Questions Asked on
September 3, 2006

  1. Pre-Algebra

    Write a rule for this pattern.Fing the next three numbers in the pattern. 1,4,10,22,46,94 the answer that i came up with was that the pattern start with one add 3 and it goes by 3's or 6's. Please and Thank- you Can you see that each term after 1 is the

    asked by Bowier4
  2. these questions left...someone help

    In addition, briefly discuss the sources of criminal law. How does constitutional law affect the development of the criminal code? What are common law crimes as opposed to actions criminalized by statute? Only last two questions... nevermind..

    asked by Timothy K.
  3. Science

    I have difficulty of this assignment. Please advise. Below is the instruction for the presentation: You have been asked to assist a developing country with its food and water supply. When devising your plan, you should list and weigh the pros and cons of

    asked by chandara
  4. Math

    The following are the first four terms of a sequence: a, a (1/b),a(1/b(1/b),a(1/b)(1/b)(1/b) where a is a positive integer. Is the eight term positive or negative? explain So the sequence could be seen as {a/b^(n-1): n=1,2,3...} I hope you can see that the

    asked by dgibson
  5. writing

    What can be done about performance-enhancing drugs in sports? If you do a search on performance enhancing drugs, you will find good web sites, the best probably is "How stuff works..." good luck... Once you have something written up in which you state YOUR

    asked by Sassie
  6. Social Studies

    Are there any websites that contain information about the Phoenicians? I'm doing a website project on them. I need ones that provide info that is simple but detailed, easy to understand, because alot of the websites are very confusing. Also I can't seem to

    asked by Angie
  7. Urgent... I need help please

    When do you think the prosecutor's office should become involved in a case (pre-arrest or post-arrest)? Do you think involvement by a prosecutor in the original stages of an investigation is a good idea? Can a defense attorney ever become involved in a

    asked by Timothy K.
  8. h.e

    name me 5 labour saving appliances you would find at home My robot vacumn cleaner. My dishwasher My washer and dryer. My remote control on the stereo, TV, car, My wordprocessor My email. My online banking. My shopping online. My microwave. My convection

    asked by Shauna
  9. math

    first question: could x^5-1 simplified? what is the limit of cuberoot(x^2-5x-4) as x approaches 4? For the first one: could x^5-1 simplified? Yes, the expression can be factored as the 5th roots of unity. First, divide it by (x-1) to get (x^5-1)=(x-1)*4th

    asked by .
  10. math

    the limit of cuberoot((-3x^3+5x+2)/(x^2-1)) as x approaches 3 is the problem. how could (-3x^3+5x+2) so it would be factored out with denominator? thanks! If you read the answer I gave for the previous question, then you can take the limit inside to get

    asked by .
  11. History help!!!!!!!!

    Why did the colonists react to the Coercive Acts with boycotts and convening the First Continental COngresss? in 1764, the British Parliament passed the Sugar Act. Many of the colonists were unwilling to pay tax which was imposed - this is what started

    asked by Dave
  12. English/European history

    In Machiavelli's, The Prince, what does Machiavelli consider the ideal economy? The ideal economy, according to Machiavelli, is one in which there is little or no taxation. Thus the public is free to prosper as much as he or she desires, without any

    asked by Jamie
  13. P.E

    What is a tactic in basketball and how does it work ? The word "tactic" just means a plan or a strategy. So ... who comes up with plans or strategies or tactics for players to use in a game? Who

    asked by DEBoRAH
  14. algebra

    How do I figure out this problem? You have 37 coins (all nickels , dimes, and quarters) adding up to $5.50. You have 4 more quarters than nickels. How many dimes do you have? Let q,d and n stand for the number of quarters, dimes and nickels you have

    asked by jean
  15. Math

    If we multiply "a" and "b",when will: a. the product be larger than both "a" and "b"? b. the Product be less than "a"? c. the product be less than "b"? d. the product be less than"a" and "b"? e. the product be greater than "a"? f. the product be greater

    asked by dgibson
  16. Math

    Define "multiplication of natural (counting) numbers." For the naturals, multiplication could be viewed as a kind of repeated addition. This would be the only set this is true for. With negative numbers, decimals or fractions we would need a different

    asked by dgibson
  17. Math

    Find the following product. (.11111)(12)(9)(.44444)(235) I don't undrstand the difficulty here. Take the statement: (.11111)(12)(9)(.44444)(235) put a * between each term like this (.11111)*(12)*(9)*(.44444)*(235) Now put this into the Google search window

    asked by dgibson
  18. Pre- Algebra

    A resturant offers a buffet dinner at group prices.It costs $10 for one person,$20 for two,$29 for three, $37 for four,$44 for five and so on. A)how much does a buffet dinner for 8 cost?how much does a group of eight save if it's members eat together

    asked by Bowier4
  19. math

    hello! can y=-x/8x reduce to -1/8? thank you =) Yes, that would be a correct simplificaton

    asked by Faye
  20. pre-algrebra

    A restaurant offers a buffet dinner at group prices. The buffet costs the restaurant $6 per person. How large a group can the restaurant serve without losing money? P. S. I came up with a group of ten person that they could serve. Please let me know if

    asked by Bowier4
  21. Pre-Algebra

    One edition of Alice's Adventure in WonderLand has 352 pages.How Many 4's were used in the number of pages? The answer I came up with was 356. Please and thank-you Ok, how many page numbers have one four in them and how many have two in them. Of course,

    asked by Bowier4
  22. Computer

    devise a number system based on base 11. a)draw the number line b)show examples of addition and subtraction c)develop a representation of negative numbers based on elevens complement Hi Stephanie: I guess first I want to make sure you understand what a

    asked by stephanie
  23. World HIstory

    Is iceland part of the British Isles? No, just Great Britian and Ireland are part of the British isles. oops. I meant Ireland instead of iceland. Thanks though. It asnwered my question !

    asked by l
  24. english

    i need to rite an english speech but i don't know what to do it on and my confidence levels are very very low somebody please help me. it has to be an aussie icon. Hi Caitlin. When we think of an Australian icon, we think of the Boxing Kangaroo. YOu can

    asked by Caitlin
  25. physics

    Consider a car making a turn at a constant speed a) is the net force on the car zero? Why? b) Is the velocity of the car constant? Why? c) Is the car accelerating? Why? a)no it's not zero. Is it because it is experianceing a net force,, which is

    asked by Sarah
  26. science

    WHat branches of science fall under the environmental science umbrella? Go to Wikepedia...very good article on environmental science...they list sub-categories. Depending upon what is being investigated, there are many; such as chemistry, biology,

    asked by Sherry
  27. writing

    How does performance-enhacing drugs make athletes stronger, quicker, and have more endurance?

    asked by Sassie
  28. writing

    Why do non-users of performance-enhancing drugs work harder and have more dedication? Personally I think this question is biased. Just because someone uses performance enhancing drugs doens't mean they haven't worked just as hard if not harder than someone

    asked by Sassie
  29. writing

    How do performance-enhancing drugs disguise natural abilities?

    asked by Sassie
  30. writing

    How do performance-enhancing drugs cheapen sports and provide bad role models for our youth?

    asked by Sassie
  31. Problem Solving math

    The amount of bacteria after n min if the initial amount of bacteria is q and the amount of bacteria doubles every minute. I suggest you make a table.Start with 0 time and 1 bug. time #bugs 0    &sbsp   1

    asked by Krisy
  32. physics

    speed of blood flow is 30 cm/s near the heart, but only 20 cm/s at a point 40 cm farther along the arterial pathway. a. how do you find the velocity for that 40 cm distance? b. the time it takes the blood to flow 40 cm? a. The average velocity over the 40

    asked by tim
  33. physics

    You let out a shout, echo comes back and reaches you in 1.4 seconds. if the speed of sound in air is 343 m/s, what is the distance to the cliff? a. need assitance in setting up problem? Let d be the distance to the cliff, and V be the speed of sound. The

    asked by tim