Questions Asked on
August 10, 2005

  1. electricity and electronics

    a battery consists of five cells connected in series if the voltage developed by each cell is 1,5 the total voltage developed by the battery is 5 x 1.5 = 7.5 V Battery voltages add when connected in series.

    asked by annette
  2. Math

    A car boy in California purchased 6onces of silver for 3000 euro. what is the unit ratio of euro/ounce of silver? If the exchange rate is l:25 $=euro, what is the ratio equivalant to in $/pound of gold. Ratio= costeuro/ounce=3000/6 Ratio=

    asked by Miss Hollywood
  3. electricity and electronics

    a transformer has a primany voltage of 115 v and secondary voltage of 24 v if the number of tures in the primany is 345 how many turns are in the secondary The voltage ratio Vsecondary/Vprimary = 24/115 = 0.209 This equals the turns ratio

    asked by annette
  4. business management

    discuss the relationship between performance,motivation ability and the work environment every business needs a ?

    asked by lore
  5. abit of everythingURGENTDUETOMORROW

    malevolent is to kind as miserly is to infant is to child as teenager is to flower is to biology as acid is to delineate is to outline as evaluate is to mildew is to plant as dugong is to ostler is to horse as______is to ____ sheep____ first public

    asked by Sandy