, but factorization = ??? ??

    asked by the shadow
  75. english pronouns

    While walking in the rain forest, I myself saw the bug under the tree. Are the pronouns I and myself dogs are over there; these are the mamals. Are the pronouns there and these. While walking in the rain forest, I myself saw the bug under the tree. Are the

    asked by liz
  76. english

    would the novel "cassandra" be considered an existentialism novel?

    asked by blacksheep
  77. math

    A=lw What about it?

    asked by Anonymous
  78. Isreali vs. Palestines

    I have a power point presentation *due in the morning* on the conflicts between the Isrealites and the Palestinians. It is the religion side of the war, al it has to include are some fast facts and some of the reasons why the war is going on. It only has

    asked by Shadoe