Questions Asked on
June 18, 2006

  1. chem.

    Hey this is my question: At a temperature of 300°C and a pressure of 40.5 MPa, 90.0 mol of H2(g) and 80.0 mol of N2(g) are injected into a reaction vessel. When equilibrium is established, 37.0 mol of NH3(g) are present. The number of moles of H2(g)

    asked by yo!
  2. chemistry r u guys..thanks for helping me on my previous questions...can u help me solve two questions and check one? Thanks, all the questions are related to the info given: In some industrial processes, sodium chromate is added to water coolants. When

    asked by David
  3. Ecconomics

    Price elasticity of demand.Tell whether is elastic,perfectly inelastic,perfectly elastic, inelastic,or unit elastic. And what would happen to total revenue if a firm raised its price in each elasticity range identified.a.Ed=2.5 b.Ed=1.0 c.Ed=~ D. Ed=0.8

    asked by Lesa
  4. Health

    I have to find out how the excretory system is related to the other following body systems (in parentheses I wrote how i think they are related, but if anyone has a better answer can you please help): Nervous (the adrenel gland sends stress responses?)

    asked by Anonymous
  5. Question

    What causes young people to abandon school? My opinion. You need to obtain other opinions. I think many young people are tired of school after 12 years of it from first grade through the end of high school. And with so many families with both parents

    asked by Zoie
  6. general chem.

    1. Sour pickles have a pH of about 3.00. The [OH –] in a typical sour pickle is 8. A solution of sodium hydroxide was prepared for a chemical analysis using 0.65 g in 500 mL. The hydrogen ion concentration in the solution is Use the information to answer

    asked by !!!
  7. fallacies in philosophy

    I don't know what colleges are teaching these day! I have just received a letter of application from a young man who graduated from the state university las June. It was a wretched-letter badly written. with elementary errors in spelling. punctuation, and

    asked by selena
  8. Help with triangles

    Given the numbers are measurments of the sides of a triagnle, for which of the following can a triangle exist? 1. 8,10,20 2.16,18,25 3.7,7,7 I say 2 & 3. Am I right? yes

    asked by Kasey
  9. A Geometry ?

    Given that two sides of a triangle are 20 and 66. Find the range of possible measures for the third side, s. a. 20

    asked by Ali
  10. Algebra 2

    how would you solve: the current in the river flowed at 3 mph. The boat could travel 24 mph downstream in half the time it took to travel 12 mi upstream. what was the speed of the boat in still water? please help. The time required to go any distance

    asked by Jonathan
  11. Algebra 2

    I have no clue on this one. How would you solve: us the (IN) key to express each number as a power. Then use the rules of logarithms to find the answer. (45,332 x 10^5)(33,654 x 10^-4) ------------------------------- 93,153 (that is a fraction.) please

    asked by Jonathan
  12. science

    How might fossils help plaeontogists to learn about important behaviors of diffrent types of animals. what social behaviors might they provide? How they lived, where they lived, and when they lived. Different kinds of animals in the same area would provide

    asked by Chris

    Relate the classification of an organism to its phylogeny Please read the following page: Thanks for the website Lance. However, i cant really find the answer to my question in there. can you help please? a quote from that site: "In the case of organisms,

    asked by Tony S.
  14. agriculture

    ineed haep toprepare a project on 'New agricultural techniques which can improve the production of agricultur' i want to know the modrn techniques which r used nowadays to improve agriculture in India. plzz giv me info on it or give some web links

    asked by bhavna
  15. Chem

    why is an understanding of chemistry important in biology? All digestion, nutrition, muscle usage/reactions, cell division/reproduction, and all of the enzymatic processes at work in the body are chemisty. Even eyesight is a chemical reaction. So you need

    asked by Samantha
  16. Phy.Science

    What was the scientific methodlogy Mendel used to go his experiments. Why is it imprant to have carefully thought out procedures when conducting experiments? please read the following page (yes Mendel is in the article): (Broken Link Removed) how molten

    asked by Anonymous
  17. bio

    How can their be similar characteristics of two diffrent speices, such as a tiger and cheetah. explain. Species can share similar characteristics. However, a species is defined as a group that can interbreed/produce offspring with another member of that

    asked by Anonymous
  18. chemistry

    A mixture of Ar and N2 gases has a density of 1.361 g/L at STP. What is the mole fraction of each gas? not sure on really where to start Work this as the classic mixture: the mass of 22.4 liters of the gas is 1.361*22.4 grams. molmassargon*Far +

    asked by UTramos
  19. math trigg.

    which triangles do you use COS SIN or TAN?? You can use these relations on any ANGLE. THe sin, cos, and tan are dependent on the angle, it does not matter if the angles are in triangles, or if they are, what kind of triangle. Right triangles are especially

    asked by shelby
  20. philosophy

    How do assumptions relate to the process of critical thinking? You need to do some reading. Please have a look here:

    asked by selena
  21. Philosophy

    What art the essential components of a logical argument? A logical argument is made up of the premise, the inference and the conclusion.The premise is the base in the structure of an argument. Within the boundaries of an argument, it isirriducible, that

    asked by selena
  22. Philosophy

    What is the meaning of validity, truth, and soundness as they relate to the area of logical syllogisms? What are the two formal fallacies deductive and inductive What is the meaning of validity, truth, and soundness as they relate to the area of logical

    asked by selena
  23. Philosophy

    What are the two formal fallacies? I remember being quite confused by all the specialized terminology, etc., in logic and philosophy classes, but there are things on this webpage that may help you:

    asked by selena
  24. fallacies in philosophy

    That's gotta be a great line of clothes. Have you seen the prices and the people endorsing it? Would this fallacy be non sequitur. Yes. That's gotta be a great line of clothes. Have you seen the prices

    asked by selena
  25. fallacies in philosophy

    Michael Jordan wore that brand, so those must be the best basketball shoes. What fallacy would this be. Your exact answer is at the following web page: Contracy to Fact Hypothesis.

    asked by selena
  26. economics

    whats law of demand define satisfaction law of demand Definition If supply is held constant, an increase in demand leads to an increased market price, while a decrease in demand leads to a decreased market price. Source:

    asked by rc