Questions Asked on
August 12, 2006

  1. my thesis on govt

    The “Articles of Confederation,” created a government so weak that it wasn’t able to govern the nation effectively leading to serious national problems among the states leaving the Constitution to fix the chaos the Articles had caused and attempting

    asked by Anonymous
  2. bilingualism and politics

    Can some one tell me where i can find articles or a web site that well help me with research what politics has to do or how they stand on bilingualism in United States. This collection of

    asked by AMY
  3. Algebra

    Could someone please help me find x in this problem and explain how you got the answer? 2(3x - 1) = 5 - (x + 3) I checked the answer I got in the back of my algebra book and it said the answer was 4/7 but my answer was wrong. How did they get 4/7 out of

    asked by Jamie
  4. smoking!

    4. Cigarette smoke has been found to have the following effects on the respiratory system. 1. There is destruction of many of the cilia that line parts of the respiratory tract. 2. There is a thickening of the walls of the bronchioles, thus reducing the

    asked by katrina!
  5. Calculus

    Determine the volume of the solid abtained when the region bounded by y=sqrt x and the line Y=2 and x=0 is rotated: (i) about the x-axis (ii) about the line x=4. (i) Each element of the body of revolution with thickness dx, has area pi*(sqrt x)^2 dx = pi x

    asked by Ruth
  6. hispanic american Diversity

    I am needing to find information on identifying the linquistic, political, social economic, religious and familial conventions of four hispancic groups living in america one Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, and Latinos can anyone help me where to

    asked by Tom
  7. cutting!

    What are industries and governments doing to prevent the negative effects of clear-cutting? Clear-cutting removes all of the trees in an area. Many animals and other plants lose their habitat. Planting young trees eventually provides more trees, but since

    asked by clear
  8. differantiation

    Determine dy/dx if: (i) Y= sqrt x^sqrt x (ii) Y= xarcsin(x) + sqrt(1-x) Please show all steps. Thanks 1) 2) an antiderivative of arcsin(x) is xarcsin(x)-sqrt(1-x^2); are you certain

    asked by Ruth
  9. social studies

    message on peace, love for our country, unity, our rich culture and against terrorism for second standard student What is your homework question please? ??

    asked by vina
  10. verbal communication

    in a business meeting in verbal communication is more tense than in a friendship communication can someone give me an example of how verbally it is different or is it just they way we talk? It has mostly to do with the level of formality in which we speak.

    asked by Rena
  11. eth

    bilingualism in education and politics in the United States

    asked by yvette
  12. terrestrial biomes

    The main characteristics used in naming terrestrial biomes are?? Please check this site out. I'm sure you'll figure out these main characteristics. 4. Cigarette smoke has been found to have the following

    asked by katrina!
  13. internet help

    after the constitution gave congress to collect taxes and regulate trade, what happened next. what were the positive things that happened because of that. i can't find that anymore Please amplify your question. It makes no sense to me.

    asked by Anonymous
  14. government part of the essay

    The sole purpose of the Articles of Confederation was to save democracy from the over-controlling government, but the Articles instead created a weak central government. One of the weaknesses under the Articles was no executive leader for the government.

    asked by Anonymous
  15. question

    The arctic ground squirrel hibernates for as long as ten months of the year. Could a polar bear hibernate? I found this question on the internet and I was wondering what you guys thought? This site answers that question plus many more about polar bears.

    asked by Interesting
  16. biome

    How has agriculture Alberta’s grassland biome 1) The grass is shorter from the cows eating it. 2) There are piles of cow poo in the grass so watch your step. Don't know much specifically about Canada's grasslands, but if you lose too much of that grass

    asked by argiculture
  17. pacific OCEAN!

    How does the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains control the temperature and moisture of the grasslands biome in southern Alberta? This article answers your question.

    asked by ROCKY MOUNTAINS!
  18. I need revision and a little help-- anyone

    I need to see what you all think about my post in answering the question. Also, I need to comment on a few other posts, expanding their ideas. I need help on commenting one of the student's post (below). Your friend Lucy slept through a class in which her

    asked by Anonymous
  19. government

    The government under the Articles of Confederation did not have enough power to regulate trade and collect taxes. Congress only had the power to request what they needed, but could not legally enforce it on the states. Even the states refused to pay tax to

    asked by Anonymous
  20. help!

    How are physical characteristics combined with behavioral characteristics by northern mammals to conserve heat during extreme periods? In addition to the excellent information

    asked by help!
  21. snow

    What are some behavioral characteristics northern mammals have developed to deep snow? Please check the Web sites that Lance and I posted in response to Help's last question about northern animals. (Broken Link Removed)

    asked by deep
  22. eth

    what strategies might you use to communicate the use of data effectively in written business reports Various charts or diagrams can summarize data and make some relations easier to note. Also a picture illustrating your point can be "worth a thousand

    asked by yvette