Questions Asked on
June 19, 2006

  1. ligands

    Is chloride ion or water a stronger ligand? Clueless Is water or ammonia a stronger ligand? Clueless Is ammonia or ethylenediamine a stronger ligand? Clueless I don't really get the idea of ligands; I definitely won't get strenght of ligands. I know

    asked by Kizner (chem)
  2. ionic or covalent

    can you check for me? Calcium Chloride: covalent Citric Acid: ionic Phenyl Salicylate: covalent Potassium Iodide: ionic Sodium Chloride: covalent Sucrose: ionic Thanks so much!!!! You must have some reason for picking ionic or covalent. How did you arrive

    asked by Hodgkin
  3. LAB!!!!!

    can someone check this for me???? Thanks I really appreciate it!!!!! Calcium Chloride Melting Point: 772 °C (anhydrous) Solubility (water): highly soluble in water Solubility (Ethanol): Soluble Conductivity: ATC mode: 183.25 Citric Acid Melting Point: 153

    asked by Hodgkin
  4. phys

    a 5 kg concrete block accelerates down a 34 degree slope at 4.2m/s^2. Find the coefficient of friction between the block and the slope. The net force along the slope that produces the acceleration is F = M g sin 34 - u M g cos 34 = M a where u is the

    asked by slien
  5. Chem. reply+asap!

    In some industrial processes, sodium chromate is added to water coolants. When the coolant is drained, the chromate ions can be removed through an electrolysis process that uses an iron anode. The products of the electrolysis are aqueous iron(II) ions and

    asked by yo!
  6. how is

    how is the Web changing communication. ?? You use the web every day. You used it to write this message. Think of all the things you do on the web and put that into sentences. You will have your answer. There are some ideas at the following site (Scroll

    asked by mary ann
  7. math

    how to you find a composite function form of y in this problem? y = 1/[(x^2+3x-5)^3] I don't understand your question. Composite functions require two functions. You listed one. Please amplify. That's what I thought at first. But I am thinking I might need

    asked by greg
  8. chem. re+asap!

    I got the rest, I just need help on the last one. My first post is down on this page. 6th one:I don't know how to write the equation. It would be acid over base but which is the acid and which is the base? My answer: I got the Ka to be 2.7x10^-1. The

    asked by hey.
  9. solubility

    can you check if this is right? Solubility in Ethanol Calcium Chloride:no Citric Acid: yes Phenyl Salicylate:yes Potassium Iodide: no Sodium Chloride: no Sucrose: yes if some are wrong then you can you explina to me how I would know if it is soluble or not

    asked by hen!
  10. chemistry help!!! (clueless)

    1. Consider the conductance meter and the titration method of determining the salt content of a brine sample. Discuss at least two advantages and two disadvantages of each method. 2. A corrosion technologist pipetted a 50.00 mL sample of an unknown brine

    asked by lightning
  11. bioethics

    Help "!@#$%^&ography" is the !@#$%^&ographic depiction of nudity and/or sex. a. too broad b. too narrow c. attempt to persuade d. too vague e. use of negatives f. circular I came up with circular. not sure if I'm right. Circular is correct.

    asked by sharon
  12. Math (Calculus)

    Can somebody solve this logarithm problem step by step for me please: 2(lnx)² + lnx-1 = 0 First let y = ln x be a new variable, , and solve the polynomial 2 y^2 + y - 1 = 0 2(y +1)(y - 1/2) = 0 Solutions are y = -1 or +1/2 Thus x = e^y and x= 1/e =

    asked by Kevin
  13. chem. check!

    Can u please check this and help me on 4 questions I did not do. Thanks 1.

    asked by hey.
  14. Physics for exam

    I can't get this question and its been driving me crazy. I need to know how to do this for my exam. Any help would be appreciated. A golfer is practising his/her swing at a distance of 150m from a house. On the way back to the ground, 5.00 seconds after

    asked by Natalie
  15. Math/Probability

    I need help with the following problem: A brighe hand is made up of the 13 cards from a deck of 52. What is the probability of a hand chosen at random containing 6 of one suit, 5 off another, and 2 of another? THe first card can be anything. It seems to me

    asked by D
  16. algebra

    3x --- 2 ---------- 1 1 --- + --- 3 x Where is the = sign? And what is it = to? and what is that + sign doing there? Please rewrite it a little plainer.

    asked by marie
  17. Maths

    Express the following quantities as an ordinary decimal number: a) The sun has a diameter of 1.392 * 10^6 I get 1392000. b) 8.4*10^-6 I get 0.000084 Is this right The first one is correct. The second one is incorrect. Your answer is 8.4 *10^-5 you have

    asked by David
  18. phys

    a projectile is launched at 35 degrees above the horizontal with an initial velocity of 120m/s. What is the projectile's speed 3 seconds later? Figure the new vertical velocity at t=3. then the speed as equal to sqrt(Vv^2+ Vh^2) The other way to do this is

    asked by slien
  19. Social Science

    Write for me something about 'Role of women in India's struugle for freedom' with summary and some photos based on the above topic.And it should also contain suitable heading.Introduction part is the must in the whole. I need all this to be done because

    asked by Manali
  20. math

    1) Write 2^2 * 3 * 5 as a natural number? I get 60 is it right or should i put 4*3*5= 60 2) Write 420 as the product of its prime factors in exponent form? What do i have to do ? 1) Write 2^2 * 3 * 5 as a natural number? I get 60 is it right or should i

    asked by David
  21. History - Vercingetorix

    I have to write a report on the Gallic king Vercingetorix. It needs to be 1 - 2 pages long but I cannot find very much information on the web.(ive seen Wikepedia ect..) Could anyone refer me to a website containing information on him? I have to finishe

    asked by Jonathan