Questions Asked on
August 20, 2005

  1. Electricity

    when an electron is displaced in a semiconductor, the hole that's left behind is? A)attracted to the negative terminal of the voltage source. B)incapable of carrying a charge. C)attracted to the anode of the voltage source. D)considered an impurity in the

    asked by angela
  2. Electricity

    when an electric current flows through a long conductor, each free electron moves? A)from one end of the conductor to the other end. B)with a speed of 300,000,000 m/s. C)back and forth between the ends of the conductor. D)through a relatively short

    asked by angela
  3. Electricity

    if an electrically uncharged body is contacted by an electrically charged body,the uncharged body will? A)develop the opposite charge as the charged body. B)remain na neutrally charged body. C)develop the same charge as the charged body. D)neutralize the

    asked by angela
  4. Forgot my book, need science help!!

    Please help me I have a whole section to do over the weekend and I forgot my book! Please help!! You'll need to post a question in order for a science teacher to know what kind of help you need. Biology? Chemistry? What? And what is/are the question(s)?

    asked by Linz
  5. brain teaser help

    The new science teacher claims he can place a beaker in the middle of the science lab and crawl into it. How? Does anyone get this or hav an idea? haha I think it was a metaphor or some joke or something :P, just to get you insterested. Because you did say

    asked by Sherry
  6. algebra help

    (t^3-3t^2+5t-6)divided by (t-2) t^2 t-2! t^3-3t^2+5t-6 t^3-2t^2 then t t-2 t^2 +5t -6 t^2 -10t then 15 t-2 15t -6 15t -30 then remainder 24 check my work

    asked by doc.mims
  7. algbra help

    (2u^3-13u^2-8u+7) divided by (u-7) 2u^2 u-7 !2u^3-13u^2-8u+7 2u^3-7u^2 then -6u u-7 -6u^2 -8u +7 -6u^2 +42u then -50 u-7 -50u +7 -50u + 350 then a remainder of -343 rfevgftvgtg i don't get algebra The sum of m and n, divided by the difference of m and n a

    asked by doc.mims
  8. new help

    (2u^3-13u^2-8u+7) divided by (u-7) i made a mistake i only need to know the quotient

    asked by doc.mims
  9. more new help

    (t^3-3t^2+5t-6)divided by (t-2)i made a mistake. i only need to know the quotient

    asked by doc.mims
  10. Electricity

    The best answer is c, but a is also true if the wavelength of the light is chosen correctly. The intensity of the light does not determine the emission of the electrons, the wavelength (energy of light photons) is what determines. c

    asked by bobpursley
  11. Electricity

    suppose that you're facing a straight current carrying conductor, and the current is following toward you.the lines of magnetic force at any point in the magnetic field will act in? A)the same direction as the current. B)a clockwise direction. C)the

    asked by angela
  12. algebra help 2

    (t^3-3t^2+5t-6)divided by (t-2)i made a mistake. i only need to know the quotient did you read your last question's answer? use long division. again. t^2-t+7 Re. 8/(t+2)

    asked by doc.mims
  13. algebra help 2

    (2u^3-13u^2-8u+7) divided by (u-7) i made a mistake i only need to know the quotient Do it like long division. 2 u^2 +u -1 __________________ (u-7)| 2 u^3 - 13 u^2 - 8u + 7 2 u^3 - 14 u^2 ___________ u^2 -8u u^2 -7u _________ -u + 7 The answer is 2u^2 + u

    asked by doc.mims
  14. when does the school year start?

    When do most K-12 schools begin session this year? Most of the public schools in the Houston, TX, area have already started. In Southern California, most will start around Sept 1st or right after Labor Day. Western PA. I start wendsday Thank you. Well, in

    asked by Jiskha Webmaster
  15. algebra 1 help

    fin the complement and the supplemnt of the angel measure 1) 130 complement-40 suplement-50 or vice versa if anyone can help me with some algebra work it would be greatly appreciated i am im algebra 1 and still on the second quarter and have until november

    asked by cristina

    Bartolomeu Dias first rounded the Cape of Good Hope in 1488. Ten years later, Vasco da Gama also sailed around the Cape and continued to eastern Africa and India, claiming it for Portugal. Barthelomew Diaz

    asked by drwls