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September 6, 2006

  1. order of magnitude estimate

    Which of the following is the best order of magnitude estimate in meters of the height of a mountain? a) 1 m b) 10 m c) 100 m d) 1000 m And your thinking is...? We will be happy to critique your thinking or work. I perosnally think that it is d is that

    asked by Anonymous
  2. Economics

    Determine whether each of the following would cause a shift in the aggregate demand curve, the aggregate supply curve, neither, or both. Which curve shifts, and in which direction? What happens to aggregate output and the price level in each case? a. The

    asked by Jeffrey
  3. Macroeconomics

    (Supply and Demand) How do you think each of the following affected the world price of oil? (Use basic supply and demand analysis.) a. Tax credits were offered for expenditures on home insulation. b. The Alaskan oil pipeline was completed. c. The ceiling

    asked by karo
  4. estimate

    Estimate the number of breaths taken during 70 years, the average life span of a person. Estimate the number of times your heart beats in an average day. And your thinking is...? We will be happy to critique your thinking or work.

    asked by anonymous
  5. microeconmics

    hi guys, im stuck on this question, if anyone can help me out i would really appreciate it ! Q: The market demand and supply curves for an agricultural product are as follows: Qd = 4500-250P and Qs = 200p where quantities are in thousands of bushels per

    asked by michael
  6. MATH!!!

    given isosceles triangle ABC, line AB = BC, and BD is the angle bisector of isosceles triangle ABC prove AB x DC = BC x AD Aren't the two halves congruent? (SAS) If so, then DC is equal to AD. Don't the ratios AB:AD=BC:DC by corresponding parts? how do i

    asked by Annie
  7. Science-Measurement

    What is useful when exact data is not required???? An estimated value? A ball park number? An approximation? An order of magnitude? No, it's a 10 letter word. None of those fit. Do you know what letter it begins with or any of the letters between the

    asked by Kaylee
  8. english

    What would be the prepositional phrase, subject, and verb phrase in this sentence? The gift was from John and his sister. Let me point out first that I am far from an English major and you should use additional resources but this is the way I see it.

    asked by Nikki
  9. civil war republican party

    Who supported the Republican Party that was formed in 1854? I think its Abraham Lincoln.. is this right? A. E. Bovay is one of the principals who formed the party in 1854. The party was formed by a group of anti-slavery folks, and that in that year was the

    asked by Anonymous
  10. Macroeconomics - real GDP growth

    I have graphed the real GDP growth over the years 1990-2004. I need help analyzing it! What happened when it was going down? What happened when it shot back up again? HELP! Thanks... The GDP growth rate went down considerably during the period 2000-2002,

    asked by Samantha
  11. art

    I was given a brief which required me to innitiate a range of ideas that were inspired by visits to four art galleries and musems, using the title ; past, present future. The brief then asked me to make 2 drawings a day, based on my ideas from galleriies,

    asked by naomi
  12. economics(micro)

    hi ppl ! i have an assinment im stuck on, this particular question i cant do so if anyone can help plzzz do Q: in response to increasing thefts by drug addicts, the government passes legislation increasing both the penalty and probability of punishment for

    asked by brad
  13. physics

    The height of a horse is sometimes given in units of "hands". Why was this a poor standard of length before it was redefined to refer to exactly 4 in.? And your thinking is...? I noticed my neighbor's hands, a small woman, are pretty little. We will be

    asked by anonymous
  14. einstein's equation

    Einstein's famous equation indicates that E=mc^2, where c is the speed of light and m is the object's mass. Given this, what is the SI unit for E? And your thinking is...? We will be happy to critique your thinking or work.

    asked by anonymous
  15. accurate/precise

    Can a set of measurements be precise but not accurate? Explain. My weight is 3.23945866 lbs. However, my doctor says it is more like 220 lbs. Which is more precise, and which is more accurate?

    asked by anonymous
  16. physics

    Determine the units of the quantity described by the following cobinations of units. a) kg (m/s) (1/s) b) (kg/s) (m/s^2) c) (kg/s) (m/s)^2 d) (kg/s) (m/s) And your thinking is...? We will be happy to critique your thinking or work.

    asked by anonymous
  17. Economics

    One supply-side measure introduced by the Reagan administration was a cut in income tax rates. Use an aggregate demand-supply diagram to show what the effect was intended. What might happen if such a tax cut also generated a change in aggregate demand?

    asked by Tonia
  18. Accounting

    I have to prepare a income statement with the following info. I don't understand it. cash 11,360 Accounts Receivable 14,000 office supplies 3,250 land 46,000 office equipment 18,000 accounts payable 8,500 owner investments 84,000 cash withdrawals by owner

    asked by Dan
  19. can someone....

    In free-writing form, discuss your learning style and what kind of learner you are. can someone proof read this for me? I am a kinesthetic learner; I like to do hands on work like labs. I do best in a classroom where there is lots of movement; where I can

    asked by Anonymous
  20. physics

    what is is called (both terms) when somthing makes a sound but no one is aroun to here it? Plz this is 4 my h work It could be many terms. Unobserved Source comes to mind. Surely you are not wasting much class time in physics class on this.

    asked by jonathan
  21. Ethics

    "When a reporter makes a mistake in a magazine article, you can run a correction; but when a health care worker makes a mistake, someone can die." Reflecting on this statement, should we hold people in certain professions to higher standards of legal

    asked by Anonymous
  22. chemistry

    HCL is tritrated with NaOH. KHP is then added. A possible source of systematic error in this experiment is failure to dry the KHP. If this occured, would the final wt% NA2CO3 be falsely high, falsely low, or unaffected. Give reasoning. Thanks. You have

    asked by bria
  23. Biology

    5 Facts on ENZYMES

    asked by Hasin Arshad
  24. english

    perks of being a wallflower. Does anyone know any symbols in that book? email or respond:

    asked by lauren
  25. listner!

    what is an Content-oriented, and Time-oriented listener? Check this site.,7967,805205-,00.html

    asked by kris!
  26. I need clarification on this. Subject is CJ.

    Who understands this? Can someone explain this further for me please? Library Assignment: One of the most important aspects to law enforcement is the anticipation of the resources required to perform police functions effectively. Manpower needs must be

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Environmental science

    I know how environmental science branches off to various sciences- how does astronomy (to be specific, the discovery that Pluto's not a planet anymore) relates to environmental science? Thank you! Reclassifying Pluto as "not a planet" is NOT a discovery.

    asked by Jin
  28. science

    What is unit size or amount agreed on? 8 letter word How about "standard"? thank-you

    asked by Lindsey

    HOW DOES GRAVITY EFFECT ACCELERATION?? If a body is free to fall, gravity accelerates it at a constant rate.

    asked by KEYONNA
  30. unscramble

    what is this word unscrambled I have no idea!!!! aiclopv I tried Zach's Word Unscrambler, which you can easily find with Google, and it says there are no unscrambled English words in the 130,000 word database that use those letters. If you find one, I'd

    asked by help
  31. Amendmants

    why is the first amendment (freedom of speech, religion, assembly, and politics) the most important? and why? Because it makes america (asuming your from america) what it stands for. America is about being who you are,

    asked by Taylor
  32. English

    Whats a correct principal part of a verb , and infinitive part of a verb? Verbs have three principal parts, although some dictionaries and grammars list four. So I'll show you four in case that's what you are supposed to know. For "regular" verbs: Base

    asked by Anita
  33. science

    Correct ways for performing laboratory procedures. 10 letter word

    asked by Lindsey
  34. English

    what is the preposition, conjunction, and artical of these sentances? 1. Stan enrolled in the driving course, and he looked forword to his first lesson. 2. He read a book of instructions or rules of the road. 3.Then, He practiced all the driving

    asked by Anita
  35. spanish

    what is the capitol of columbia how to spell spanish numbers Thank you for using the Homework Help Forum. Since you don't say how many numbers you want, here is up to 21. céro, uno (sometimes un/una), dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nueve,

    asked by jordan
  36. math

    A country exported 60,000,000 less than it imported, creating a negative balance ...and the question is? We know imports > exports. Therefore we have a trade imbalance of 60,000,000. On the fiscal budget for the country this would be recorded in red or

    asked by Marie
  37. Language arts please check this

    I'm not sure which sounds better? as best that I can --------------or----------- as best as I can Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. The 2nd sounds better ( or you could even leave the "as" out = as best I can. THANK YOU SOOOOO

    asked by Help24
  38. math

    How to solve for delta using trig functions? i.e. cosine sine tangent secant Thank you I'm not sure what delta you're referring to. Could you please elaborate some for us. What is it you're trying to do with the trig funtions? the problem is.. limit sec

    asked by Kali
  39. science

    I am having trouble with independent and dependent variables. Here is a problem from my home work. Krusty Krabs Breath Mints: mr. K created a secret ingredient for a breath mint that he thinks will cure bad breath people get from eating his crabby patties.

    asked by Kate
  40. teachers

    Why don't most teachers at public schools let us think for ourselves? it's insulting. I am in English 3 and my teacher does all our work for us. What should we do? Here is my advice. Either bite your lip, and remain quiet, or discuss it privately with the

    asked by Bradley
  41. Help!!!

    Caring,Responsibility,Effort, Respect,Honesty,and Choices..............What are they? Please Helpp!!!!!!!!!!! Could it be character traits? Political slogans? Abstract nouns? =) Words we can expect to be bombarded with every day from now until Nov 7th??

    asked by passion12
  42. Math

    1,6,3,7,9,4,5,7=17 only plus or minus can be out in between the numbers and they must stay in the order shown EX. 1-6+3-7+9-4+5+7=17 It must equal 17 Here's a hint. Add all the numbers up first, then see what number needs to be subtracted in order to get

    asked by Chalese
  43. computers please help

    Hi i'm taking a intro to technology class and we have this assignment where we take different types of computers and find information. but i'm stuck. i need to find the speed of the motherboard for all of them. here's a list of them i have find for:

    asked by Anonymous
  44. math (mixed Review

    Is the number given a solution of the equation? 2y+8=4y-2;5 Put in y=5 , and see if the two sides of the equation are equal. yes write each as a fraction. 0.1= I do not how to do mixed review

    asked by tonya
  45. grammar

    It's been too long... someone please help - 4th grade grammar, simple and complete subjects in sentences. This webpage should help immensely. Just remember that the complete subject is the simple subject

    asked by Amber
  46. archetype

    would of mice and men be an archetype? why? Consider the meaning of the word; then if you decide it is an archetype, you'll have to be able to state what it's an archetype of! =) archetype: an image or symbol that is used

    asked by anonymous
  47. math

    What is outliers? how do you solve this problem? please give me some answers. In statistics outliers are data points that very far from the mean. There are some rules of thumb for determining them, but I don't recall them right off hand and don't want to

    asked by Brittney
  48. math

    in a graph, why might the data be represented in horizontal line segments? Lots of reasons. It depends upon what is plotted in the graph. You can get horizontal line segments in cases of (1) distance vs. time during a peiod when a vehicle is not moving (2)

    asked by person
  49. MATH


    asked by VANESSA