Questions Asked on
September 2, 2005

  1. Phys (Are my answers correct?)

    1. Vector A=71 grams @138 degrees. What is Ax? (x is a subscript) 2. Vector A=71 grams @ 138 degress. What is Ay? (y is a subscript). Answers: 1. -52.8 (I am not sure if it is the absolute value and I should write it as positive. 2. 47.5 Those answers are

    asked by Cheyenne

    WHAT SPURS MEURSAULT'S REVELATION ABOUT THE GENTLE INDIFFERENCVE OF THE WORLD? This sounds like the question you are supposed to answer -- perhaps write an essay about -- after reading the entire book. Have you read it? "What spurs ... " -- those are words

    asked by MA
  3. can somebody answer my chem questions below plzz

    I have posted some chem question below can somebody answer them plzzzzzz Multiple posts asking people to answer your questions will get you banned. Please be patient as someone will help you as soon as possible. If you were travling from Devner,Colardo to

    asked by Nisar
  4. scientific method What are the steps of the scientific method? I think this should add a little more to answering your questions. First you have to decide what question(s) you want to answer —

    asked by Lance
  5. Math

    How can I figure the number of days from one date to another? Example: How many days are from June 21 to Sept. 23? I need to do this without using a calendar. The first thing you need to know is the number of days in each month. If you don't know this

    asked by Phillip
  6. biology

    why is it important to know your resting heart rate? This rate indicates your cardiovascular fitness level.

    asked by irishred91
  7. physics

    electrons are accelerated from rest over a distance of 800m to a velocity of 3x10 7 m/s. what is the acceleration of the electrons and what formula did you use to find the acceleration. (1/2)[V(final)^2 - V(initial)^2] = a X V(final) = sqrt (2 a X) a =

    asked by Chris
  8. Physics

    How can discribe in words how to add ten vectors? Please help. Add the ten x components for the x component of the resultant. Call it X Add the ten y components for the y component of the resultant. Call it Y resultant = sqrt (X^2 + Y^2) theta = arctan Y/X

    asked by Cheyenne
  9. Physics

    1. Vector B =(52.8)x + (-47.5)y. What is the magnitude of B? 2. Vector B=(52.8)x + (47.5)y. What is the direction of B in radians counter clockwise from the positive x axis? 1. sqrt [(52.8)^2 + (-47.5)^2] = 71.0 2. tan^-1 (47.5/52.8) = 42.0 degrees

    asked by Cheyenne