Questions Asked on
September 20, 2006

  1. physics

    A firefighter of mass 120 kg slides down a vertical pole with an acceleration of 4 m/s per second. What is the friction force that acts on the firefighters? In this case, the friction force is the force that is acting against gravity. Use F=M*a If

    asked by kelly
  2. physics

    Heather and Matthew walk eastward with a speed of 0.98 m/s. If it takes them 34 min to walk to the store, how far have they walked? If Joe rides south on his bicycle in a straight line for 15 min with an average speed of 12.5 km/h, how far has he ridden?

    asked by anonymous
  3. Distributive property

    How would I multiply these expression? 6(h-4) -3(x+8) -10(-a+5) PLease and thank-You Multiply the coefficient (outside the parentheses) by each term inside the parentheses. For example, 6(h-4) = 6h - 24 You do the others do you have 5th grade distributive

    asked by Bowier4

    T NO PLH I A SWAA I found the answer by Googling "t no plh" Apparently, someone else posted the same question on a puzzles forum website. To no Please Help I Am SWAAT

    asked by L
  5. chemistry

    The KHP used in the titration with NaOH was contaminated with sodium hydrogen phyhalate (NaHC8H4O4), but you didn't know it. State the effect of the final result (falsely high, falsely low, or unaffected) Explain. thanks These problems must be reasoned

    asked by bria
  6. Simplifly variable Expressions

    I need help on justify each step. 5(n+4)+9n=(5+20)+9n =5n+(20+9n) =5n+(9n+20) =(5n+9n)+20 =(5+9)n+20 =14n+20 PLease and Thank-You 5(n+4)+9n =(5n+20)+9n distribution =5n+(20+9n) addition =5n+(9n+20) addition =(5n+9n)+20 addition =(5+9)n+20 factoring =14n+20

    asked by Bowier4
  7. physics

    Gravity on the moon is only 1/6 as strong as gravity on earth. What is the weight of a 20 kg object on the moon and on earth? I have to find it in Newtons on earth and on the moon. WeightinNewtons= mass* gravity field on earth, the gravity field is

    asked by Jennifer
  8. HURRY........quick post

    Simpson drives his car with an average velocity of 1.2 m/s to the north from the bust stop to the museum entrance. What is your displacement? Look back at the previous question. How much time would Simpson save by increasing his average velocity to 56.0

    asked by anonymous
  9. Social Studies

    Why is the Virginia House of Burgesses important?

    asked by Dedric
  10. pregunta

    palabra que comiense con la letra z , que describa algo de una persona Primero le agradecemos visitar Jiskha Homework Help Forum. ¿Le gustaría un buen diccionario? Aquí hay unos adjetivos: zafo, -a = unhurt zaguero,

    asked by virginia
  11. chemistry

    please explain how to figure out subshells The number of subshells is the same as N. If N = 1 we have 1 subshell If N = 2, we have 2 subshells, the s and p If N = 3, we have 3 subshells, the s, p, and d. If N = 4, we have 4 subshells, the s, p, d, and f.

    asked by sh
  12. Economics

    Suppose that the MPC = 0.8 and that $12 trillion of real GDP is currently being demanded. The government wants to increase real GDP demanded to $13 trillion. By how much would it have to increase government spending to achieve this goal? Can someone give

    asked by jay
  13. Macroeconomics

    Suppose the marginal propensity to consume is 0.75. What does this mean? What do we know about the marginal propensity to save? What do we know about the average propensity to consume? The marginal propensity to consume (MPS) the percent of an additional

    asked by hadi
  14. math

    express this in binomial: 2 4ez (4e-z) the 2 is the square.. can anyone teach me how to do this??? I'm a little unsure what your question is asking for here. Ordinarily, a binomial is an expression with two variables and some positive power, e.g. (x+y)^2

    asked by Katrina
  15. Unit 4 memory, thinking, and intelligence

    In this activity, you can replicate Sternberg et al.'s initial study by having your students list behaviors that are associated with academic and everyday intelligence. Ask your students to take out two sheets of paper. Tell them to label the first sheet

    asked by candy
  16. chemistry

    I have to find the weight percent of Na2Co3 for my lab report that's due tomorrow but I have no idea how to do it. In the lab I had to wdight 0.4 g of the unknown soda ash sample into an erlenmyer flask and add about 50 mL of deionized water. Then I had to

    asked by bria
  17. chemistry

    What is the balanced net ionic equation for the reaction of dilute nitric acid with solid aluminum oxide? Frankly, I thought aluminum oxide was insoluble in almost anything except alkali. My CRC Handbook lists it soluble in alkali and organic solvents. The

    asked by ryan
  18. Math

    Please exlain how I "use the power of ten to change each to a decimal". I was in a band lesson when my math teacher taught this. Thanks. 4 over 50 9 over 25 (fractions) 4/50= 0.08=8.0*10(exponent-2),exponent-2 means to move the decimal point to the left 2

    asked by Tom
  19. Math

    If you fold a normal piece of paper in half and then fold that in half and then fold that in half etc and repeat the folding 50 times, How thick is your final result? You can assume that the original piece of paper is 1/1000 of an inch thick. Let t denote

    asked by Wendy
  20. Physics

    Hi, i need help on the following questions. Thank you. 1) The potential at location A is 441 V. A positively charged particle is released there from rest and arrives at location B with a speed vB. The potential at location C is 805 V, and when released

    asked by Kevin
  21. math

    Does anyone know how to explain mean, median, mode and range mean?? mean-the average of a group of numbers median-the number that is in the middle in an in order group of numbers mode-most common number in a group of numbers range- the difference or

    asked by Callie
  22. cover letter!

    I have to do a resume for school and well is it good do i need more info or what? what are your suggestions? Hope ask 233 Crimson Avenue Regina, SK S7H 8K9 (306) 987 - 1234 September 20, 2006 Mrs. Julie Amerigon Human Resources Director 37 Corporate Place

    asked by hope ask
  23. Question!

    Beside each sport write either cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance or flexibility. Then write whether the sport is aerobic or anaerobic in nature. a) Hockey b) Basketball c) Cross country skiing d) volleyball e) football f) soccer g) luge h) ski

    asked by Zoie
  24. business

    *Relate the ethical decision-making process to business situations. *Distinguish between enthical & unethical business practices. Give examples of both.

    asked by Anonymous


    asked by PEACHES
  26. Civics

    what is a website I can go to to find information for a report related to government Here are a few:

    asked by pordnijiah
  27. basic math

    I know the answer but i don't understand the borrowing of the 2in the thousands place why is it 11 and not 12... the problem is 612,014-323,440=288,574 Be sure to click on the various links to

    asked by kim
  28. 8th grade math

    dividing do i solve this... 4/9 divided by 2/3= or 9/10 divided by 9/10= One thing I do remember is how to divide fractions! 4/9 divided by 2/3 = 4/9 multiplied by 3/2 Then once you've multiplied across, reduce the resulting fraction if

    asked by taya
  29. Factoring

    x2(squared)-4x+4 I would factor this into (X - 2)(X - 2) If you don't know the rules for factoring, post, and we can show you how to do it. I don't know the factoring rules. My algebra teacher couldn't teach.

    asked by Amanda
  30. ethics

    I am suppose to list some characteristics of Orientalism, but there is nothing in my reading that pertains to that. Can someone help me get started please? This is an extremely broad term, referring to countries and cultures from Japan, China, Southeast

    asked by jenna
  31. science

    Why is the earth round? Why is the water blue? Why doesn't the water fall off the earth? the earth is not perfectly round, water is blue because particles reflect blue light. The water cycle, type that in and google it to find out for yourself. I'd give u

    asked by yeri
  32. Mths problem sums

    Mr thiru took 1h to drive frm A to B at an average speed of 60Km/h. after taking a rest, he travelled 60km to reach C. His overall average speed was 36km/h. If he left A at 10.50a.m. at What time did he reach C From A to B he travelled 60 km. From B to C

    asked by Kitty
  33. english

    what does structure mean when writing an essay on ballads If you mean structure of the essay, that refers to how you organize your paragraphs within your paper. Are you following a comparison/contrast pattern? Are you explicating the poem? What you are

    asked by shannon
  34. Economics

    What percentage of Americans GDP per capita is available to the average citizen of Mexico? Americas GDP $35060.00 Mexico GDP $8540.00 To find this answer, divide 8540 by 35060. Move the decimal point in your answer two places to the right to get the

    asked by LIsa
  35. Math

    thanks for the answers, but I need to know how to solve the problems, so I can finish the remainder of my homework. Use a power of ten to change each to a decimal. 2 1/2 4 1/25 I need to learn how to solve these types of problems. I was out of the room

    asked by Tom
  36. Unit 4 - Individual project

    Les Fleurs, a boutique in Paris, France, had the following accounts in its accounting records at December 31, 20X2 (amounts in Euros, denoted as "E") Purchases………………... E250,000 Freight In……………… E8,000 Sales discounts………….

    asked by candy
  37. business- opinion question

    Hey. I don't really have an opinion on this, so just seeing what everyone else thinks. Do you think the United States should trade with China or other countries with a poor human rights record? Thanks!!! I'm ok with using economic policies as a tool to

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Managerial Econ

    given the demand function Q=9-.5P how can you figure out the optimal price if the objective of the firm is to mazimize revenues?? PLEASE HELP more a calclus question with an economics application. First, set the equation for total revenue TR. TR is simply

    asked by Erin
  39. Proofread

    hi can you profread this for me? None of them were looking forward to the task ahead. First, Lori distributed the shovels; one to each person. The shovels were heavy, long-handled brutes that promised to feel like iron weights before the work was half

    asked by jay!
  40. science

    can someone edit my lab report please? Here it is Purpose: The purpose of this experiment was to distinguish six substances observing how they react in fluids and to identify them by their properties. My hypothesis by the end of this experiment, I will

    asked by the shadow
  41. Computers

    What sources can users learn more about computers? Since you have a computer and access to the internet, you should use search engines to narrow your quest for information.

    asked by Sue
  42. types of sentence

    can anyone tell me which of the following is a complex sentence??? 1.But the journey of the coal driver is a reminder that often beneath the juggernaut of the Chinese economy are three guys squeezed into the cab of a filthy truck hauling coal, a trip

    asked by Katrina
  43. bio II

    when very small viruses infect a plant cell by crossing a membrane, the viruses often spread rapidly throughout the entire plant without crossing additional membranes. Explain how this occurs. i think it has something to do with cytoplasmic streaming but

    asked by ali
  44. music

    what is the lowest ladis voice what is the lowest ladies voice? Ladies - high = soprano Ladies - low = alto Men - high = tenor Men - low = bass =) Those are the basics. I think there are more, but maybe someone else knows the exact names. =)

    asked by zhanpeng
  45. social studies

    What is the period in the 1500's when europeans started searching they did not know is called? The Age of Exploration?

    asked by brook
  46. social studies

    I would like to know about 5 animals &5 flowers of the New York State. These sites have a lot of information about the native wildflowers and animals in New York.

    asked by sherry
  47. keyboarding

    3. You would use words for numbers when ... when it takes more than two words to say the number. =)

    asked by Anonymous
  48. Art

    Okay, I am having to do a presentation on Installation art, and it's significance and it's purpose etc. It's more analytical than a book report kind of thing! Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here is a site that also has links for you:

    asked by Beth
  49. Computers

    What learning resources are avavilable over the Internet?

    asked by Sue