Questions Asked on
August 30, 2005

  1. chemistry

    First of all, you need to know how many g of Mg actually reacted in the first reaction. You can determine this by determining the limiting reactant. The reaction is Mg + F2 -> MgF2 16.2 g of Mg is 16.2/24.32 = 0.666 moles 25.3 g of F2 is 25.3/38.0 = 0.666

    asked by drwls
  2. math

    how to subtract numbers with decimals Line up the decimal points and proceed the same way as you would when subtracting whole numbers. Example: 56.78 12.34 ____ 44.44 It works the same when adding decimalized numbers. example: 92.4 -6.41 _____ 1) When

    asked by tyler
  3. statistics

    Please Help! My book and instructor are no help. Please help me understand why I need to make a scatter diagram, when dealing with bivariate data, and how to find SS(x), SS(y), SS(xy), and r. I have all the formulas, but don't understand. Thanks! I don't

    asked by Rebecca
  4. MATH

    What are the 3 property names of addition? 1. The Zero Property of Addition- Adding 0 to a number leaves it unchanged. We call 0 the additive identity. 2.Commutative Property of Addition- switching the order of two numbers being added does not change the

    asked by Trey Johnson
  5. Physics

    Given Vector A with magintude 9.17 feet and Vector B with magnitude of 10.58 feet, what is the resultant of the two vectors added together? Answer: I know it would depend on the direction of the vector. If in the same line we would add them or if opposite

    asked by Nisar
  6. what is a catch 22

    what does it mean when someone says something is a catch 22; does this refer to the book? Whenever you wonder about a phrase's or a word's meaning, first you should try looking it up at I did this for "catch 22" and here are the results:

    asked by candice
  7. English

    I have to do a paper over current events...I have no clue what to do it over, and its due tomorrow...any suggestions? Thanx a lot! *lynn Today's biggest news story is Hurricane Katrina that devastated so much of the Gulf Coast and killed at least 80

    asked by Kaitlin S.
  8. Algebra Problem

    I've gotten confunsed. Please help. Solve: 2y-a = a + 3b ____ ______, for y 3 4 Please show how to solve this. If you mean (2y -a)/3 = (a + 3b)/4 then 2y - a = (3/4) (a + 3 b) 2y = (7/4) a + (9/4) b y = (7/8) a + (9/8) b f(x)=x(squared)-4x+9 solve for x

    asked by amy
  9. helpppppppp

    I have this problem abouth math pre algebra this is my problem I have 3 number that makes a total of 11 I have 1 4 6=11 in each way has to came out 11 up down side across and I have 2 more blanck spaces total of 3 its big square need help and I cant use

    asked by sally
  10. Math

    how do you solve a problem like this 3X/4 = 7 + X/6

    asked by bad chic