Questions Asked on
July 30, 2006

  1. physics

    Can you please help me find the theory of Robert Hooke on Wave Explanation of Colors. Please... My report about this is due on Monday. Thank you for helping. God bless. According to (Broken Link Removed) , "Robert Hooke (1635-1703) who started as an

    asked by imee
  2. revised essay (ignore previous post)

    I added more to this essay. Can you read and see if the essay is okay. Tell me where I can fix. THANKS! PS: I messed up on the post below. Does anyone know how I can delete/edit a post? In reality, society is comprised of people that fall in one of three

    asked by bob
  3. English_ Language of the media

    We had to answer some questions about advertising and choose an ad off TV and out on a magazine to do it on. I did a shampoo ad on TV and a purfume ad in a magazine but i don't get the questions 8 and 9: 8- What are some of the explict values and attitudes

    asked by Stacey
  4. physics

    1)In the special case of projectile, at what initial angle the range equals the maximum height? If A is the launch angle measured from horizontal and V is the launch velocity, the maximum height achieved is H = (1/2) (V^2/g) sin^2A and the range is R = 2

    asked by Genevieve
  5. Criticisims of Sigmund Freud!

    I'm writing a paper on the criticisms of Freud's theory. I think I'm on the right track, but I just wanted to see what everyone else here thought. I can't seem to find the right answers on the net. Anyone also have any good Freud websites? Thanks in

    asked by Ashlee
  6. english literature

    hi i can't find any information on the author's writing style of The English patient who is michael ondaatje and a farewell to arms by ernest hemmingway. i need to know what writing structure they use and ideas they used for writing these books. can you

    asked by Anonymous