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August 29, 2006

  1. Density

    Can you identify a metal if you know its density? Explain It depends upon how accurately the density is determined. In some cases, especially where the "unknown" has a density that isn't close to another metal, yes, the density can identify the metal with

    asked by John
  2. spanish

    How do I translate my spanish Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. First of all you need to determine the vocabulary in the sentence. When you actually post some work here we can help you use the dictionary. The very BEST way is to look up

    asked by katy
  3. accounting

    Computing in the Business World Suppose you are opening a 1,000 square foot baseball card store in a shopping center. You have signed a lease that requires you to pay a monthly rent of $1.75 per square foot, plus 5% of your gross annual sales. What is the

    asked by annonymous
  4. Help with triangle

    I need help with these: Triangle LMN has vertices L(-6,5), M(-4,-3), N(-2,4). Find the coordinates of the vertices of its image after it is reflected over the x-axis and then translated by (-3,0) a. L(-9,-5), M(-7,3), N(-5,-4) b. L(-6,-5), M(-4,-3),

    asked by Garcelyn
  5. Language Arts

    My teacher said to create an acrostic poem with the name EAST MILLBROOK and we have to fill it in with or goals for the year the only problem is she wants us to use words like exemplify instead or show. Please help me!!! This is what it should look like

    asked by Megan
  6. Chemistry HELP!!

    Can you identify a metal if you know its density? Explain Do you think that determining the volumes of metal samples by measuring their dimensions and calculating would be more r less accurate than determining volumes by water displacement? Explain. Would

    asked by Dave
  7. college algebra

    The diameter of the Earth is approximately 7,920 miles. Given that the circumference of a circle is pi times its diameter, which statement best describes the length of a trip from Washington to Masdagascar that is approximately 8,600 miles long? a.One

    asked by Anonymous
  8. rounding whole numbers

    i need help on this one...i should know this but i think i do...i need to know for sure.... I need to round 599 to the nearest ten...would it be 500 or would it change to 600...i know 9 in 599 is the tens place...but 10 comes after 9 so im confused.....

    asked by logan
  9. math

    Dave & Jim separated the peanuts they had collected into two piles. One pile was for doubles (2 peanuts inside) and the other for triples (3 peanuts inside). When they finished shelling peanuts, Dave & Jim had 35 shells and 78 peanuts. How many shells were

    asked by jenny
  10. Current Events

    Where would be a good place to find a current event article that I can follow from now til about Dec.? Thanxs for any help. Any newspaper, newsmagazine, and/or their websites would be good.

    asked by Soly
  11. math question

    hi, i have a math question that i need help with: when data are non-numerical but can be ordered, such as letter grades, the mean cannot be calculated directly; but both the median and mode can be found. Last year in Ms. Flag's history course, the final

    asked by kelsey
  12. Old Factor qstn:BobP

    Bob, I did eventually find a factorization for the expression x^4 + 2x^3 + 4x^2 + 8x +16 The original problem was probably something like x^5-32=0. I think the poster divided (x-2) into it to get the expression above. This of course is the 5th roots of 32,

    asked by Roger
  13. math

    Something times something equals 97 Are you supposed to factor 97 as the product of integers? We need a little more info to help you. If you are expecting integer results, wait no more as 97 is a prime number. Therefore, no two integers have a product of

    asked by Lindsey
  14. Array

    what do you call the numbers that cannot be arranged into 2-row array? I answered this question below for Kendal. The subject is Array, but it's a couple of posts into the one marked Math. Check my reply and see if it makes sense. odd odd What do we call

    asked by ashley
  15. math

    Something plus something equals 97 You have many combinations of whole numbers that answers your question. 1 + 96 2 + 95 3 + 94 etc, etc. or -- x + y = 97 There are 48 pairs of numbers that sum to 97. Do you have another constraint that would identify the

    asked by Lindsey
  16. Physical Education

    Do you have a list of the MOST influencial people in the history of Physical Education? Basedow Beck Beecher Follen Jahn Lewis Lieber Ling Nachtegall Pestalozzi Rousseau Sargent see (Broken Link Removed)

    asked by Lisa
  17. cultural diversity

    What differentiates the act of grouping people from the act of stereotyping? I know that stereotyping means an instant picture of a person or a group of people and is often based on misinformation or incorrect attitudes or opinions. Can you please help?

    asked by jessica
  18. Biology

    What Is The Primary Focus Of All Biological Studies? Answer Now Please The primary focus is to understand life and life processes. i don't know

    asked by non
  19. health

    Is this the correct answer for this question: What do the various sections of the food pyramid stand for? I put Fruit group, Bread, cereal, rice, and pasta group, vegetable group, milk group, meat, poultry, fish, and beans, eggs, and nuts group, also,

    asked by clark
  20. music thoery

    how do you write out the 1st three sharp scales plus there relative minorer's please help e`mail me at blondie5ive thanks a bunch!!!!!!!!!!! whats a andante? and unison? and Accent? and Mezzo Forte? and A Soli?

    asked by blondie
  21. spanish(foriegn language)

    i really need help with these spanish words.i just started my first spanish class, so those who have already had spanish, it shouldnt be to hard.translate the following please: aqui,tengo(not,te llamas,soy,eres,yo,tu,? de donde?,de, ?eres tu

    asked by kelly
  22. social studies

    who design the great seal of the virgin islands You'll find your answer in this site.

    asked by Anastasia
  23. Math

    Can someone walk me through these becuase I'm just not getting it.... Let f(x)= 3 x 4^x. A.) 16f(x)= f(x+2) B.) f(x)= f(x-1) The quickest way to answer this question is to try different test values for x. My favorite was the number 13. Set x to 13, and see

    asked by Nicole
  24. math

    My 3rd grader brought home a math worksheet and I'm not sure about the answers, so I wanted another opinion. Estimate each sun or difference by rounding. 23 + 71 so, do you answer the prblem and then write the rounded numbers to the right or do you just

    asked by Jennifer
  25. marketing

    complete the following table (use one or a few well-chosen words) 1. Kinds of distribution facility(ies) needed and functions they will provide. 2. Caliber of salespeople required. 3. Kind of advertising required. Products

    asked by Cher
  26. check+ math!

    QUESTION: A horizontal translation is applied to the graph of y= X^ 3 + 2 so that it will pass through (3, 10) what is the new equation for the graph? y=(x+a) ^3+ 2 10= (3+ a) ^3 + 2 10-2= (3+ a) ^3 + 2-2 8= (3+ a) ^3 Take the cube root of each side... 2=

    asked by kris
  27. math

    Is it the same 'somethings' such that the sum and product = 97? Are you supposed to factor 97 as the product of integers? Help us out here a little.

    asked by Roger
  28. what is

    whats aabbaabb real name in the form of music, or sheet music As far as I know, that is simply a rhyme scheme -- has been used in poetry for centuries. I've never heard of any particular name for it. Sorry. =(

    asked by p leb
  29. How can I expand this? Any help is appreciated.

    A student posted the following: Do you take in consideration that many of us work full time and are on call 24/7 as well? I am not asking for an exception, but rather, understanding. Thank you Response: While I do understand that you have other

    asked by Jon Blare
  30. Barometric Pressure

    Furthur to my recent question and thank you Bob. Had the 32 feet being 33 feet I would have considered this close enough to 10m. However I now understand there are many answers to the question of the decrease in barometric pressure with height all probably

    asked by mike
  31. Advanced Algebra

    In the definition of intercepts, it says THE y-intercept, but AN x-intercept. Sketch a graph which shows that a function could have more than one x-intercept. Explain why a !@#$%^&tion could not have more than one y-intercept. How about the x-axis? If it

    asked by Kelly
  32. please answer ASAP......will only take 2 seconds..

    What is 5% of 85,000? .05*85000=? 4,250

    asked by annonymous
  33. math

    how doyou calculate mass The problem begs for details: Are you working with density?

    asked by tamika
  34. math

    What is range? From the lowest value to the highest value. I suppose you're talking about the terms that apply to the concept of function. The most common definition for this term is the set of values for the dependent variable. That is, it is the set of

    asked by Jillian
  35. Math

    How do I convert these decimals? You need to give us some decimals to convert. When you do, show us what you think should be done to convert. You need to give us some decimals to convert. When you do, show us what you think should be done to convert. to a

    asked by Natasha