Questions Asked on
August 10, 2006

  1. Statistics

    Let X1;X2;X3;...;X6 be a random sample from a distribution with the following probability desity function: Fx(x) = (1+4x)/3 for 0

    asked by ruth
  2. Converting decimal(floating point) to octal/hex

    Hi everybody, Can anybody show me how to convert 0.59375(decimal) to Octal and Hexadecimal? go to wikpediaa and look up Hexadecimal and Octal It will give you an idea Hi can anyone convert 5.4 * 10 ^-79 to IBM hex floating point format?? sir how to convert

    asked by David
  3. english 9

    in the following sentances are the words in quatation marks Compound Direct Object, Compound Indirect Object, Object Complement,or Object of Preposition ?? We should pray the "Our Father" and the "Hail Mary" every day. The Church considers the saints

    asked by jesss
  4. algebra

    solve by substitution 5x-2y = -5 y - 5x = 3 could someone take a min a show me how to do this problem by steps so i can do the rest of my problems and wait a min so i may ask questions. I m failing my algebra class and desparately need help. 5x-2y = -5 y -

    asked by Tammy Evert
  5. Statistics

    Suppose X1;X2;...;X5 is a random sample from a n(0; variance) distribution. define U = X1+X2+X3+X4; V = (X2)^2+(X3)^2+(X4)^2+(X5)^2 and W = U/sqrtV. (a) Name the distribution of U/4 and V/(variance) and give the values of their parameters. (b) (i) Compute

    asked by ruth
  6. Statistics

    A normal population has an expected value of 60 and a variance of 30. Use the central limit theorem to determine what the sample size should be such that the mean has a probability of 90% to fall between the values 58 and 62. One concept of the Central

    asked by ruth
  7. algebra

    how would i find least common multiple of 20, 50 and 3 ? okay well you take the 50 and times it by ever number 50--> is it divisbile by 3 NO so not the least common multiple 50x2=100 --> is it divisible by 3 NO, so not the least common multiple 50x3=150

    asked by cassii
  8. algebra1

    20 percnt of what number is 500? can anyone tell me how to get this answer? 0.20X = 500. Solve for X. so basicly 500 divided by 0.20? yes

    asked by cassii
  9. english - phrases

    "Stick to your principles". Is to your principles an adjectival or adverbial or verbal phrase? Or none of the above?? Can you please help me turn it into one of the phrases mentioned above. THAAAAANKS :D I don't see an adverb. All you have is the verb,

    asked by amanda
  10. weakness......

    what was one weakness of Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection?? You can find some supposed weaknesses of Darwinism here, but don't believe everything you read:

    asked by kassie!
  11. 2 algebra questions

    how do u find the lest common multiple 4a^2c & 14abc^5 and what decimal part of 40 is 102? if somone could..... can u explain how to do these thanks The least common multiple 4a^2c & 14abc^5 : First look at the factors of each term, and to what power they

    asked by cassii
  12. physical education

    These sites give the physical education objectives for Connecticut and West Virginia. (Broken Link Removed)

    asked by Ms. Sue
  13. Darwin’s theory

    Name and define the five distinct ideas in Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection. I need two more theses are the ones I have: Populations show variation for almost all traits. Certain variations improve survivorship and the number of

    asked by kassie!
  14. Need help on English General Paper

    My General Paper teacher had given me a essay question, it is an absolute preposition ('too much, too little') type of question Question: There is too much equal treatment given to women in modern society. Do you agree? I disagree to this extreme claim

    asked by John Tan
  15. math

    find the pattern... 28,300,10 There is no single pattern. Post more numbers in your sequence.

    asked by Stephanie
  16. soil!

    In what ways is soil pH and light the two critical factors for plant growth in the Boreal Forest? Please only post your question once. Double posting sidetracks tutors and wastes time that could be better spent on other posts. See my response to your other

    asked by borreal forest!
  17. Social studies

    4 cold countries & their dress codes. (Broken Link Removed) Canada: (Broken Link Removed)

    asked by M Sandhya
  18. articles of confederation

    who established the articles of confederation and the constituion. it was the congress, right The gents were "delagates" from the States, assembled into a "congress".

    asked by apoorva
  19. us government intro paragraph help

    After the American Revolution, many people were grateful to their new profound independence, but some were unhappy with the government’s involvement. The United States has been run by two important constitutions. The Articles of Confederation, the first

    asked by apoorva
  20. help!

    What are two situations in which mechanism can be detrimental You have to define what type of mechanisms you mean: biochemical, physical, etc. It is dangerous to stand in front of an automobile while it is running... sorry if I did not make myself clear!

    asked by please
  21. Help Quick

    Correct the conceptions of Joe Student, who believes he can work full-time and pursue his online degree without modifying the study habits used in high school. Offer Joe suggestions to help succeed as a distance learner. This is an

    asked by Sis
  22. algebra 1

    Given sets X = {0, 1, 2, 4}, Y = {0, 2, 4, 6, 8}, and Z = {5, 6, 10}, which of the following statements is false ? [A] 2¸X [B] 6¸Y [C] 10¸Z [D] 2∉Y [E] None of these i think it is C can you tell me if i am right thanks in advance

    asked by cassidy