Questions Asked on
August 25, 2006

  1. Math

    I cannot solve this pattern! 1,1,4,3,9,6,16,10,25,15 HINT: two different patterns are intertwined BIGGER HINT: only look at every other number This is a conjured up sequence not identifiable by any recursion formula. The first sequnece is 1 4 9 16 25 36

    asked by Lin
  2. plzzzz help ,argent,plzz,sst

    want to many quetions on my project of social studies.plz plz send me answer of this question . Q.1> pysical environment of sanchi stupa,ajanta,ellora,shiva nataraja,qutab minar,humayun tomb? Q.2> stories and legends ofajanta caves,shiva nataraja,qutab

    asked by Bhavya
  3. Us Government

    a) Identify two express powers of the president b) what are the express powers of the Vice Presiden? c)Identify two express powers of Congree. a)commander in cheif and I wasn't sure about the second one b)I couldn't finad anything about the Vice President

    asked by Jen
  4. math

    The diameter of the Earth is approximately 7920 miles. Given that the circumference of a circle is _ times its diameter, which statemnt best describles the length of a trip from Washington to Madagascar that is approximately 8600 miles long? Your question

    asked by trina
  5. American History

    Briefly Explain THE ARGUMENTS OF aLFRED t MANHAN , HENRY CABOT LODGE AND ALBERT J BEVERIDGE REGARDING EXSPANSIONISM If you post your answer, we'll be glad to critique it for you. I do not know the answer i looked in the textbook but i cant find the answer

    asked by AShley
  6. Health

    Hello, I am trying to find the answer to this question? Do you agree with baby fruits and vegetables containing Dha that these types of baby food may promote sensitivity to foods or allergies? I can't find the website with this article. Thanks, Since this

    asked by clark
  7. math

    I am confuse at the following, please explain: a company employs a total of 527people, and 47 of these people work in the operations depart. Which of the following is a ratio that compares the number of people in the operations depart. to the total# of

    asked by Haydee
  8. math

    equation pete and tom sold 41cds and tom sold 9more,.how many did pete sold. how do i get the anwser, It isn't clear to me how many Tom sold? IF he sold nine more than Pete then X = # Pete sold X + 9 = # Tom sold X + X + 9 = 41. Solve for X. Post your work

    asked by Haydee
  9. cultural diversity

    I need some help. I have to pick a subordinate group and write a journal entry. I have to describe as if i were a member of that group, tell where the group originated from and so on. I chose to write about African Americans. I have found most of the

    asked by jessica
  10. Health

    I need help with this question I have some of the answers. Compare the old pyramid to the new food pyramid what are the differences and what is the same. The differences in the new food pyramid would be the amounts that you eat, and also the colors and

    asked by clark
  11. Math - Chain Rule

    I've been having some difficulities with this but I think I figured it out. Could you double check me and make sure I'm doing the correct steps? Differentiate and simplify the answer. f(x) = 2(3x+1)^4 (5x-3)^2 =2(3x+1)^4 [2(5x-3)(5)] + [8(3x+1)^3] (5x-3)^2

    asked by becky
  12. Health

    Hello, what do various sections of the food pyramid stand for? I don' t know if the instructor is looking for breads, fruits and vegetables or what with the new pyramid. I know what the colors stand for but not the sections. Thanks (Broken Link Removed)

    asked by clark