Questions Asked on
August 31, 2005

  1. Math coin riddle need help please

    I have 56 coins consisting of nickels and quarters. The total value of the coins is $5.60. How many of each coin do I have? Algebra to the rescue... NN is number of nickles ND is the number of quarters. NN*.05 + ND*.25=$5.60 but NN + ND=56 two equations,

    asked by Maddy
  2. helllllllllllllllppppppppppppp

    need help math I have a big square of 9little squares in it on the first row going down I got 1 4 6 that makes 11 ok I have to make 11 using those number on the other squares and I can not double the same number in every way it has to come out 11 straght

    asked by sally
  3. Science guys :)

    hey guys a got a few problems i need help with im really desperate for help they're due soon online :( 1.Suppose that a constant current of 89 mA flows in a conductor. Find the absolute value of the total charge that passes through the conductor in 3

    asked by Zach
  4. mathamatics

    can i have a list of times tables And your question is? 1> Googal stands for how many zeros after one? 2> Who invented logarithm for fast calculation? what is the product of 9 & 6? How could I work a problem that is: I have a bacteria that replicates every

    asked by jake
  5. PlantTaxonomy

    Phylogenetic classification

    asked by Rose
  6. Research, help me ASAP!

    give me informations about marker pens. thank you! For a permament ink that will write on almost any surface, use the Sanford Sharpie brand. It comes in various point sizes and colors. For wide lines, use the chisel-point Marks-A-Lot (made by Dennison) For

    asked by Danielle Stacey
  7. Math ASAP

    how do you solve 5x/2-10=x/4-1 and..... 3x/10=9/5 5x/2 -10 = x/4 - 1 Combine terms: 9x/4 = 9 9x = 36 x = 4 3x/10 = 9/5 15 x = 90 x = 6 the answer for 5x/2-10=x/4-1 is -2.875 and also i beleive the answer for numba 2 will be 1.8

    asked by bad chic
  8. "write a paragraph on book's thesis"?

    I'm going into AP (advanced placement) European History, grade 10, and our summer reading assignment was to read a A World Lit Only By Fire, a book about the tenaissance. Along with this assignment, I'm required to write a paragraph about the book's

    asked by christine

    How can we ensure that teenagers play a meanigful role in the economy? How can we ensure that teenagers play a meanigful role in the economy? ***The most significant way is to get a solid education and prepare for the future, being significant producers

    asked by rose

    Hey just wanna to check this out that I'm pretty studying on Physics and Biology. Process Information is mos definitely I'm succeeding aight and it ain't that hard n'mean? I still all the stuff I gotta need to study. Send me a few ?'s on Process

    asked by Henry C.

    Hi I'm a music man that sings and plays trumpets and 'bout to write and compose music which I'm getting started. I'm also a practical conductor also. Need help on how to prepare myself and how to write cues, bridges, parts, etc. for orchestra, jazz band,

    asked by Henry C.
  12. study habits 4 science

    For the entire week 1-4, I do 4 days of Biology, 4 days of Physics and Process Information, and at the end be4 the exam on the 13th of next month, I redo the entire thing, study harder, and be prepared for the test. It's that gonna succeed or just get a

    asked by Henry C.
  13. what is

    1.3 /73.814 In significant digit notation, divid, and the answer to two significant digits. I will be happy to critique your work.

    asked by kme
  14. factorial help!!!

    i just need help with factorials I assume you know what a factorial is: 1! = 1 2! = 1x2 = 2 3! = 1x2x3 = 6 N! = 1x2x3x...x(N-1)xN They occur often in probability theory. Please ask a more specific question about factorials. I have no idea what else to tell

    asked by tiffanie robinson
  15. Social Studies

    What is the definition for an overview map? An overview map shows a city, country or region. It doesn't have much detail, although online maps sometimes let you click on an area for more details.

    asked by Amanda
  16. Math

    Three boxes are labeled peaches, apples, and peaches & apples. Each box is labeled incorrectly. You may select only one piece of fruit from one box. How can you do this so that you can label the boxes correctly? Three boxes are labeled peaches, apples, and

    asked by Haley
  17. Agriculture/Science

    Hi all, basically im stuck with a part of my assignment •

    asked by Miller
  18. social-studies

    how are americand devided over the issue of separating from Great Britain Are you asking this question about the Americans in the late 18th century? Please clarify your question.

    asked by ilona
  19. reading

    6th grade story builders wow ure gonna get a lot of responses to this one Tania: You have to ask a question that can be answered. You have not asked a question.

    asked by tania louis

    K I'm having difficulty on this riddle: A woman goes 4 a walk, and it begins 2 rain. She is not wearing a hat or carrying an umbrella. As she continues walking, her shoes and clothes get wet but her hair doesn't get wet. How can this be??? i tink it myte b

    asked by DENiSE