Questions Asked on
July 26, 2006

  1. computer keyboard

    What does this ^ symbol mean in algebra or basic math. It means an exponent follows: 2^3 means two cubed, or 2*2*2 or 8. Thankyou Bobpursley

    asked by Tammy Evert
  2. heath

    Heath? How do you do it? Your question doesn't make any sense to me. Please explain.

    asked by Ms. Sue
  3. history native american indians

    what kind of discrimination has the native american indians dealt with? for example Environmental justice issues Affirmative action Redlining Double jeopardy Institutional discrimination Reverse discrimination I would like to know where I would be able to

    asked by robert
  4. Organic Chemistry

    Hi, can you please help me with these questions. Methane and chlorine react when irradiated with UV light. Explain why the reaction requires only a little flash of UV light rather than prolonged radiation. Explain each of these observations as fully as you

    asked by Ishani
  5. history

    The ingredient that someone gave to me for my Fijian banana scones is not clear because I don’t know how much milk I am suppose to pour in the recipe. Scone? Add enough milk to make a thick batter, as if you were making cornbread. Ask your mom what

    asked by rob
  6. math

    The length of a rectangle is 5 in. more than twice its width.? How do I find the width of the rectangle. The length = (2 x width) + 5 inches. Do you have any other information about the rectangle such as the area or the perimeter. I don't think there is

    asked by Diana
  7. math

    The length of a rectangle is 5 in. more than twice its width.? How do I find the width of the rectangle. duplicate post Divide the length by 2 it's going to be a decimal

    asked by Diana
  8. factoring

    can this equation be factored further? y= x^4+2x^3+4x^2+8x+16 Not in the real number system. If you plot the function, you will see the minimum is at x=-1.1 (approx) and y is positive. At no x does the function equal zero, so there are no real roots, which

    asked by kristie
  9. english

    Do you believe that it is easier to make an invalid claim than it is to make an unsound one? Why? Please re-post, telling us what YOU think. Then someone will be able to give you feedback. Thanks. =)

    asked by amy