Questions Asked on
September 16, 2006

  1. Physics

    A river flows due south with a speed of 2.00 m/s. A man steers a motorboat across the river; his velocity relative to the water is 4.20 m/s due east. The river is 800 m wide. What is the magnitude of his velocity relative to the earth? got it....4.65 m/s

    asked by Josh
  2. Speeches

    I have to write/ present a speech to become treasurer for my 7th grade class... things i know: I am in accerated math I am responsible I was a representative in Student Council last year I am not certain how accelerated math is helpful in the position of

    asked by Cass
  3. lanquage arts

    how do you write a timeline Timelines are dates and events written in chronological order. Some timelines allot the same amount of space between years, decades, or centuries. Others just list the dates and events with no regard to proportionate spacing.

    asked by jessica
  4. FIXED Essay 2.

    I know I have to add some specifics to certain areas, could you proofread what I have so far. Who is an American?

    asked by Soly
  5. Mathematiczz (The Problem Solving)

    A girl kept every doll she had receive since she was a baby. Later, however, she decided to get rid of most of them. She discarded 1/3 of the collection. Then, she gave 2/3 of the remaining dolls to a little girl who lived nearby. The rest of the dolls,

    asked by Ayra
  6. Physics

    A force of 3.00 N acts through a distance of 12m in the direction of the force.Find the work done. Work=force*distance*CosTheta where theta is the angle between force and distance.

    asked by fluffy
  7. Physics

    A child pushes a toy box 4.0m along the floor with the force of 6.00 N directed downward at an angle 37 degrees to the horizontal. a. How much work does the child do?" b. Would you expect more or less work to be done if the child pulled upward at the same

    asked by stefy
  8. Physics

    A 4.00kg crate is slowly lifted to a height of 1.50m. a.How much work is done by the lifting force? b.against gravity? gravity? a, Work done is m*g*height b. the work done is against gravity. c. Because the box is lifted, the work done by gravity is

    asked by stefy
  9. Physics

    What value of F can pull the 5.00 kg box at constant velocity up the incline if uk=0.25. u means coeffiient friction the angle is 30 degrees and 5.00 kg force is going up Break up the weight of the box into two components: Perpendicular to the slope, and

    asked by camille
  10. Math

    Clara measured the diameter of the circle. How many centimeters is the diamter? Clue:The measure of the diameter is between 6 x 0.15 and 9 x 0.15. Clue:The units digit and the hundreths digit are the same Clue:If the diameter was 100 times longer, its

    asked by Cass
  11. economics

    I really need help. I need to answer this 3 questions My first is this: Pizzas CD's ------ ------ 0 15 1 14 2 12 3 9 4 5 5 0 Using this information, calculate the marginal benefit and draw the marginal benefit curve. ****I really need to know how to

    asked by G
  12. Accounting

    Please Help I have no idea how to do this! I have to prepare a adjusting entry for year ended December 31, 2008 A. One third of the work related to 15,000 cash received in advance is performed this period. The company has a bank loan and has incurred but

    asked by Amber
  13. Le morte d'arthur

    I don't understand it what did Uamain emaim mathur learn by being with the three ladies from the fountain after 12 months? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Now I have a few questions for you. What exactly are you reading (title, author)

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Health

    Is it possible to die of 'old age'? I understand that as you get older, you're more likely to get cancer, Alzehemiers, etc, but is there such a thing as dying of 'old age'? This is a good question. This lecture is very informative, please read it.

    asked by Logan
  15. Open Invitation

    Please post some questions on foreign language/ESL as that area is my speciality. It's discouraging for me to see so few questions for my area! I would especially love to see questions re: Spanish, French, Japanese and literature. I am in French two. I am

    asked by SraJMcGin
  16. maths! please help me it is an emergency!!!!!!!!!!

    what is the fibonacci sequence and what is its relationship to the golden ratio? Many websites here that can help you --

    asked by Kelly
  17. science

    Are there any connections between evolution and environmental science-- if there is, what is it? Thanks! Weren't many lakes back in time very acid? I wonder if acid rain is favoring certain mutations in organisms? Will that affect evolution? I didn't quite

    asked by Jin
  18. Algebra

    3x+4y=12 solve for solution (0.)(.3/4) (,0) (8/3,) You are given the equation, and the x,y set. Iwill be happy to critique your work. Here is one as an example: 3x+4y=12 solve for solution (.3/4) 3x + 4(3/4)=12 3x + 3=12 3x=9 x=3

    asked by Paula
  19. Algebra

    Celsius temperature readings can be converted to Fahrenheit readings using formula F=9/5c+32 What is the fahrenheit temp. that corresponds to each of the following Celsius temperatures -10, 0, 15, 1000? I will be happy to critique your work on this. You

    asked by Jean
  20. accounting

    Wouldn't store supplies and office supplies be owner's equity? But that's what I put on my paper and I got it wrong. I always thought of them as expenses. Supplies are assets, not owner's equity. As they are used up they're expensed. At the end of some

    asked by anonymous
  21. Math

    A farmer was taking her eggs but they all fell on the floor. She didn't know how many eggs she had. But then she remembers when she put them in groups of two, there was one egg left over. When she put them in groups of three, there was also one egg left

    asked by Sam
  22. Equilibrium Price

    Suppose now that the invention of a better mechanical lettuce picker reduces costs. Producers are now willing to supply and quantity of lettuce for $9 less per crate than previously. What will happen to the equilibrium price of lettuce? Will it fall by th

    asked by Anonymous
  23. Equilibrium Price 2

    beginning from the point reached in your answer to part b, suppose a fad for bean sprout salad cuts the demand for lettuce, so that people are now willing to only buy half the lettuce, at any given price, that they would have bought before. What will

    asked by Anonymous
  24. Physics

    A rocket blasts off vertically from rest on the launch pad with an upward acceleration of 2.30 m/s^2. At 10.0 s after blastoff, the engines suddenly fail, which means that the force they produce instantly stops. How high above the launch pad will the

    asked by Josh
  25. Physics

    A 10000 N car comes to a bridge during a storm and finds the bridge washed out. The 750 N driver must get to the other side, so he decides to try leaping it with his car. The side the car is on is 21.6 m above the river, while the opposite side is a mere

    asked by Josh
  26. History

    I am looking for a physical map of the northwest region of the Native American groups. Thank you. Here's a

    asked by Sam
  27. math

    Hi, I have a math question that I need help with: g:-> 3(1.3)^x State equations for any asymptotes to the graph of g. I know what an asymptote is, but I do not understand this lost. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much I'm a

    asked by christine
  28. Profit margin ratio

    Could someone please help? I have to compute the profit margin for the following: Net income Net Sales A. $4,390 $44,830 B. 97,644 398,954 C. 111,385 257,082 D. 65,234 1,458,999 E. 80,158 435,925 I think (check your text) you use Net Profit Margin = Net

    asked by Amber
  29. Physics

    A man stands on the roof of a 19.0 m-tall building and throws a rock with a velocity of magnitude 24.0 m/s at an angle of 38.0 degrees above the horizontal. You can ignore air resistance. Calculate the maximum height above the roof reached by the rock. got

    asked by Josh
  30. chemistry

    How do you know the state of an element or compound when writing chemical equations? Unless otherwise known, assume the state of the element at room temp. Here is the real problem. For aqueous compounds, ie, compounds dissolved in water, you have to have

    asked by sue
  31. transportation

    what are transportation barriers Please clarify your question. Are you asking about barriers to transportation in general -- major rivers, steep mountains, etc.? Or are you asking about transportation barriers for handicapped people? Your question is

    asked by kelly
  32. Math-Geometry

    Find the angle that the hr hands and the mins hand made when it at 10:00:45.67 so it 10olock 00 min and 45.67 sec and find the angles Show works it one of those clocks problem -thanks We're asked "Find the angle that the hr hands and the mins hand made

    asked by Bob
  33. Following Month income statement

    "Customers are billed when serviced and settle their accounts in the following month." I am supposed to construct an income statement for three straight months but I do not know where to put the revenue. So for instance the company made $15,000 in revenue

    asked by Accountant
  34. Chemistry

    Consider a solution containing 37.0 (+/- 5)% (wt/wt) HCL in water. The density of the solution is 1.18 (+/- 0.01) g/mL. To deliver 0.0500 (+/- 3%)mol of HCL requires 4.18 (+/- x) mL of solution. Find x. My teacher said x= .4. How do you solve for

    asked by Andrew
  35. Propagating error

    Find the absolute and percent relative error for each calc. b) 81.5 (+/- 0.5) x 40.2 (+/- 0.2)/ 21.8 (+/- 0.2) my answer for absolute error was 150. +/- 200, which is outrageous. Can someone show how they would do it so I can compare and find my mistake?

    asked by Chris
  36. Accounting - Cash Question

    "Compute the end-of-month balances for April, May, & June for the cash, accounts, receivable, and supplies." So when I compute cash for May, will I start from the cash balance from April 31st? And the same thing for June, where I will start from where the

    asked by Anonymous
  37. physics

    An airplane flies at airspeed (relative to the air) of 400km/h. The pilot wishes to fly due North (relative to the ground) but there is a 110km/h wind blowing Southwest (direction 225ยบ clockwise from North). In what direction should the pilot head the

    asked by puff puff
  38. Math

    [52 + 10] 62 62

    asked by Eric
  39. Global...????

    Okay i have to for class monday present a speech thingy about Queen Elizabeth I... Like your in groups and one of us has to dress up like that person(queen) and the other two interview them! Soo like u need questions and answers...but heres the thing i can

    asked by megan