Questions Asked on
August 24, 2005

  1. electricity

    What bias conditions must be present for the normal operation of a transistor amplifier? A)the emitter base junction must be reverse biased, and the collector base junction must be forward biased. B)the emitter base junction must be forward biased, and the

    asked by angela
  2. electricity

    The grid in a high-vacuum triode is usually kept negatively charged with respect to the cathode so that the electrons may be? A)accelerated toward the anode. B)accelerated toward the cathode. C)attracted to the anode instead of the grid. D)attracted to the

    asked by angela
  3. electricity

    if a bar of copper is brought near a magnet, the copper bar will be? A)attracted by the magnet. B)unaffected by the magnet. C)repelled by the magnet. D)made into an induced magnet. B)unaffected by the magnet. Actually there is a very slight repulsn due to

    asked by angela
  4. facial hair

    hi i know this isnt a homework question but i don't know where else to turn, and ive gotten help here before anyway the facial hair on the right side of my face grows a little faster than on my left side. is this normal? Yes, it is normal, and common.

    asked by frank
  5. I need help with algebra ASAP!

    I'm in Algebra 1 this year and I really need help solving these equations. Completing the square 1)c^2-7c= -12 2)x^2-2x-8= 0 Incomplete Quadratic Equations 1) 2x^2-2 = 16 Any advice will be appreciated! c^2-7c= -12 What is 1/2 of -7? Square that, and add

    asked by Jessica
  6. Math

    There are 5 rows - there are 4 items in each row - there are NO more than 10 items Any idea how this can be solved? Draw a 5 pointed star connecting all the vertices. Place one item at each vertex and one item at the intersection of the lines joining the

    asked by Selina
  7. spanish

    In spanish, what is used to write on the key board. los dedos (fingers), if you mean typing with a keyboard If you mean "what is used to write in the keyboard" as in translating that in spanish then it is "Que es usado para escribir en el teclado?"

    asked by brenda
  8. what is a mortgage rate

    Hello, I am in college and thinking of buying a house. What constitutes an excessively high mortgage rate today? I got an offer of 7.5% APR, which I know is high. But with limited credit history but a great credit score, this is the best offer I have

    asked by Greg
  9. Urgent everything

    Answer as many possible please! 12X13+167-34X56X47= What does bipartite graph mean? When was Judy Blume born? How is 2 negative 1 equals 0? Is Sheila a german name? Thats some hard questions for a year four like me.PLEASE HELP ME For your Sheila question:

    asked by Sandy
  10. home ec/food tech

    i need help with finding out if teenagers need different requirements in their diet than that a an adult in their early 20's If you are between 15 and 18, you're completing your final major growth spurt and on your way to becoming an adult. For girls, this

    asked by Sam
  11. Biology

    My daughter wants to know what is a life span of a clown fish? We've been researching but could not find the answer. Would appreciate any help. Thank you. Emmie According to this website, the life expectancy of a clown fish in a home aquarium is over 10

    asked by Emmie F. Marasigan
  12. critical approach help

    does anyone know what the critical approaches are i know that readers response is one but i don't know the others thanks I assume you mean critical approaches to literature.

    asked by kay31188
  13. math

    explain how you can use place value to show 100 in different ways.asap consider scientific notation, eg 1.00*10^2 or 100.0 or 100.00

    asked by connie
  14. Math

    Only the 1, +, -, X, / , (, ), and = keys on a scientific calculator are working. How can a result of 75 be reached by pushing these keys less than 20 times? isn't five squared twenty-five, multiplied by three...

    asked by Selina
  15. reading / riddle

    rene obsreves the body and files her report.her report is filed but not with the police. because many others will observe the body ,too. though the local police will not be called to ivestigate. why? Is she a med student? Is the report filed with her

    asked by becky garcia
  16. spanish

    In spanish, what cleans a chalk board? el borrador

    asked by brenda