Questions Asked on
August 19, 2005

  1. algebra

    what operations can you assocate with coefficients? what operations can you asociate with exponents? You can add, or multipy with each: Example Ax + Bx= x(A+B) A(Bx)= AB x x^y + x^z= x^(y+z) [x(^y)]^z= x^yz

    asked by doc.mims
  2. algebra

    4xy3(2x-y)(3x+5) the Y is to the third power. Im having a problem multiplying this binomial. I get confused with the X and the Y after the FOIL method is completed

    asked by doc.mims
  3. heat

    the main purpose of the turbine in the turbojet engine is to? The turbine rotates the compressor, compressing the inlet air. Often, electrical generators and hydraulic pumps are attached to the turbine via gears also. drive the compresser

    asked by angela
  4. heat

    in a gasoline engine the area in the cylinder head where the air and fuel mixture is burned is called the? What is the combustion chamber?

    asked by angela
  5. heat

    what cools the air in a household refrigerator? what cools the air in a household refrigerator? Inside the refrigerator, the evaporator absorbs heat and cools the inside. Outside, room air cools the condensor coils that are bring heat from the inside of

    asked by angela
  6. Math

    1.2 (1+ 23.0 x 10-6/°C*50) Could someone solve this problem for me and tell me how did you get the answer? I've tried to solve this problem in so many ways, but can't get the right answer. My multiple choices are A.0.001386 meters, B.0.00180 meters,

    asked by Mirayah Robinson