Questions Asked on
August 28, 2005

  1. inverse trig functions

    evaluate the following expressions: tan(sec^-1(5/3)) tan(sec^-1(25/7)) cot(csc^-1(5/3)) i know the answers.. i jus don't know how to solve them =( PLEASE help me I assume your sec^-1 notation denot4es the arcsecant function, etc. sec^-1 (5/3) = cos^-1

    asked by abby
  2. *Chemistry

    Hydrogen reacts w/ sodium to produce solid sodium hydride, NaH. A reaction mixture contains 6.75 g Na and 3.03 g H2. A. Which reactant is limiting? B. What is the theoretical yield of NaH from the above reaction mixture? C. What is the percent yield if 4 g

    asked by Laura
  3. Help me! pls...

    what are the physical properties and chemical properties of ammonium cyanate? Go to and search this chemical. It is Urea. Read here: Urea and ammonium cyanate are isomers. In the solid state,they have

    asked by Danielle Stacey
  4. will remain ad-free

    About 9 months ago I made the decision to pull all banner advertisements from in an effort to make the website more educational and user-friendly. Since my other streams of income have stabalized, I am confident that will remain free

    asked by Jiskha Webmaster
  5. Physics

    I have a hard time solving this problem. The weight of an object at the surface of a planet is proportional to the planet's mass and inversely proportional to the square of the radius of the planet. Jupiter's radius is 11 times Earth's and its mass is 320

    asked by Nisar
  6. Physics

    Someone please help me with this. The speed of ocean waves depends on their wavelength λ (in meters) and the gravitational field strength g (in m/sˆ2) in this way: V=Kλˆp Gˆq Where K is a dimentionless constant. Find the value of the

    asked by Nisar
  7. Help!

    How do clownfish Breed? Does it care for the young? eg male or female taking care, pouch.... Here is Wikipedia's answer: Clownfish lay eggs on any flat surface close to or under protection of their host anemones. These eggs are cared for by the male and

    asked by Kirra
  8. Math

    How are decimals used in everyday life? The main use I can think of is in money. Money is expressed in decimal form. Although for everyday use, we rely on inches, feet and yards for distance, other countries use decimal measures — millimeters,

    asked by Desiree
  9. Math

    How are decimals used in everyday life? Not using money How does one measure distance? Take a meter stick, and watch the decimals appear. I am 1.80 meters high

    asked by Desiree
  10. english

    in the book Beowulf what are "the rings" whick are spoken of in the prologue I may be missing something here. The only rings I remember in the prologue is the "Breaker-of-rings" important person, or chiefian, whose job it is to break off parts of gold

    asked by Keisha
  11. chemistry-net ionic equations

    Whats the net ionic equation for the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide (H202)? I know that it decomposes into water and O2 but is H202->H20+O2 the net ionic or does the H2 and O2 split up to be H2 + O2 -> H20+O2 and if so is the net ionic then just

    asked by Jon
  12. English- literary?

    Ok I had 2 eng. questions, what makes a piece of writing literature, and the second was who decides what is literary or not? I got the first question, but no idea on the second one?? Is it publishers and scholarly peers or what? Generally, scholars

    asked by Sarah
  13. can somebody help me with this

    College enrollments in the United States are projected to increase from 1995 to 2005 for public and private schools. The models below give the total projected college enrollments in thousands, where x=0 represents the first year 1995. Public College: f(x)

    asked by johnathan
  14. another one i need help with

    If f(x) = 3x, g(x) = x^2 -1, then find f(g(3))(HINT:The answer to this question should be a number not another function.) g(3) = 9 - 1 = 8, and f(g(3)) = f(8) = 24

    asked by johnathan
  15. last problem

    State the domain restriction for y = 5/(x+16)

    asked by johnathan
  16. need help

    These are from Spielvogel's "Western Civilization" and are part of a AP European History class: Ch. 10= 1. Compare the political developments in France and England with those in the Holy Roman Empire and Italy. What similarities and differences do you

    asked by study freak