Questions Asked on
July 11, 2006

  1. calculating annuity

    IF a company will generate 80,000 in annual revenue each year for the next eight years and the interest rate is 8.2% what is the present value of the savings? An EXCEL spreadsheet will be helpful for these types of calculations. Let S1 be savings in year

    asked by Ms. Renee
  2. heat

    20 cubic inches of a gas with an absolute pressure of 5 psi is compressed untill its pressure reaches 10 psi. what is the new volume of the gas? ( assuming that there s no change in temperture) a. 5 cubic inches b. 10 cubic inces c. 40 cubic inches d. 100

    asked by heather
  3. social studies(microeconomics)

    which economic type(market,traditional, or command economy) is the most efficient and which is the most equitable? Please explain why. These sites briefly explain these economic types.

    asked by Andrew
  4. inverse

    find f^-1 (x). (this is asking me to find the inverse) f(x) = -(x-2)^2, x If f(x)=-(x-2)^2 x

    asked by kristie
  5. grammar

    Language—Making Language Nonracist and Nonagist His grandmother really enjoys spending the afternoon at the center for senior citizens. This sentence i feel is right am i missing something. His grandmother really enjoys spending the afternoon at the

    asked by todd
  6. Identifying Themes

    I've been asked to identify the unifying theme of a whole set of information. I simply have no idea how to begin! or how to do it! The URL with the information is here. If you can help start me off, or give me an example (even with another set of

    asked by Lark
  7. math

    how would you solve for y in this problem: ln(y-1)-ln2 = x +lnx ln(y-1)-ln2 = x +lnx Solve for y... ln[(y-1)/2]]=x + lnx take the antilog of each side (y-1)/2= e^(x+lnx) solve for y.

    asked by kristie
  8. Accounting

    When you offer services at a discount to specific clients, how do you reflect this discount on the income statement? Is there a contra-revenue account that offsets the true price of the service? I don't believe it is reflected in a catergory by itself. The

    asked by Michelle
  9. science

    I need help thinking of Highschool science fair topics Please try browsing the following link:

    asked by nique
  10. Inclusive Language Talking about People with Disab

    Her brother’s friend is an AIDS victim. in rewriting this sentence so it would not be Talking about People with Disabilities and Diseases. would I just say her brother's friend is a victim and leave out the word aids. I think it would be better to say

    asked by ann
  11. grammar

    The law from the 1800s mandated that men could buy alcohol and cigarettes only from a state store. Quoting from Biased Sources i can not change this. if i can tell me if the change should it say The law from the 1800s mandated that people could buy alcohol

    asked by kathy
  12. english

    how can a reader distinguish between nonprejudicial and prejudicaial rhetorical devices? The reader can distinguish between nonprejudicial and prejudicial rhetorical devices by: 1. Analyzing the propaganda techniques used in the passage. 2. Studying other

    asked by Lisa