Questions Asked on
July 25, 2006

  1. chem+Acid-Base Reactions

    Hey..can you check this for me. It has to do with Predicting Acid-Base Reactions. So here it is: I have to: Predict the most likely acid base reaction(s) that occur. For each reaction, state if the reaction is quantitative, or, if not, state whether

    asked by blank
  2. english help asap

    hi I have to do an essay analyzing themes, symbols, and the authors' writing style of two books: A Farewell to Arms and The English Patient. I need help writing the introduction. How do i start my intro paragraph explaining about the two book without

    asked by david
  3. Finite Math

    Please help with this problem. In a student writing contest with 25 entries, 3 essays are selected for first, second, and third place awards and 5 are selected for honorable mention. How many ways can this be done? Thanks. Ok Gen, for the first place there

    asked by Gen
  4. Help ASAP

    pay back, Net present value, and Internal rate of return methods. Nucore company is thinking of purchasing a new candy wrapping nachine $370,000. The machine should save the company approximately $70,000 in operating per year over its estimated useful life

    asked by Neena
  5. Midsummer Nights Dream

    I have to do a character anylsis on "Bottom". Can anyone out there suggest a site or where I can get the relevant information? William Shakespear was a favorite target of the Religious Right, and he I think enjoyed making jokes of them.

    asked by Sam
  6. english help correction

    When i said i have to write an essay, I meant writing an essay about the two books together, not separate Bobpursley's suggestion still works -- whether you're writing about one of the books or both! =)

    asked by david
  7. math

    please help me simplify (x^3+8)/(x^4-16). thanks. The denominator is cleary the differerence of two squares (X^2-4)(x^2+4). That can again be factored to (x+2)(x-2)(x^2+4). The numerator can be factored using the trinomial simplification..

    asked by kristie
  8. Database design

    How can you conduct evaluation and revision within the SDLC and DBLC frameworks? Maybe try here: Thanks Lance but I do not find what I need there, or if it is I

    asked by Robin
  9. Check! Bio!

    Since photosystem II occurs before photosystem I, why are they not named in reverse? My answer: Historically photosystem I was named one since it was discovered before photosystem II but this does not represent the order of the electron flow. Also, some

    asked by barbie!
  10. math

    can this be simplified further? x^4+2x^3+4x^2+8x+16 Unless you are asking if the statement can be factored, the answer to your question is "no". Only variables with the same exponents can be added together. you mean this could be factored? how?

    asked by kristie
  11. yo help!

    k PGAL may be converted to glucose phosphate right? what other products can be produced???? Glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate can be converted to dihydroxyacetone phosphate, and these two molecules can be joined by aldolase to form fructose 1 ... glyceraldehyde

    asked by big head
  12. critical thinking

    is this an example of an invalid argument All crows are black John is black Therefor, John is a crow. is this an example of a unsound argument All dogs are black Lassie is a dog Lassie is a cat Please tell me if this is right. You're right for both

    asked by jessica