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September 24, 2006

  1. math derivative please help

    the derivative of 2x^e is zero right or no? do i have to use the log formula 2 x^e is x to the power 2.718.. It is not a constant and therefore the derivative is not zero. Use the formula for the derivative of x to a power that is constant (x^a). The

    asked by Anonymous
  2. Third Grade Math

    Gina traveled 450 miles to her grandmother's house in two days. She traveled 50 more miles on Saturday than on Sunday. How many miles did she travel on Saturday? on Sunday? What does 200 + 250 add to? 450 Lauren collected 150 nickels and dimes. She has 70

    asked by Cindy
  3. Engineering

    Can anyone tell me the formula and what the symbols mean for the following problems? 1. You have a 1/2 inch internal diameter hose at your home and water moves through it at 2.5 feet/sec when the faucet is fully turned on. If you leave the water running

    asked by Matt
  4. Allusions in Frankenstein!

    I was wondering what reliable sources can I use for my paper in order to ask this question here?:Reseach at least three of the following scientific allusions present in the novel, Frankenstein, the stories behind them, and if possible, their presence and

    asked by Binh
  5. Newspaper Article Review

    What generalizations can you make from this article? Can you help me please????????????? 'It's a whole new day for lung transplantation' New nationwide system has saved lives of patients who are in sudden desperate need By DENISE GRADY New York Times A

    asked by John
  6. Physics

    A Chinook Salmon has a maximum underwater speed of 3.58 m/s, but it can jump out of water with a speed of 6.68 m/s. to move upstream past a waterfall, the salmon does not need to jump to the top of the fall, but only to a point in the fall where the water

    asked by JIll
  7. Chemistry

    How do you convert energy into to joules (can you please give me an example with showing me your i.e how you did it, in full detail) How do you find specific heat numbers? Your questions beg for amplification. Please expand. Energy is measured in joules

    asked by Buddy oh Pal
  8. Science

    What is the independent variable for: Does a color have an effect a person's food choice? color is the independent variable, food choices are the dependent variable. The difficult part here is what will be the control variable. In addition to the post of

    asked by Britwilliam
  9. Physics

    Two trains, each having a speed of 30 km/h, are headed at each other on the same straight track. A bird that can fly 60 km/h flies off the front of one train when they are 60 km apart and heads directly for the other train. On reaching the other train, it

    asked by Sadia
  10. Sentences

    How would you define balanced sentences? Could you give me some examples? Thanks! Balance in writing sentences is generally called "parallelism". OWL the online writing lab has this definition. "Parallel structure means using the same pattern of words to

    asked by Jin
  11. Physics

    A ball is thrown vertically upward with a speed of 25.0 m/s from a height of 2.0 m. How high does the ball rise? How long does it take to reach its highest point? How long does the ball take to hit the ground after it reaches its highest point? What is the

    asked by Becca (question two of four!)
  12. Physics

    Two students are on a balcony 19.6 m above the street. One student throws a ball vertically downward at 14.7 m/s. Att the same instant, the other student throws a ball vertically upward at the same speed. The second ball just misses the balcony on the way

    asked by Becca (question four of four!)
  13. math

    find the present value of ordinary annuity payments of 890 each year for 16 years at 8% compounded annually What is the amount that must be paid (Present Value) for an annuity with a periodic payment of R dollars to be made at the end of each year for N

    asked by john
  14. Ecoomics

    commodity Price Elasticity of demand ---------- Potatoes 0.3 If I know there is a fall in the price of potatoes how do i predict the corresponding direction of change in total spending? Total spending on potatoes is P*Q. Elasticity is (%change in

    asked by Jon
  15. History

    What was Australia's role with the U.N? And what did Dr Evatt have to do with it? Here are many websites about Dr. Evatt. Please read

    asked by Kiara

    Explain how you would measure the volume of your own body. Measure the increase in the water level when the person is totally submeregd in a tank of water. Multiply the water level increase bu the cross sectional area of the tank.

    asked by Emily
  17. How to make my friend much better

    How to decorate a poster? Calligraphy for all lettering Collage of photos (from old magazines or??) Images you draw/paint yourself Here are some websites that can help, too: (Broken Link Removed) (Broken Link Removed)

    asked by Andy
  18. music

    what is the definition for bimary form in music???????????????????????????? If you truly mean bimary, here are the results I got when I searched in Google:

    asked by Kelly
  19. ecology

    explain how a sparrow is adapted for flying perching and eating seeds how is it different from an eagle Compare the feet and claws structures, the wing size/design and body weight ratios, and the beak structures. These will show great differences between

    asked by chelcea
  20. niagara falls

    what are the Physical Featuers of Niagara Falls? The important features are the height of the drop, the widths of the several sections, and the water flow rate. You can find data on these easily with a search engine.

    asked by mariah
  21. Accounting

    Hi i need help with the following transactions. Right now we are learning about the accrual basis of accounting. 1.Rent Payments included $750 per month rental fee and a $900 deposit that is refundable at the end of the 2 yr lease. 2.The company manager

    asked by F
  22. Chemistry

    Hi, I am totally confused with this chemistry because none of this stuff is in my book, so I come to the great ones with my question: 1. Can you show me how to convert celsius to farenheit (please show me an example and your work so I can get it please) 2.

    asked by Confused considerable
  23. Chem

    Okay so I have this assignment and I thought I knew how to do this but appearntly I am just lost. I know what the answer is suposed to be and I am deifantly no wheres near that. If you can sorta point me in the right direction that would be great. Thanks!

    asked by Tracy
  24. Chemistry

    Suppose you use 135 calories of energy to perform a task, how many joules have you used? See, I don't want the answer, just the steps leading me up to the answer, like how to figure this problem out wiht out using a coverting system. Assuming you are using

    asked by Buttercup
  25. Biology

    This is related to a biology lab I did. What is the purpose of adding sand to hydrogen peroxide (and put at a glowing splint at the mouth of the tube)? The purpose of this lab was to study the action of the enzyme catalase (potato)on hydrogen peroxide and

    asked by Annie
  26. science

    how much did the first microscope magnify I think it was 40x lewis is your last name smith lewis is your last name smith

    asked by lewis
  27. math

    what do you call a number that cannot be arranged into 2-row arrays? odd numbers. I learned this from Roger. 2+2=

    asked by brendan
  28. history

    What is the 1st 2nd and 3rd reich?Reich is the germon word for emperer The First Reich was the lands ruled by Charlemagne; a continuation of the Roman Empire in Europe : Holy Roman Empire Second Reich was the Hohenzollern Germany, from the unification of

    asked by chemiii
  29. home economics

    name four areas of study of home enonomics Cooking, Sewing, Home management, Parenting

    asked by kiki
  30. communication

    features of written communication Please state your question. Best of all would be if YOU state what YOU think the features of written communication are, and then someone here will give you feedback. What kind of written communication? effective?

    asked by Anonymous
  31. MATH

    can we sketch a triangle with 1:2:3 side-length ratio???? Intuitively, no. Think about the angles of the triangle. If the sum of two sides is equal to the length of the last side, then the "triangle" is a straight line. But the question is, when i draw it

    asked by Katrina
  32. American History

    What motivated the original settlers of the Massachusetts colony to settle in thie New WOrld? What kind of communities did they establish and how did these communities change over time? What had happened by the 1730's that would cause the members of these

    asked by Amanda
  33. Derivative

    what is the derivative of sin(x^(1/2)) and (sin(x))^(1/2)? Is there a difference? Thanks! Yes, there is a difference. Use the chain rule.

    asked by Jin
  34. social studies

    Can you tell me the definition of the term "special purpose map"? Here are MANY examples: How do you think you can describe these? Please re-post with your

    asked by Camille
  35. math

    A necklace is 60 centimeters long and the beads on the necklace are 50 milliliters apart. How many beads are on the necklace? Surely you don't mean 50 milliliters. Surely you mean milliMeters. 50 mm = 5 cm. That makes it easy to calculate IF the diameter

    asked by Meg
  36. English

    I have a list of questions to answer from a reading selection called "The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano". #2 says... Short notes on Slave Narrative as a genre. I am not sure what I am supposed to put. Any help will be appreciated.

    asked by Anonymous
  37. Science

    Using examples explain the importance of the scientific process to science, the world and your life. How are scientific theories validated? (Three ways)

    asked by Emir
  38. techonology

    Is technology changing the way humans correspond or behave with one another? What do you think? And in what ways? Of course it is changing the way we correspond with each other. Would we have been getting answers like this on a computer 50 years ago?

    asked by jessica
  39. Math...please help

    You are making two batches of a recipe of soup. If one batch of soup calls for 1500 milliliters of vegetable stock, how many liters of stock do you need altogether? kilo hecto deca unit--meters, liters, grams, etc deci centi milli Here are the prefixes.

    asked by Meg
  40. Math

    One of the shortest trees, the pygmy pine, grows to a height of 8 centimeters. One of the tallest trees, the redwood, can grow to a height of 110 meters. What is the difference, in centimeters, in the heights of these two trees. Use the last post to

    asked by Meg
  41. technology

    how would you develop a hypotheses for: Is technology changing the way humans correspond? or behave with one another? A hypothesis is what we think may be the answer to a question. Usually it is a short sentence. Therefore, think about the answer and state

    asked by jessica
  42. eth

    What information about race and ethnicity in the United States has helped me better understand or relate to specific minority groups? Have you learned something new about your own cultural history? I am sure the teacher wants YOUR opinion and not mine. So

    asked by nicole
  43. Resonance structures

    Is there a good article on how to draw resonance structures? Sheryl Sheryl, These are so hard to do on these boards. In fact, I think it is impossible to draw them on these boards. This site may help some.

    asked by Sheryl
  44. companies

    what are some resources companies use? Resources companies use for what? hiring? selling? manufacturing? consulting? You need to expand and clarify your question.

    asked by ryan
  45. math

    Your aunt lends you 175 dollars to buy a guitar she will decrease the amount you owe bye 25 dollars for each day you help her bye doing odd jobs. Write a verbal model that you can use to find the decrease in the amount you owe your aunt depending on the

    asked by Elizabeth R.
  46. American History

    The policy of mercantilism entails all of the following except that: Colonies exist for the benefit of the mother country. Colonies should act as a source of raw materials for the mother country. Colonies should act as markets for the mother country.

    asked by Alisa
  47. social studies

    The English colonies in North America were united by all but which of the following: A uniform language based on the London English dialect. Traditional English inheritance laws. An uncomplicated legal system with few professional lawyers. Military

    asked by Alisa
  48. Unit 5 Behavior Across the Lifespan

    Give a description of Erikson’s theory, including the stages of development using the criteria listed above. 2. Identify a character at each stage. 3. Choose three of the following studies found in the Library article search engine Psychology and

    asked by candy
  49. Hemroids

    How long does it take for hemroids to go away after child birth? It depends of how bad they are, and other factors. Your doctor should be clued in, and asked. they be in your butt

    asked by Dawn
  50. english

    can you unsramble the word "education"? Education is already unscrambled. Are you asking to make more words out of this one? Like: duct, tide, etc. auctioned cautioned

    asked by maycee
  51. biology

    list two reasons why DDT should not be used... Doesn't it cause human birth defects? And stay in the environment a long time? And cause bird eggs to be too thin to hatch successfully?

    asked by Katrina
  52. Crystallization experiment

    We will be conducting a crystallization experiment this week. I was wondering what the most common materials used for this experiment are and what are their best solvents. Thanks from Sheryl alum in water is really good, however, it takes some time for the

    asked by Sheryl
  53. chemistry

    how many grams of H2 (g) are produced by the reaction of 1.35 g Al with 75.0 mL of 3.44 M HCl Here is the way to do most of these stoichiometry/limiting reagent type problems. Step 1. Write a balanced chemical equation. 2Al + 6HCl ==? 3H2 + 2AlCl3 Step 2.

    asked by brian
  54. Science

    I need to know what are active and solar heating systems. Here are a couple of sites that may be of use to you. (Broken Link Removed) active heatin is heat

    asked by Meiyan
  55. American Government

    Is the Freedom of the Press still a right worth preserving? What do you think? Personally I think it is although I believe the "press" sometimes abuse the right. I think the press speaks too much. I don't know. I mean all that is on the news is about

    asked by Melyssa
  56. chemistry

    Consider the following balanced equation: 2 Na + 2 H2O ? 2 NaOH + H2 If 92.0 g of sodium reacts with 76.0 g of water until completion, which reactant will remain, and in what quantity?

    asked by brian
  57. Physics

    A ball is thrown upward from the ground with an initial speed of 25 m/s; at the same instant, a ball dropped from rest from a building 15 m high. After how long will the balls be at the same height? The equations I have is final velocity squared = initial

    asked by Becca
  58. Physics (as always)

    A rocket moves upward, starting from rest with an acceleration of 29.4 m/s^2 for 4.00 s. It runs out of fuel at the end of the 4.00 s but does not stop. How high does it rise above the ground? Would I have to set up two separate equations for this? one for

    asked by Becca (question three of four!)
  59. english- mood/tone

    My teacher says that mood and tone are not the same thing, but I have trouble establishing a difference between the two. How can I tell them apart? Mood: Tone:

    asked by Anonymous
  60. math

    find the fifth term of geometric sequence a=-6 r=2 This website explains how to do it: However, you must designate which term in the sequence is what you call "a". Is it the f1rst term, a1? If so, a2

    asked by john