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September 14, 2006

  1. math induction

    prove the product of 4 consecutive integers is always divisible by 24 using the principles of math induction. Could anyone help me on this one? Thanks in advance! Sure For induction we want to prove some statement P for all the integers. We need: P(1) to

    asked by zomg
  2. physics

    2) A proton is moving parallel to a uniform electric field. The electric field accelerates the proton and increases its linear momentum to 8.6 x 10^-23 kg·m/s from 2.4 x 10^-23 kg·m/s in a time of 5.7 x 10^-6 s. What is the magnitude of the electric

    asked by Kevin
  3. algebra 1

    a submarine descended to a level 230m below the surface of the ocean. later it ascended 95m and then dove 120m. what was the new depth of the submarine? 230m -95m + 120m = ??

    asked by tato
  4. Science

    How many Atoms are in a Water Molecule H2O...two atoms of hydrogen, one of oxygen

    asked by Mike
  5. trigonometric functions

    im compeletely lost with the trigonometric functions...can anyone explain clearly to me? Are you lost on the definitions?...where is the problem. You need to be able to draw and label all the parts of a triangle, the hypotenuse and legs. Then be able to

    asked by Katrina

    do anyone knows a poem named "Instruction for Joining a New Society", which about the desire to become an American? I need this poem immediately!!! Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. If that is the title, I find nothing! If you have either

    asked by Katrina
  7. physics

    A car speeds up form 0m/s to 4m/s in 10 seconds. What is the acceleration? Look up the formula for acceleration, and then this is simple plug-n-chug. Use (v_final - v_initial)/time = average acceleration. Here v_final=4m/s, v_initial=0m/s and t=10.

    asked by Jennifer
  8. algebra 1

    i need help with graph and equations How can we help you?

    asked by terrance
  9. maths linear eqautions

    i have a number of sweets in a bag. if i removed three of them and divided the number remaining by 4, i would have two fewer than if i removed 7 and divided the number remaining by 3. How many sweets do i have (N-3)/4 = (N-7)/3 +2 check my thinking. I see

    asked by fussiilat
  10. Brothers Karamazov

    I do not understand why Dmitri originally doubted that Smerdyakov murdered Fyodor but later changed his mind and thought Smerdyakov murdered Fyodor. Be sure to go into and find this book under the B's -- then read the section called

    asked by carter
  11. Scanvenger Hunt

    I need a list for a teen scavenger hunt, please help! =)

    asked by TJ
  12. Please proofread essay

    Could you please proofread my agumentive essay and make sure that my pronouns agree with each other. Thanxs! Who Is An American? What makes a person an American? The debate is still standing on what actually makes a person an American. Each person has a

    asked by Soly
  13. Biology

    Describe interdependence in a viological community (Broken Link Removed) (Broken Link Removed) why is milk pasteurised or UHT treated?

    asked by Shelby
  14. history

    hello... i would like to ask what problem of king henry VII WOULD BE THE MOST IMPORTANT AND WHY? TO GET A SON? TO BE MORE POWERFUL? Scroll down to the section called Law Enforcement and Justices of Peace.

    asked by sheromeya
  15. English

    Hi I was wondering if anybody could explain what "winged words" are in terms of the Odyssey? Thanks. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here is the definition from Definitions winged words plural noun 1. literary: Meaningful

    asked by Rachel
  16. Physics

    A ball is thrown from ground level up in the air at 61m/s. How fast is the ball going 1s after being thrown. This problem wants you to use the formula v = (-1/2)gt^2 + v_0 g=9.8m/s^2 and v_0 = 61m/s so v = (-1/2)g*(1s)^2 + 61m/s at t = 1. I wrote the

    asked by Jennifer
  17. CJ-- Can someone proofread before I submit it?

    The attacks by Islamic terrorists on September 11, 2001 have increased demands for law enforcement agencies in the areas of officer functions and policing concepts. It has led the American justice system to implement unconventional tasks for combating

    asked by Emanuel
  18. english

    how would you encourage a relucant peer reviewer Posted by SraHendry on Tuesday, August 22, 2006 at 9:56pm. The purpose of peer review is to give both students an opportunity to gain insight in

    asked by shanaya
  19. world history

    How did the ancient government of Greece and Rome influenced the system of laws in the modern day United States? (Broken Link Removed) Even though this is a lesson plan, you can get many ideas out of the long list that is given.

    asked by Anonymous
  20. Analogies (just one)-- please help

    Smile is to compare as hyperbole is to ____________ exaggerate procession equipped possibility I thought something was awry. Simile means to compare and hyperbole means to exaggerate. Did you try dictionary.c o m? This is easy, a simile is a comparison and

    asked by Anonymous
  21. Analogies (to question below)

    Simile not smile... sry

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Math

    Can someone please help me with an algebra problem? -|4-8b|=12 I really get confused with the absolute value symbols and a negative sign outside of them. Don't worry about it; it does tend to be a bit confusing. I'll explain the difference between inside

    asked by Andrea
  23. World history

    Whar are 5 influences from England that still impact us today?? Magna Carta, English language, bicameral legislature -- three that I can think of right off the bat. Does that get you started?? ??

    asked by Martin
  24. Look for poem

    can anyoone help me to find these two poems... 1.AmeR¨ªcan 2.Instruction for Joining a New Society Do you know the authors? I looked on google but found nothing.

    asked by Katrina
  25. Social Studies

    I have to find the definition of a "locator" and draw it. I am studing maps. The other definitions I had to draw were: Cardinal and Intermediate directions and oceans. Locator is the last one. I am totally stumped i have no clue

    asked by Chloe
  26. Science

    How can a graduated cylinder marked in milliliters be used to measure the volume of a small wooden block? Hurry up and answer this for me!!!!!! put 100ml water into the cylinder, then put the block into the water and measure how many ml are indicated on

    asked by Margaret
  27. science

    how can a drop of rain in Denver become a flake of snow in Montana. Rain, and water vapor, freeze in temperatures below 0C. True

    asked by angela
  28. Algebra

    I'm not quite sure about these problems. I know how to do them, but it seems that I get the wrong answer. Maybe I'm supposed to get 'no solution' but I'm not sure. Could someone please help me with them? 5|6-5x|=15x-35 2|3x-7|=10x-8 1/4|4x+7|=8x+16 Ok for

    asked by Maria
  29. math

    what do we call the numbers that cannot be arranged into 2-row arrays? odd numbers Like I hate equations help me I can't figure them out What's the equation? what do we call the numbers that cannot be arranged into 2-row arrays

    asked by ali
  30. Math

    2+2= 7 2=2=4 Why are you being a smart aleck? Or do you really not know?

    asked by Lacy
  31. science

    write up a conrol group and a experimaental group I will be happy to critique your work on this. You almost need a hypothesis to be tested to do this.

    asked by jessika
  32. science

    write up a conrol group and a experimaental group Example: Control:Plant with no fertilizer Eperimental groups:plant with fertilizer. The point of the control is to prove that the IV did something to the plant. Here's another example:

    asked by jessika
  33. Algerbra 1

    1/3x + 5/6 = 2/9x - 1/3 How do I solve this to get the answer? For basic algebra you need to understand that we can add (or subtract) the same quantity from both sides without affecting the = sign. We can also multiply and divide (except by 0) both sides

    asked by Courtney
  34. Easy Trig question Help me plz

    can someone tell me the steps of answering this problem Sin(B+15)=Cos(2B+30) the answer is B=15 but im not sure how to get that answer, i thought u set B+15=2B+30 but i end up getting B= -15 when i do that. You should know the basic relation between sine

    asked by John
  35. algebra1/McDougal Littell

    evaluate the expression for the given values of the variables. (a+b)3 when a=3 and b= 5 Just plug in the variables. so the equation would be 3(3+5) then distribute(multiply both 5 and three by three) 9+15, you can do the rest (3+5)3 --> (8)3=24

    asked by tonya
  36. Physics/Statistics

    We're actually learning propigation of error in my chem class, but it seems to be used equally as much in Physics/Stats. My teacher showed us two methods of doing it: REAL Method (Addition/Subtraction): square root[(error absolute 1)^2 + (error absolute

    asked by Amiga
  37. Theories in Science

    Why are theories "not proven"? Typically because they involve observations that are beyond our limits. Speculating about the universe is theory because of the size of the universe. Similarly, wetheorize about sub-atomic particles because we can't see what

    asked by Amanda
  38. algebra1/McDougal Littell

    Is the given number a solution of the equation or the inequality? 4y-7=3y-4;3 equation I think it is the inequality. Try substituting 3 for y and see what you get. 4*3-7=3*3-4 or 12-7=9-4 Is this a valid equality? Alternative solution: solve for y

    asked by tonya
  39. lauguage arts

    what do rats do I need help fast. It looks as if what you need to do is learn how to conduct thorough and effective searches for yourself. That's what research is, and I'm sure that's what your teacher expects you to do -- conduct research.

    asked by Jacky
  40. Chemistry

    How does Significant Figures work? If i had a number: 1,007,000 is that with 4 sig figs or 7 sig figs? I checked 5 different resources and gotten conflicting answers. Help! The answer will depend on what's being measured and how it's being measured. If

    asked by Summer
  41. Modern History

    The US legal and political system have been greatly influenced by the the thinkers of the Enlightenment era. What are the impact of at least three Enlightment thinkers on modern times? If you have a specific question about the research you have to do,

    asked by Bryan
  42. English

    Can anyone give me an example of a metaphor?? I googled examples of metaphors. This is what I found by checking a couple links: 1) (political) fallout - "...political fallout from the scandal." 2) road map (to peace) - "Unfolding the road map to peace." 3)

    asked by Lexxi