Questions Asked on
July 13, 2006

  1. Stats-Probability

    Would really urgently appreciate answers to these questions. Thanks. 3. Suppose that two lotteries each have n possible numbers and the same payoff. In terms of expected gain, is it better to buy two tickets from one of the lotteries or one from each? 4. A

    asked by Johnny
  2. Economics

    Write the equation of exchange. Define each variable in the equation and then explain why the left side of the equation must equal the right. MV=PQ Take a shot, what does it mean an why must the left = the right.

    asked by Tony
  3. Statistics

    I'm looking for some help with my statistics homework...I'm good with the basics, but I really bombed on my last class anyone??? To help you, we need to know specifically what problems you have. Please repost with specific problems. I hope this helps a

    asked by Robert
  4. Making Language Nonracist and Nonagist

    It's hard to believe that a woman her age could accomplish so much. would this be better saying It's hard to believe that she accomplished so much. or would this still be racist From the data you give, it is impossible to tell what her race is, so how

    asked by kathy
  5. geometry, thanks

    I just wanted to thank everyone that helped me on my geometry problem. I actually found the answer using the pythagorean theorem and knowing ratio rules that apply to triangles. Thanks again.

    asked by Kaytee
  6. inverse

    my question was: find f^-1 (x). (this is asking me to find the inverse) f(x) = -(x-2)^2, x > and you answered: If f(x)=-(x-2)^2 x

    asked by kristie
  7. interval

    Find the exact solutions on the interval [0,pi]. 2sin2x = sqrt(x) Please help me! kristie, this problem is somewhere between a calculus problem and an algebra one. I'm not sure what you're taking. If you see that the eq. is = to 4(sin2x)^2=x , then you

    asked by kristie
  8. Inducttive and deductive claims

    Inductive and deductive claims such as "all", "none", or "some" impact the assertions of argument. As a reader, which are you more receptive to: information that claims to represent all of the cases under discussion or that which claims to represent only

    asked by phillip
  9. english

    In my critical thinkig class we are talking about rhetorical devices and commercials. I was just wondering what type of rhetorical devices are used in the proactive commercial that Jessica simpson is in?

    asked by amber
  10. english

    How do I reference a lecture both in text and on the reference page. Also, would an 'an' be used befor the abbreviations LPN and RN? For question 1, according to MLA, reference a lecture as follows: Speaker's Last name, First name and Initial. "Title of

    asked by cindy