Questions Asked on
September 21, 2006

  1. Chemistry

    1) What Physical properties, other than specific heat, could you use to help identify unknown metals? 2) Why is water an excellent material to use in a calorimeter? Density, color, resistivity (or conductitivy), melting point, crystallization. 2) water is

    asked by K.
  2. Chemistry.

    Please explain how to solve this question, and why you use your method to solve it. I am very very stuck. Gold is present in seawater to the exteen of 0.15mg/ton. Assume the density of the seaswater is 1.03g/mL and determine how many Au atoms could

    asked by Philip
  3. Algebra

    -6h + 4 - 3 + h = 11 4-3-11=6h-h -10=5h -2=h

    asked by Zach
  4. Economics

    Upper Slobbovians smoke 10 million cigarettes per year, so do Lower Slobbovians. To discourage smoking, each country imposes an excise tax of 50 cents per pack. As a result, the price of cigarettes rises by 35 cents in upper Slobbovia, but only by 15 cents

    asked by Cristina
  5. please help me with this problem

    The problem is: (8.86 + 1.0 X 10^-3) / 3.610 X 10^-3 Well I got 2.73 X 10^-3 as an answer, but I know for a fact that this is wrong because my teacher said it was. Your teacher is right. What do you get when you add 8.86 + 1.0 X 10^-3 = 8.86 + .001 ? What

    asked by Anonymous
  6. Science

    Is the molar enthalpy of combustion of pentane the same as the molar enthalpy of formation of pentane? No. The molar enthalpy for the combustion is for the reacton C5H10 + (15/2)O2 ==> 5CO2 + 5H2O The molar enthalpy for the formaton is 5C(graphite) +

    asked by B
  7. Physics

    Four identical charges (+1.6 ìC each) are brought from infinity and fixed to a straight line. Each charge is 0.36 m from the next. Determine the electric potential energy of this group. i placed the charges as follow q1 q2 q 3 q4 and used q1 as the

    asked by Kevin
  8. biology

    what kind of bone comprises the proximal epiphysis of the femur? spongy bone

    asked by nina
  9. chemistry

    what is the balanced net ionic equation of dilute nitric acid with solid aluminum oxide? See my answer to ryan below. It is on page two and was entry #21 at the time I made this post but it will be lower the longer you take to read this response.

    asked by mary
  10. Math

    Tell me how to figure out these probabilities In how many different orders can 9 people stand in line? In how many ways can 4 people be seated in a row of 12 chairs? Thank you For the first problem, we have nine people and want to arrange them in a line.

    asked by Haley
  11. U.S. History

    To what extent was the U.S. constitution a radical departure from the Articles of Confederation? who cares richard

    asked by Desiree
  12. Chemistry

    How would I go about determining the specific heat of a metal (like Sodium) that reacts with water? Would using oil instead of water help?

    asked by K.
  13. Unit 5 - Group project

    Your group has been hired by an advertising firm that is developing a series of commercials for family-oriented products geared toward the entire family. They want to develop a series of commercials that will target family members at various life stages.

    asked by candy
  14. Social Studies

    The Massachusetts Bay Colony 5. Who lived there? 6. What activities/major events occurred in this colony? 7. If the country specialized in the production of a crop, what was it? 8. If the country was involved with trade, what did they trade? And who did

    asked by Rosio
  15. science (physics)

    1) Why is frequency an element needed in the sound industry? and 2) When there is a sound pressure level of two different sources with different frequencies, why do sound pressure levels have to be determined in each separate frequency? 1) The sound

    asked by Kat
  16. physics

    1) The potential at location A is 441 V. A positively charged particle is released there from rest and arrives at location B with a speed vB. The potential at location C is 805 V, and when released from rest from this spot, the particle arrives at B with

    asked by Aki
  17. English

    From the play, "Inherit the Wind" What does it mean, when Hornbeck refers to Cates as "boy-Socrates, latter-day Dreyfus, Romeo with a biology book?" Why would he make those references? He is talking about his being an idealist.... a philosopher... not

    asked by Michael
  18. world war 2 question?

    WHAT ACTIONS USA AND IT'S EUROPEAN ALIES COULD HAVE TAKEN TO PREVENT WORLD WAR 2 One possible answer could be that they could have not allowed Hitler to build Germany's army to a level that surpassed restrictions imposed by the League of Nations after

    asked by moghul88
  19. english-macbeth

    in Act I, Scene iii, line 19 the witches say "I'll drain him dry as hay" I have to explaion this quotation but i don't quite undertsand what it means. Please help! this similie means: this is a metaphor that simply means that whatever they are "draining"

    asked by please help
  20. Math: Direct Variation

    I really don't get direct variation and I took a test on it and bombed it but now I can correct it so if anyone can just explain it to me I'd be really grateful. :) Generally, direct variation means that as one of the variables assumes increasing positive

    asked by Somebody
  21. Chemistry

    Another student determined the concentration of a vinegar solution to be 0.240 mol/L. If the accepted value for the concentration of the vinegar is 0.250 mol/L, the student's percentage erreo is A. 1.00% B. 1.24% C. 2.40 % D. 4.00% D. because the

    asked by Brittany Rusk
  22. Chemistry

    18. Explain how the atomic number of an element identifies the element. 19. How can atomic number and mass number be used to find the numbers of protons, electrons, and neutrons? 20. An atom is identified as platinum-195

    asked by Rosio
  23. Trigonometry

    1. Ben is pulling on a tobaggan rope with a force of 250 newtons. The rope makes a 36 angle with the ground. What force is actually working to move the tobaggan to the right? 2. If a boat going 6 mi/hr in still water suddenly encounters a crosscurrent of 4

    asked by Lisa
  24. physics

    What does a 15 kg mass weigh on Earth? need assistance in setting up problem to get answer in Newtons and in pounds. thanks Weight in Newtons = M g =(Mass in kg) x (acceleration of gravity in m/s^2) The acceleration of gravity on Earth is g = 9.8 m/s^2. Do

    asked by mitch
  25. Unit 4 - Memory, Thinking, and Intelligence

    research Spearman's Model of Intelligence and Gardner's Multiple Intelligences. Based on your findings, compare and contrast the two models. Provide several comparisons and several contrasts. Which of the two models do you feel is more in line with

    asked by candy
  26. English

    Verb and noun subjects some help me find them in these sentences Carla is buying a ticket for the concert. The sale on ipods will last for two weeks. Robert and Jane were elected to student concil. A live band has been hired for the party. There are many

    asked by the shadow
  27. Geometry

    Okay, this is a problem that I've tried over ten times before getting a fresh problem and trying that one too. I've never gotten a correct answer and I can't figure out why it's not right. Here's the problem, "Find the distance between each pair of

    asked by Aubry
  28. math

    20nsecond +3n third I think this is what you mean 20n^2 + 3n^3 Are you supposed to simplify the expression? If so, then the only thing that will factor is a power of n.

    asked by mike
  29. science (physics)

    what is a cut off frequency and it's application? I need the application explaination more then the definition of cut off frequency!!! Wouldn't it be nice to have a chip that detected blue light, but not red? Could cutoff frequency be used? Of course is

    asked by Kat
  30. math

    round 25 to the nearest hundred Do you mean hundred as in 100? If so, 25 is closer to zero than it is to 100. So I would round numbers like 51 and 60 to 100 while 25 or 35 would be rounded to zero. If you mean hundred as in 100, then you would round 25 to

    asked by chris
  31. Social studies

    Who are allies/enemies of Panama? please tell me! I need to know. i've looked everywhere to find this info but failed. I posted the same question here before but it didn't really help. If you know, please just give me the country names. I have been trying

    asked by Kayla
  32. Unit 4 - Memory, Thinking, and Intelligence

    research Spearman's Model of Intelligence and Gardner's Multiple Intelligences. Based on your findings, compare and contrast the two models. Provide several comparisons and several contrasts. Which of the two models do you feel is more in line with

    asked by candy
  33. Discussion Board

    1. Using chapter 13 of your text and Cybrary resources, which personality theory do you think offers the best explanation for how an individual's personality develops? Why? Defend your answer including citations of the appropriate literature on personality

    asked by candy
  34. history

    out of growth of schools, racial discrimination, and education for immigrants, which educational development do you think was most important? Explain. Please remember that we are here to help you learn to do your own work, but not to do it for you. Once

    asked by anonymous
  35. spelling

    long vowel what about long vowels? A long vowel says its name. Example. long a - fA vor, pAy, long e - lE ver sEep long i - bIke, rIght long o - Open, clOse long u - flU , slUe

    asked by bayatt
  36. Chemistry

    Another student determined the concentration of a vinegar solution to be 0.240 mol/L. If the accepted value for the concentration of the vinegar is 0.250 mol/L, the student's percentage erreo is A. 1.00% B. 1.24% C. 2.40 % D. 4.00% b. of corse See correct

    asked by Brittany
  37. Science

    how do kenetic and potential energy effect a basic pendulum? How does gravity effect it? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "pendulum kinetic potential energy gravity" to get these possible sources:

    asked by Cate
  38. math

    What are median and mode and how do you find them? Median- The middle number in a set of data. You find it by simply couting to the center of the set of data. Mode- The number that occurrs the most times in a set of data.

    asked by Margaret
  39. accounting

    Is there a method of determining if you debit or credit an account? How do you know if you should debit or credit a transaction? If it's a balance sheet accout you need to learn (and mrmorize) which side of the equation i't on, and it's normal balance.

    asked by diana
  40. Algerbra

    t=2 160t-32t squared If t=2, then the answer you seek is 160*2 - 32*(2)^2 If t = 2 then: 160 (2) - 32 (2)^2 320 - 128 = 192 192 is your answer, forgive me if I misunderstood the question as there is little detail in it. thanks for the help everyone 2a 2 to

    asked by mike
  41. math

    If plane A took off in Chicago at 4:00pm and went 326mph the whole time, on it's way to Hartford,and plane B took off in Hartford at 4:00pm, and went 365mph the whole time, on it's way to Chicago, at what mile and over what state would they cross paths? To

    asked by Emily
  42. social studies

    What body has the power to ratify treaties? The President has the power to make treaties, but they are not valid until 2/3 of the Senate ratifies them. thank you so much. im trying to do

    asked by Katelyn
  43. physics/ conversions

    Please check these problems. 1. 92 X 10^3 km ---> dm My answer: 9.2 X 10^8 dm 2. 5.52 X 10^8 g ---> kg My answer: 5.52 X 10^11 kg 3. 8.66 X 10^-9 m ---> mm My answer: 8.66 X 10^-12 mm 4. 1 um ---> m My answer: 1 X 10^-6 m Thanks. 1 and 4 are correct. No so

    asked by Anonymous
  44. Philosophy

    What is the meaning of validity, truth, and soundness as they relate to the area of logical syllogisms? Google soundness in logic Check the second entry, it should answer your question. Roger means this website:

    asked by Brenda
  45. Unit 5 - Discussion Board

    Your friend Lucy slept through a class in which her professor explained the concepts of depreciation and amortization. Use the Cybrary's Accounting links and/or dictionary sources and the Internet to learn about these concepts, and then write a 4-5

    asked by candy
  46. romer vs. evans case gov't asap please

    i have to come up with questions to ask for the case romer vs. evans? in my class, i have to pretend i'm the supreme court asking questions. what kind of questions should i ask? Does Amendment 2 of Colorado's State Constitution, violate the Fourteenth

    asked by Anonymous
  47. Antarctic Explorers

    What material did the first explorers of Antarctica use for sleeping bags? Both the Scott and Amundsen expeditions used sleeping bags made of reindeer hide, with reindeer fur on the inside, but Scott's were of inferior quality. The Shackleton and Byrd

    asked by Danny
  48. ateletes

    to make your legs strong what should we do??????????? :- +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ p.s tell and help from katrin

    asked by katarin
  49. Language Arts

    need to dramatise this poem and answer two questions. so please help me. ON THE DEATH OF ANNE BRONTE by charlotte bronte there 's little joy in life for me, And little terror in the grave ; I've lived the parting hour to see Of one I would have died to

    asked by Huiying
  50. Science

    Science an organized way of studing things and finding What is your question?

    asked by Justin
  51. physics (pendulums)

    i understand the PE and KE and MKE points and how gravity effects a pendulum, but how does kenetic and potential energy effect it?

    asked by Emily
  52. science

    25 gram mass is given an upward acceleration of 30 m/s^2 by a rope. need help finding tension in the rope? thank you

    asked by greg
  53. metric

    what is 1000 millimeters equal to? 100 centimeters or 1 meter

    asked by karenc
  54. Science

    What is erosion eroision is when waves hit the rocks by the shore because of the moons gravitational pull waves occur, and the rocks erode forming sand. what 2 plus 2 4 6 duh TWO PLUS TWO IS FOUR! DO IT ON A CALCULATOR! DO NOT PUT OVIOUIS QUESTIONS ON THIS

    asked by Haeli
  55. Economics

    With the recent ecoli outbreak in spinach how would that effect the supply and demand? What do you think? Ask yourself, are you willing to eat more spinach? How will farmers respond? Will there be testing? etc.

    asked by Ashlee
  56. geography

    the equator is an example of " what " please help A line of latitude is all I can think of. a line of latitude

    asked by cassie
  57. geography

    name the major line north of the equator The Tropic of Cancer. In the future, you might want to post both questions at the same time, in the same post. No need to create two separate threads on Geography. tropic of cancer Another major line is the Arctic

    asked by cassie
  58. business law

    What are the six (6) analysis steps in a negligence suit

    asked by Tom Gilliam
  59. CJ -- proofread please

    The federal criminal pretrial process begins with the first appearance. This appearance is held before a magistrate during which the legality of the defendant’s arrest is initially assessed and the defendant is informed of the charges on which he or she

    asked by K
  60. Chemistry

    Chapter 3 41. How many significant figures are in each?

    asked by Rosio
  61. social studies

    What language is used to describe the roll of the Senate in Supreme Court Nominations? Although the role of the Senate can probably be described using other languages, it is given in English. Here are some possible web sites:

    asked by Katelyn
  62. book

    tell me your favorite book and what about it is. I have to take a survey. My favorite book is The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks because I love to read love stories and see that there is such a thing as true love. Thanks Katelyn. Can you also tell me brief

    asked by Justin
  63. algebra

    -12n-19=77 please help Add 19 to both sides. Then divide by the -12 to get n alone on the left hand side. thanks so much!

    asked by Nikki-Ole