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August 21, 2006

  1. physics

    Identify the area of physics that is most relevant to each of the following situations. Explain your reasoning. a. a high school football game b. food preperation for the prom c. playing in the school band d. lightning in a thunderstorm e. wearing a pair

    asked by Anonymous
  2. microeconomics

    I am having a problem with one of my homework questions and would like some help if is the question.. According to an article in the New York Times (Nov. 5, 1993),"many Midwest wheat farmers oppose the NAFTA free trade agreement asmuch as

    asked by Deana
  3. Math

    A goblin miner earns 1 cent the first day, 2 cents the second day, 4 cents the third day, 8 cents the fourth day. How much will the miner earn in 30 days? Ok--I know to double the answer each time until 30--which would be:5,368,709.12 Is there an equation

    asked by Natalie
  4. Calculus

    I need to find the exact solutions on the interval [0,2pi) for: 2sin^2(x/2) - 3sin(x/2) + 1 = 0 I would start: (2sin(x/2)-1)(sin(x/2)-1) = 0 sin(x/2)=1/2 and sin(x/2)=1 what's next? Ok, what angle has a sin equal to say 1/2 sin (x/2)=1 arc sin (1) = x/2

    asked by Jen
  5. Geometry

    I need help on these two. Consider tirangles ABC and DEF. Side A is congruent to side F. Angle A is congruent to angle F. Angle B is congruent to angle E. What postulate or theorem can be used to prove that the two triangles are congruent? If angle1 and

    asked by Amy
  6. speed of light

    Can the speed of light be legislated? Explain your reasoning. As best as we know, the speed of light is a fundamental constant of the universe. I have no idea of the meaning "legislated". Someday they may pass laws and light will have to slow down. After

    asked by Anonymous
  7. math

    the total amount of interest on this loan of $6000 for 150 days is $210.50. what is the rate of interest on this loan? If not compounded, or simple interest, then Interest=Principal(rateinterest)*time Here time is 5/12 of a year, you are given the interest

    asked by Haydee
  8. Angle question

    Quadrilateral JKLM is a rhombus. If mangleLMK = 36, find mangleKJM In the right triangle ABC, mangleB = 90, AB = 5, and AC= 12. Find BC. Round to the nearest tenth, if necessary. Help? Is AB a side and AC a side? I can't tell from your description which

    asked by Rachel
  9. Science

    Two masses of 20 and 10 kg are moving in the same direction and one directly behind the other. The 20-kg mass is behind and moving at 10m/s and the other is moving at 5m/s. The masses collide and after the collison, the 20kg mass moves at 6m/s find the

    asked by Hannah
  10. Calculus

    I need to find the exact solution to: 2sin2x = sqrt(x)on the interval (0,pi) This is how I started it, but I don't think it's correct. sin2x = sqrt(x)/2 2sinxcosx = sqrt(x)/2 sinxcosx = sqrt(x)/4 What do I need to do now? need to find the exact solution

    asked by Jen
  11. Science

    1.How is science & society related? i have no idea what the answer to this question is 2. What is a scientist's usual next step if data supports a hypothesis? can you tell me if i'm right?... i think that they either published or the experiment is

    asked by Leslie
  12. making dot arrays

    I have a question on math homework that asks : What do we call the numbers that cannot be arranged into 2-row arrays? Ginner: I looked up contemporary numbers in several math dictionaries, and none of them listed that term. I looked at her paper - there is

    asked by Ginner
  13. Geometry help please!

    What is the length of a diagonal of a square with sides 16 ft long? Round to the nearest tenth. & The length of the hypotenuse of an usosceles right traingle is 30 meters. Find the area of the triangle. Round to the nearest tenth, if necessary. Any help?

    asked by Maddy!
  14. algebra

    State the property that is illustrated. 9(1)= 9 Is this closure for x or indentity for x or something else? Your exact answer is at the following site:

    asked by anonymous
  15. Physics

    On a mass of 100 kg, a force of 120 N acts right and at an angle of 30 degrees to the horizontal. If the coefficient of sliding friction is .1 what is the acceleration of the mass? Net force= mass*acceleration Horizontal force -frictionalforce =

    asked by Tiff
  16. help!

    Diversity in populations of organisms is chiefly the result of??? Diversity in populations is chiefly the result of differing genetics. Differing genotypes have differing rates of reproduction and survival due to environmetal selective factors that favor

    asked by benji!
  17. Calculus

    Please help me simplify this: y = x/(4-sqrt(16+x)) Rationalize the denominator. Multiply by the conjugate, or (4+sqrt (16+x)) to the numerator, and the denominator. This should simplify it.

    asked by Jen
  18. Math Symbols

    Let "p" represent 'the area of rectangle ABCD is 50 square inches'. Let "q" represent 'the perimeter of rectangle ABCD is 30 inches'. Let "r" represent "the length of rectangle ABCD is twice the width" My question: use symbols to represent the collowing

    asked by Kasey
  19. opinion

    How can American companies make the workplace environment safe and efficient without treating employees like suspected criminals? It depends on what type of companies and what type of jobs you are considering. I don't know why making an environment "safe

    asked by anonymous
  20. opinion

    In your opinion, is having a job - any job- better than having no job at all? I suppose this depends upon what you mean by "better." In my opinion, any job is better than no job at all. I have seen this first hand. No job at all, especially for extended

    asked by anonymous
  21. Coriolis effect

    Does anyone wish to discuss the Coriolis effect/force? Mike The thing I find teasing about the coriolis effect is that the faster the wind or an object is travelling the greater the deflection. Take

    asked by mike
  22. Math

    What do we call the numbers that cannot be arranged into 2-row arrays? The question begs for amplification. An array usually contains a set of some sort. There is not a hint in your question of what the set is. My math homework question asks - exactly as

    asked by Ginner
  23. science

    what the characteristics of all living things but explaining? GBRHT UKE5SHYKU3I7LNXKUGH Your question is unclear. However, I searched Google under the key words "life characteristics" to get these possible sources:

    asked by gabriella
  24. science

    Using Dimensional analysis, how do you set up a problem to find the density when given mass and volume? Suppose the mass of an object is 40 grams and the volume is 20 mL. Density has units of grams/mL. Then density = 40 g/20 mL = 2 g/mL. If this isn't

    asked by Anne
  25. English

    Complete the paragraph: I was walking happily in my favourite park, enjoying the weather, but suddenly...... It seems as if this assignment is designed to make you use your imagination — not to use our imagination. It is very much like the Rorschach ink

    asked by Jazbia Siddiqui
  26. english check

    Can some one please check and see if rewrote this sentences correct. Punctuation within Sentences—Colon 1. The book had some nice features, such as a hard-bound cover, a ribbon for a bookmark and the author’s signature. 2. German grammar is simple: in

    asked by Toni
  27. Science

    What is science when it is applied? Science that is applied has several names: Applied Science Technology Engineering Construction

    asked by Hunter
  28. opinion

    Do you think having a job - any job- is better than having no job at all? Why? double post?

    asked by anonymous
  29. Math ?

    I started a new math class today and I'm stuck on a problem from my worksheet. I need help with these questions. If the measure of an exterior angle drawn at vertex M of triangle LMN is x, then mangleL + mangleN is what? What is the area of a circle with

    asked by Rebecca
  30. matter

    What are the three properties of matter and how is matter measured? volume, weight, and mass the solid has a mass of 180g. what is the density of the solid What would the density be of a solid, if I had a mass of 180g?

    asked by Glen
  31. social studies

    who designed the Great seal of the virgin island Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here is information on the VIPD (Virgin Islands Police Department): The Great Seal of the VIPD Seal The Virgin Islands Police Department established an

    asked by nekyma
  32. math

    3x-6 2x-30 = 2x+12 ______ - _______ _______ x-3 3x-9 x-3 sx= (24) I have the anwser but I just cant figure out how to do it. I hava a huge exam in October yet this is not evan a quarter of what I have to learn. Im teaching myself I really suck at this if

    asked by Michèle
  33. ETH

    What are the most significant similarities between the Chinese American and Japanese American [cultural] experiences? What are the differences These encyclopedia articles discuss the cultural experiences of Japanese- and Chinese-Americans.

    asked by Vet
  34. Science

    HELP! I need to do a science project this year and have no clue what to do. The project has to follow the scientific method. Please give me some good ideas! I don't care what subject, as long as they're scientific. Thanks

    asked by Margaret
  35. Math

    What do we call the numbers that cannot be arranged into 2-row arrays?

    asked by Ginner
  36. System of equations

    3x =2y = 17 2x-y =9 and 3x+y = 3 x+2y = -4 How do I do these?? 22Z 6Y These are simultaneous equations. You have a typo in #1. For the second set, just multiply equation 1 by 2, then subtract equation 2 from equation 1 (which will eliminate y), then solve

    asked by Gracie

    Why does DNA have the consistancy of thick syrup or mucus? because of all of the different substances

    asked by Patrick