Questions Asked on
June 28, 2006

  1. #2 on msn

    I just noticed that if you search for homework help on m.s.n, we're number 2. ... and #8 on Google! =) # 4 on Yahoo And #1 with me. For a couple weeks now, if I search for homework help on my own connection, jiskha is ranked at #11 or #12. But if I go to

    asked by Leo
  2. english

    Hello for these questions to change for making the language nonsexist the sentence : The minister joined the couple as man and wife, would it be The minister joined the couple as husband and wife or no change. The second sentence making the language

    asked by clark
  3. Report on Middle Class Today!

    I got this assignment and I have to do it TODAY! Write an essay on the necessity of a content, hard-working, middle class to the maintenance of a democratic government. I really have no idea what to write and i need to have it done today. Can anyone please

    asked by Jonathan
  4. funny question

    in a circular road there is a fixed point from which two buses move in clockwise and anticlockwise. in every after 20 mins there is a bus moving in either direction.a man came to the point randomly and picked up the bus that came first.he came ten times in

    asked by trakib
  5. Pre-Calculus

    How do you factor this completly 7x*(4x-5)^3+(4x-5)^4 I am confused by the different power of exponets and the 7x in front Can you please help me? 7x*(4x-5)^3+(4x-5)^4 factor out the common term: (4x-5)^3 * (7x+4x-5) Then simplify the second term. what

    asked by Jessica
  6. english question

    Hello for this sentence: His brother's friend is an aid victim to change it, would I put His brother's friend is a person with aids. we have to change it for people with diseases or disabilities. Thanks You wrote: would I put His brother's friend is a

    asked by clark
  7. Economy/Finance

    Over the many sessions I have taught this course, I have seen many posts from FIN110 students saying that they rather take a cash dividend as opposed to a stock dividend. The rationale, I guess, is that if additional stocks are being given to the

    asked by Anonymous
  8. Social Studies

    I need help I cant' find this answer where did African Americans originate? and How did they come to the US? Thanks

    asked by clark
  9. critical thinking

    does anyone know where i can find the defintions of principles! the defintion of they're

    asked by kelly