Questions Asked on
June 21, 2006

  1. chemistry

    2Na3PO4 + 3CaCl2 ----> Ca3 (PO4)2 + 6NaCl how many moles of CaCl2 remain if .10 mol Na3PO4 and .40 mol CaCl2 are used? When amounts of both materials are listed one must worry about which is the limiting reagentalthough the problem seems to suggest that

    asked by Hawk
  2. science

    why does a candle appear to go out when a copper coil is placed over the flame? Combustion requires three things: fuel (wax here), oxygen (air here), ignition temperature (a match here probably). Remove one and the combustion stops -- that's the principles

    asked by jenna
  3. home economics

    what is the philsophy of home economics education? Wouldn't this vary with time, culture, and many other factors? And from school to school? I remember in the 1950's at the University...most subjects were taboo for women to take, such as engineering,

    asked by mj
  4. social studies

    What are the ways to protect the Kailashanth temple and what is the need to preserve and protect it. Also what were the materials used to build it? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. First of all, be sure you are spelling the name of the

    asked by jenny
  5. science

    what does shaking do that inceases the solubility of a solution? Shaking does not affect the solubility, but it will increase the rate that solids dissolve, and will also promote the formation of an emulsion if the ingredients are not soluble (e.g, vinegar

    asked by jenna
  6. check!!!!

    1. At high temperatures, the rate of enzyme action decreases because the increased heat A.

    asked by adam
  7. science

    what method of separation would do the best job to separate sand and water? hint* What would happen to the water if you put the mixture of sand and water in a pan and heated it on a stove for quite a long time? What's it called when water goes into the

    asked by jenna
  8. Economyst or anyone please

    Can someone help me on this? Bob Brown was recently involved in a minor auto accident. His car was hit from behind, and he, in turn, slammed into the car in front of him. He would like someone to explain his coverage and show him where, in his auto policy,

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Music

    This might be abit weird, but I have to find TABS for the song 'Falling into you' by Kasey Chambers for music because I have to perform the song, but I cant seem to find any TABS! I've looked on Ultimate-Guitar, Guitar Archive, 911, 100 Top Guitar Tab

    asked by Jessica
  10. science

    which of the following could not be reduced to a simpler piece of matter? compound, solution, element, mechanical mixture? Your exact answer is at the following site:

    asked by jenna
  11. science

    identify the solute and solvent for this solution: copper II Sulphate solution The solvent is water. See if you can guess what the solute is.

    asked by jenna
  12. chemistry placement exam

    has anyone taken a chemistry placement exam prior to their 1st year of college? what's it like? look up chemistry placement exam on yaahoo and there are a whole lot of websites that talk about what you are asking! hope this helps! You might browse these

    asked by Hawk
  13. science

    how is heat conducted along a piece of metal?

    asked by jenna
  14. science

    you are given three red powders all different substances of the following state crystals or colour would you use to identify the vials? of our 5 senses what is the most commmon sense we use when we identify objects?

    asked by jenna

    Hello there, i need to write an essay fitting the following statement into comparing characters from "Hmalet" and the "Great Gatsby" "one of the chief vices of humanity is the worship of materialism and power over spirituality" The only problem is, i don't

    asked by Dinh
  16. science

    of heating, filtering, evaporating, or distilling which does the best job at keeping the solvent of a solution? Please read the following web page carefully for your answer:

    asked by jenna
  17. science

    calculate the following(show steps): volume of a fish tank that is 15cm by 30cm by 10cm?

    asked by jenna
  18. science

    what can happen to unhomogenized milk if left to stand is this an example of a mechanical mexture, solution or suspension?

    asked by jenna