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September 12, 2006

  1. chemistry

    Write out the net ionic equation for: Cd(NO3)2 + Na2S -----> 2NaNO3 + CdS ----- thanks!! Write out the net ionic equation for: Cd(NO3)2 + Na2S -----> 2NaNO3 + CdS If this is done in a water solution, then the sodium nitrate will be in solution, as was the

    asked by Tessa
  2. Math

    What is my number? clue 1. my number is a multiple of 2 and 7 clue 2. My number is less than 100 but larger than 50. clue 3. My number is the product of three primes, which are all different. Can some one tell me how to work this problem? Well, let's look

    asked by arochimero
  3. chemistry

    normal value for blood cholesterol is 200mg/dL. If normal adult has a total blood volume if 5L, how much total cholesterol is present one dl is a tenth of a liter, so 200mg/dl (1liter/10dl)(5)

    asked by michele
  4. math

    If a question states: Use the digits 1-9 only in order. Insert operation sings and grouping symbols to ge the value of 100.: what do I do or what is the answer?? It says to use 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and insert + - * / ( ) to get an expression that evaluates to

    asked by joe
  5. Calculus

    Would someone clarify this for me... Is antiderivatives just another name for intergral and why is intergral of a function is the area under the curve? Antiderivatives is another word for integral. Why area? THink on this...the integral is the sum of all

    asked by Jan
  6. Physics

    At the instant the traffic light turns green, an automobile that has been waiting at an intersection starts ahead with a constant acceleration of 2.50 m/s^2. At the same instant, a truck, traveling with a constant speed of 15.4 m/s, overtakes and passes

    asked by Josh
  7. Math

    Okay .. Im working on Linear Equations and am VERY confused can someone help me solve this equation? (Remember its : Linear Equation) y=3x+4 Ok Gabby, this is a line with slope 3 and y intercept 4. Have you seen how to graph lines yet? (Incidentally, we

    asked by Gabby
  8. science

    Two diamonds begin a free fall from rest from the same height, 1 s apart. How long after the first diamond begins to fall will the two diamonds be 10 m apart? The part that confuses me is when the diamonds are 1s apart. s=(-1/2)g*t^2 At t=1sec the first

    asked by Jen
  9. algebra

    What is the width of a rectangle with a perimeter of 70 feet if its length is 1 foot? 2 feet? L.feet? perimeter = 2(length + width) If perimeter = 70 then 35= length + width Now substitute 1,2,and L and solve for width. how do you find the L. feet? L is

    asked by christine
  10. science

    A ball is throen vertically downward from the rop of a 36.6 m tall building . The ball passes the top of a window that is 12.2 m above the groung 2.00s after being thrown. What is the speed of the ball as it passes the top of the window? Would i need to

    asked by Jen
  11. Mathematicz (The Correct Question)

    A pipe has an outer radius of 4 1/2 cm. If the metal is 1/4 cm thick, what is the inner diameter of the pipe? Please help me!!! You not you just subtract from the or the wall thickenss, then double it to get the id? Draw two concentric circles and see if

    asked by Ayra

    I did a test to all the website that supposedley give you help with your homework, i have to say your is the best becuase it is very invormative and you don't give the answer you let the kids learn what it is by themselves and you encourage them i give you

    asked by Anonymous
  13. lord of flies essay approach

    discuss the fragility of civilization against the sestructive force of fear. suggested approach:fear is the enemy of civilization: fear prevents construction and progress. i have to write an essay for the "Lord of the Flies" and above is the topic. how do

    asked by Anonymous
  14. spelling

    what are some antonyms for pallor For synonyms and antonyms for all words, try these websites: =)

    asked by cynthia
  15. math help1

    Okay I am a little bit confused about one math question can you please Help me out? There is two parts but I already finished part a just stuck on part b Okay so part a. draw the reflection of f(x) = (square root X-2) in the Line y=X Okay I understand that

    asked by kris!
  16. word problem!!!!!!!

    three people decide to share the cost of a yacht. by bringing in an additional partner, they can reduce the cost for each by $4000. what is the total cost of the yacht? $16,000 okay how did you get that. easy i multiplied 4,000 multiplied by 4 ... it says

    asked by jason
  17. Physics

    A car traveling 56 km/h is 24 m from a barrier when the driver slams on the brakes. The car hits the barrier 2s later a) what is the car's constant deceleration before the impact? b)How fast is the car traveling at impact? I don't get the impact parts... I

    asked by Jason
  18. Mathematics - Cardinal Number

    Hi, This is a really easy question. I think I am analyzing it too much: Find the cardinal number of the following set: {1,3,5,.....1001} Thanks in advance. Ok, the cardinal number is the numbe of members of a set. The set you've given us the first xxx odd

    asked by Krisy
  19. can someone please check if im right : math

    4(3x+7) is this the equivalent expression : 12x+28 Yes it is, that' using the distributive property. ok. how do i get the opposite of an expression example : -10t+21 The opposite? Do you mean the negative or additive inverse of the expression? If so then

    asked by alejandra
  20. economics

    assume that the demand and supplu equations for bushels of wheat are as follows Qd=15-(3*P) Qs=1+(4*P) Also assume that, the equilibrium, Qd=Qs solve for equilibrium price by setting quanity demand equal to quanity supplied. what is the disequilibrim

    asked by ericca porch
  21. algebra

    geometric dot pattern. 1+2+...+80 I'm not sure what the question is, to add up the numbers from 1 to 80? If it is this is an extremely old problem. If you use the progression o 1 dot____ ..o ..oo 3 dots___ .....o .....oo .....oooo 4dots____ the

    asked by jaznai
  22. eth

    how do you think slavery influenced the evolution of both black and white america today? is there any websites that might help me with this question? As I was starting to answer your question, I had a conversation with BobPursley. He has summed this answer

    asked by jenny
  23. Geometry

    I need help with this. Use the Law Of Syllogism to determine a conclusion from statements 1 & 2. 1. All squares are rhombuses 2. The diagonals of a rhombus are perpendicular. What can we say about the diagonals of all squares then? the diagonals of all

    asked by Azlin
  24. science

    how much did the first microscope magnify? i think it magnified from 6x to 10x....from all the research i gathered... how much does the first microscope magnify

    asked by Kelly
  25. science

    Who invented the first microscope and what did it look like?

    asked by Kelly
  26. critical thinking

    How can readers distinguish between prejudicial and non- prejudicial use of rhetorical devices?

    asked by Wendy
  27. chemistry

    The percentage of phosphourus in a detergent product may be determined by sample treatment including the precipitation of magnesium ammonium phosphate MgNH4PO4*6H2O (MW=245.41), using an excess of both magnesium and ammonium ions. The separated ans washed

    asked by bria
  28. algebra

    suppose the length of a rectangle increases,but the perimeter remains at 70 feet. How does the width change? Either the width increases, decreases or remains the same. Which of these three choices makes the most intuitive sense? We know perimeter =

    asked by christine
  29. health

    what is the importance of nutrition and an active lifestyle? HELP ME HERE! You can expand on this quicky summary. Proper nutrition is important in order to have the nutrients to form bone, muscle, and tissues for proper growth. An active lifestile is

    asked by school girl11
  30. my question eairlier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    help me please i missed three days of school last week and i am freaking out about my question please help

    asked by ashley
  31. math

    The roots of the eqn x^4 - 3x^2 + 5x - 2 = 0 are a, b, c, d, and a^n + b^n + c^n + d^n is denoted by S~n. The equation of the roots a^2, b^2, c^2, d^2 is y^4 - 6y^3 + 5y^2 - 13y + 4 = 0. State the value of S~2 and hence show that S~8 = 6S~6 - 5S~4 + 62. I

    asked by joe
  32. economics

    Suppose you have two products x and y. the actual production for a given period was 20 units of X and 250 of Y. What can you infer from this information. The demand for Y is probably higher than the demand for X. You can also generate many other

    asked by Jon
  33. english story

    we have to write a dramatically story about a man and a woman who met in their holidays. can somebody help?? Why don't you outline a story, then start writing? We will be able to critique your ideas. Note that the story could have an element or two of

    asked by lilly
  34. social studies

    Why is it important to know the location of a geographical region then you know stuff like where to go to get there.iguess. but idon't know exactly.

    asked by Katelyn
  35. algebra

    a chemist mixes an 11% alchohol solution with an 8% alchohol solutoins. How many milliliters of each solution should he use to make a 600ml solution that is 8% alchohol solution? Why wouldn't we just use 600ml of the 8% solution to begin with? So 0ml of

    asked by nicole
  36. chemistry

    which is saltier the gulf of mexico or pacific ocean The more orange, the higher salinity

    asked by diana
  37. Running for President

    can any1 come up with a good campaigning phrase like: Vote roxy NEW KIDS DESERVE IT TOO! im new at school vote rocky shells rock all kids socks!!! lol i tryed my best hehe thx ive been studying hey vote 4 me! my names roxy! i'll change your school sot hat

    asked by Roxy55
  38. math

    Julie Fleming owns 903/4 acres of land in Arizona. She sells one-third of the land and deeds 1/4 of the reminder to her son. How many acres of land does she have left? Is that 90 3/4 (ninety and three-quarters) acres? If so then 90 3/4 = 363/4 Thus

    asked by Nathan
  39. algebra

    give the demensions of rectangles with the perimeters of 70 feet and length-to-width ratios of 3 to 4, 4 to 5, and 1 to 1. Ok, the perimeter is 70 and perimeter = 2(length + width) The ratio is length:with=3:4 so length = (3/4)width 70 = 2(length + width)

    asked by christine
  40. Physics

    What value of F can pull the 5.00 kg box at constant velocity up the incline plane if uk=0.25. uk is coefficient friction The force F must equal the component of weight down the plane added to the frictional force. The frictional force is uk*mg*cosTheta.

    asked by fluffy
  41. Proofread -- English

    Yes, that is correct. I am currently taking BUS and CJ courses, but on the 1st of January, my focus will be entirely to CJ. Can someone proofread this sentence for me? I'm not sure I understand the question. If the sentence is to be proofed, I don't know

    asked by Anonymous
  42. Physics

    A 6.00 kg crate is pushed by a 300.0 N force at and angle of 30 degrees with the horizontal. a.What coefficient of friction value is experienced by the crate if it moves at constant velocity? b. What coefficient of friction value is present if the crate

    asked by fluffy
  43. RE: accounting

    When posting a journal entry how would I post the following. March 9 Completed a 7,500 project for a client who must pay within 30 days. March 22 Received 3,500 cash as a partial payment fro the work completed on March 9 Please help immediately thanks

    asked by Dan
  44. Please proofread my essay

    Could you please proofread my agumentive essay. Thanxs! Who Is An American?

    asked by Soly
  45. Calculus Assignment

    Hey there. Okay well I just started first year university and we got an assignment to sorta brush up our rememberance of everything and well...I'm not remebering to well. If anyone can help me with this question that would be great. Thanks. The secant

    asked by Tracy
  46. literature

    I need an essy examples for an essy bout excusses???????HELP!???????!??!?!!? Is a good source for excuses. If you read a few, you get the idea what is really happening: Folks are looking for some validation to

    asked by tadabie
  47. another algebra word problem

    okay guys, just one more word problem. and i don't think this one has any typos in it: The perimeter of a rectangle is 27 cm and its area is 35 square centimeters. Find the length and the wide of the rectangle. i just need help getting it started... Ok

    asked by nicole
  48. math

    The roots of the eqn x^4 - 3x^2 + 5x - 2 = 0 are a, b, c, d, and a^n + b^n + c^n + d^n is denoted by S~n. The equation of the roots a^2, b^2, c^2, d^2 is y^4 - 6y^3 + 5y^2 - 13y + 4 = 0. State the value of S~2 and hence show that S~8 = 6S~6 - 5S~4 + 62.

    asked by joe
  49. scientific notation

    how can i put 10010 into a scientific notation We want the first digit from the left followed by a decimal then some power of 10 Here it's 1.001 x 10^?? How many decimals did we move to the left?

    asked by alejandra
  50. resume!

    I need to write a chronological resume and I was wondering if you could give me an example, and do I have to write the adress down and phone number and reason for leaing or do i put at the end that My recommendations will be given upon request

    asked by clueless!
  51. math

    I am trying to convert km to meters, centimeters and milimeters. Some of the orignals are like 1.5 km= ?m or cm or mm. I am really having a hard time getting the decimal points in the right place or when to leave them out altogether. I'm only in 5th grade.

    asked by morgan2
  52. social studies

    i have a crossword puzzle but i have one word i can't figure out.the clue: the------i- coastal plain is a strip of land that begins in the norteast and runs along the east and gulf coasts.please help me.

    asked by ashley
  53. business

    what are the features of money? Are you asking for physical features of the American dollar bill?

    asked by calbert
  54. mathematics

    the area of a rectangle is 175 and the length is 1 and a half times bigger than the width. find the width L x W = Area L = 1.5W 1.5W x W = 175 or 1.5W^2 = 175 W^2 = =116.666 making W = 10.80... and L = 16.20... 10.80... x 16.20... = 175

    asked by ayinde
  55. Peer review

    How would you encourage a reluctant peer reviewer? Please tell us your ideas, and we'll be glad to add to them. my friend thinks that I spreaded a rumor and now she wants to be my friend again what should I do Trust is key in any friendship and without it

    asked by Lisa
  56. science

    What is another word for a microscope's eyepiece? It starts with an O and has to have 6 letters. And what does Ocular mean?

    asked by Jordan

    A little old fool but doesn't bath. Who can it be? This doesn't make any sense at all. Please double-check. ?? open-ended introductins

    asked by Ayra
  58. math!!!!!!!!!!

    how would you do this problem with intergers? 30+(-25)+(-15) when I did it I got -10 is that right? try doing it on a calculater i would but i can't find mine. Yes the answer is -10.

    asked by Nikki
  59. Arrays

    What do you call numbers that cannot be arranged into 2-row arrays? Those would be the odd numbers or numbers without a factor of 2 in them.

    asked by Mayra
  60. Pre Algebra

    how do i do to get the answer for negative 12 + possitive 4+negative(8) You want (-12) + 4 + (-8) This is the same as -12 + 4 -8 If you add the first two number you get -12 + 4 = -8 Then add this to the last number to get -8 + -8 = -16 negative + positive

    asked by Navarijo
  61. Theory

    Hello, I am stumped on this question of which theory do you like best and why. Ericksons or piaget. Thanks, I'm sure your teacher wants your opinion -- not the opinion of some unknown Jiskha teacher. If you post your answer, we'll be glad to critique it

    asked by chabug
  62. science

    how does coal mines and fatories affect the environment? What are the waste products from mines and factories? What happens to the products, do they end up in the enviroment?

    asked by calbert
  63. math

    how do you calculate combinations [C(6,2)] without using a calculator. I know that this is supposed to be a case of choosing 2 of six objects, but I'm notfamiliar with the logic behind it. can you help, please? It's actually 6 choose 2 objects The

    asked by katie