Questions Asked on
August 24, 2006

  1. US History

    what flatlands in california lie between the sierra nevada and the coast range? what volcano dominates the southern portion of th island of hawaii? what flatlands extend sout from the chesapeake bay to the east of the coast of flordia? I went to

    asked by sally
  2. database design

    Explain the interactions among end user, data, information, and decision making. Draw a diagram and explain the interactions Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "database 'end user' 'decision making'" to get these

    asked by Robin
  3. math

    how do you solve 9x=6 9x=6 Divide both side by 9. (Remember you can add, subtract, multiply, etc but do to both sides what you do to one.) 9x/9 = 6/9 The 9's divide out on the left leaving x. x = 6/9. I will let you reduce the answer. divide by 9 on both

    asked by jenny
  4. science

    One of the five charateristics of living things is being able to reproduce. Do all living things have to have all charateristics? Mules are living things and most are sterile. (I have heard of a few cases where a mule has given birth.) What about women who

    asked by Erica
  5. science

    How many mililiters are in 3.5 KL. There are a thousand ml per liter, and a thousand liters per Kilo liter. 3.5*1000*1000 ml in 3.5 KL check my thinking. 30500

    asked by Jessica
  6. MATH

    In a triangle ABC, angle A is 2 times angles C and angle B is 20 degrees less than angle C find the number of degrees in these angles In a triangle ABC, angle A is 2 times angles C and angle B is 20 degrees less than angle C find the number of degrees in

    asked by fiaie
  7. English & Verbs

    Verbs have totally escaped my mind at the moment. I need help with this question. Which of the following sentences contaions the same sentence structure as "She opened her book" 1. George seemed pleased 2. Tim strummed his guitar 3. Sue is a superb athlete

    asked by Abbey
  8. science

    Sitting on a horizontal track is a mass of 10kg. One end of the track is raised untill the mass just begins to slip. If the coeffieient of static friction is .4 what is the minimum angle at which the mass begins to slip? mgSinTheta = mg*mu*CosTheta

    asked by Henry
  9. English

    Could someone tell me if the punctuation in this sentence is correct? We received a tour of the offices after which, we met in the conference room where !@#$%^& and Jane joined the group. Could someone tell me if the punctuation in this sentence is

    asked by MJ
  10. using patterns

    I am having trouble working on number patterns. I have to find the last three numbers of each pattern: 1)17,16,13,12 2)1,2,4,7 3)1,4,9,16 4.) 8,27,64 please help I don't understand amd my parents are trying their best to help me 4) this is a sequence of

    asked by Kendra
  11. Physics

    Moving at 20 m/s , a remote controlled car of mass 1000kg hits a pile of sand and comes to rest in 10 s. Find the average force that acted to stop the car. The same car now hits a wall and comes to rest in 1s. Find the average force that acted to stop the

    asked by Abby
  12. physics

    A mass is dropped from a height of 30m, and at the same time from ground level (and directly beneath the dropped mass), and another mass is thrown straight up with a speed of 15 m/s. a) How far apart are the two masses after 0.5 s? b) Will the massses ever

    asked by Henry
  13. math

    My son is working with grid paper, the question asks: tell if each is greater than, less than or equal to 1,000. 10 rows of 10 squares 10 rows of 10 hundreds 100 rows of 10 hundreds 1 row of 10 hundreds 10 rows of 10 hundreds is one thousand. 100 rows of

    asked by mike
  14. Physics

    On a mass of 100 kg, a force of 120 N acts right and at an angle of 30 degrees to the horizontal. If the coefficient of sliding friction is .1 what is the acceleration of the mass? 100N* cos30 -(100sin30+mg)(.1)= m*acceleration [86.6025- [(-50 +

    asked by Tiff
  15. math

    what do we call numbers that cannot be arranged into 2-row arrays? A matrix of order 2 x n. n is the number of entires in each row.

    asked by Travis
  16. Math!

    6a + 5b = 10 , 6a - b = -110 a=________ b=_________ 6a + 5b = 10 6a - b = -110 =================== Subtact equation 2 from equation which will eliminate a. Solve the resulting equation for b, then substitute into either original equation and solve for a.

    asked by kare
  17. economics help

    Could you please provide some suggestions to this question: provide one example of a positive externality that may have affected the U.S. economy in the last 5 years. Elaborate on its impact and consequences. Thanks A positive externality occurs when

    asked by Deana
  18. Math

    how do you solve for y in the expression: x^3=y(y+3)? x^3=y^2 + 3y y^2+3y- x^3=0 Using the quadratic formula.. y= (-3+-sqrt(9+4x^3) )/2

    asked by Jamie
  19. Punctuation within Sentences—Parentheses

    Punctuation within Sentences Parentheses 1.The police officer checked her rear-view mirror when (she heard the screeching tires. Someone had rear-ended her the night before). The police officer checked her rear-view mirror when she heard the screeching

    asked by Toni
  20. Business/Break even analysis

    I am trying to understand the break even analysis for a aircraft fractional ownership company. Can anyone help me understand how this would work? It depends on the constructs you have been presented. You need the fixed costs, and the variable per unit

    asked by Joe
  21. reading

    does anyone have the list of words to look up for tonight from ms.dudley Call one of your classmates quickly.

    asked by sierra
  22. Us Government

    a) Identify two express powers of the president b) what are the express powers of the Vice Presiden? c)Identify two express powers of Congree. Please remember that YOU need to do the work and let us know what YOU think the answers are. Then someone here

    asked by Jen
  23. Geometry?

    I need help with these: Suppose triangleABC ~ triangleJKL with BC = 28, JK = 12, and KL = 42. Find the perimeter of triangleABC if the perimeter of triangleJKL is 72. & Find the scale factor of triangleDEF to triangleXYZ if triangleDEF ~ triangleXYZ,

    asked by Elle
  24. math

    What do you call the numbers that cannot be arranged into 2-row arrays? I DUNNO

    asked by sierra
  25. Math

    5 x 10^2 + 4 x 10 + 3 x 10^0 =?? 5 x 10^2 + 4 x 10 + 3 x 10^0 =?? 500 + 40 + 3 = ?? I hope this helps.

    asked by Anonymous
  26. art

    how can you tell what colors to mix and how much It depends on what you want. See this site. what do you mean? what colors do you want to make? you have to keep trying adding a certian amount of paint to get the

    asked by tash