Questions Asked on
August 9, 2006

  1. math

    I have finished all my homework but I have one problem that I cannot answer. The teacher said that no one could probably answer this. Can someone help? We have to find the next three numbers in the pattern and explain the rule for the pattern. 8, 27, 64,

    asked by Michael
  2. check grammar please

    1.The goose bit the mailman on the leg. A. The goose bit the mailman on the leg , before running away. 2.With five gallons of gas. A. I drove ten miles , with five gallons of gas. 3. Because the store was closed. A. I did not stop , because the store was

    asked by cindy
  3. communication

    can someone give me an Example of a nonverbal communication with a relaxed situation or a tense situation. to help me understand the difference. to me non verbal is like gesture and eye contact, body language. In a tense situation, the agressor tends to

    asked by Lisa
  4. math fair projects

    what are some good math fair projects Here are some broad ideas, I don't know your grade level. Use the Google search engine to find out details. Golden Mean Fiboccani numbers Discovery of Calculus The history of PI Archimedes Square yeah those are pretty

    asked by leona
  5. Help

    How would you encourage a reluctant peer reviewer? A peer reviewer benefits from this work by 1. Having his/her name appear in the credits. 2. Learning from the work s/he reviews. 3. Helping establish his/her reputation. 4. Being able to ask the author to

    asked by Sis
  6. Grammar and punctuation help

    have got these sentence right. I have gotten good grades since I started taking college classes. no change She drove the car right into the garage, because the breaks got stuck. no change When the garage door was closed, we decided to paint it. We decided

    asked by Penny
  7. Long term Planning

    Please help me with these questions? regarding Long term Planning. Thanks candy : ( Hi Candy, I assume you're referring to your original post -- Since no one responded, none of our regular volunteer teachers

    asked by candy
  8. plz help anyone?

    Ernest Hemingway is known for his distinctive writing style and his straightforward prose in which he uses simple words and few adjectives. Every word, sentence, phrase is what seems to be direct, but can have multiple meanings. His writing style gives the

    asked by apoorva
  9. grammar

    Does the following sentence contain any grammatical errors? Those are the kinds of people whom I will never talk to. Thanks, Leo Although it ends with a preposition, which some purists consider poor form, I see nothing wrong with the sentence. It also used

    asked by Leo
  10. lab!

    Use the following description of an experiment to answer the questions. A mixture was made of water and egg white (albumin). Upon heating, the mixture coagulated. The following tests were then performed on the coagulated mixture. Test Tube 1 The mixture is

    asked by adam!
  11. again english help

    Ondaatje’s work in “The English Patient is so beautiful and absolute that every sentence in his book has a sense of power in its meaning. His novel gives us mysterious and memorable tales of his characters’ lives. Instead of presenting the story in

    asked by apoorva
  12. me!

    What abiotic factor limits the vertical distribution of plants in a body of water? what? LIght has an impact on the vertical distribution. Is Light an adiotic factor?

    asked by help
  13. Romance Literature

    What are some characteristics of the genre "Romance"? This article should help you.

    asked by Fabiola