Questions Asked on
August 25, 2005

  1. Chemistry

    A 2.612 g sample of a copper oxide, when heated in a stream of H2 gas, yields .592 g H20. What is the formula of the copper oxide? Again, I need help with this problem. Answer = CuO Ok nvm.. i got it. Set up the reaction as best we can surmise at the

    asked by Laura
  2. Music

    How do you find movable do? i need to solfege songs in different keys and i need to know how! Add sharps and flats to make it closest to another key scale with dynamic constrast

    asked by David
  3. Chemistry - Stoichiometry

    16.2g of magnesium reacts exactly with 25.3g of fluorine to produce magnesium fluoride, the only product. How many grams of magnesium fluoride could be produced from the reaction of 10.5g of magnesium with excess fluorine. This is simple if you use

    asked by Kevin
  4. Niagara Falls question

    I'm doing a report on Niagara Falls and I'm trying to find the 'Historical Importance' Your answer is here: (Broken Link Removed) I hope this answers your question. The first humans arrived in Niagara Region almost 12,000 years ago, just in time to witness

    asked by Bessie
  5. Economics

    tell me sumting abt consumer awareness Briefly, micro-economic market theories hang on the notion that consumers are informed, rational creatures.

    asked by Shruthi
  6. Chemistry

    Iron reacts with sulfur to form a sulfide. If 2.561 g of iron reacts with 2.206 g of sulfur, what is the simplest formula of the sulfide? I don't know how to go about doing this problem. The answer is Fe2S3. Calculate the moles of iron in 2.561 grams of

    asked by Laura
  7. Need to learn how to . . .

    I need to learn how to do the following problems. Don't give me the answer but give me the steps leading to the answer then I will respond back with the answer. say if you had a problem that said: tickets to a game were sold for $2 for each adult and 0.75

    asked by krazikool
  8. How

    I know this has nothing to do with homework I just wanted to know how do you become an expert on here (by expert I mean the people who help the other people) Please contact me by using this form:

    asked by fun person
  9. Algebra

    For 1980 through 1990, the average weekly earnings (in dollars)for workers in the United States can be modeled by E= 14.5t + 270, where t is the number of years since 1980. Approximate the average weekly earnings in 1980 and 1990. I am having trouble

    asked by Jin
  10. speed of rocket

    how fast does a rocket need to go to break earth's gravitationl pull The final rocket velocity required to maintain a circular orbit around the Earth may be computed from the following: Vc = sqrt(ยต/r) where Vc is the circular orbital velocity in feet per

    asked by britt
  11. I need help starting a Thematic essay, please help

    For Stranger in a Strange Land. I don't know how to start the essay, the paper with the assignment on it says 1. What specific issue(s) does your text address? 2. What is the author trying to say about the issue(s)? (Thesis) 3. What character development

    asked by Emily

    It is pretty easy but I am not quite sure. Round 0.03095583 to the 3 sig figs. Is it 3.12 x E-2 The format is OK but the rounded-off number is 3.10 x 10^-2 2681

    asked by Nisar