Questions Asked on
August 5, 2005

  1. chem

    which one of the following statements about sulfuric acid is correct? A. sulfuric acid is a known muriatic acid B. sulfuric acid is a strong oxidizing agent C. sulfuric acid has little effect on metals D. sulfuric acid is dangerous to living organisms B

    asked by alf
  2. chem

    one atom of silicon can properly be combined in a compound with A. one atom of chlorine B. two atoms of oxygen C. three atoms of hydrogen D. four atoms of calcium B. two atoms of oxygen (as in SiO2.. quartz and sand) Ther is also a compound SiO. It is used

    asked by alf
  3. chemistry question from physical science course

    In the chemical equation Zn + 2HCL-->ZnCl(little2) + H(little2) the reactants are what? zinc chloride and hydrogen zinc and hydrogen carbonate zinc chlorate and water zinc and hydrochloric acid The reactants are on the left, products on the right. HCl is

    asked by alf
  4. Chemistry

    catalyst: a substance that changes the speed of a chemical reaction without affecting the yield or undergoing permanent chemical change* As you can see NO (nitrogen monoxide) did not undergo a permanent change.

    asked by Lance
  5. another chem question

    Examine the following unbalanced chemical equation: CO(little2) + C --> CO Which of the following is the correctly balanced form of this equation? 2CO(little2) + C --> CO CO(little2) + C -->2CO CO(little2) + C(little2) --> CO CO(little2) + C -->C(little2)O

    asked by alf
  6. Thanks

    Thanks for everyones help. Yall gave me exatly what i needed. Thank you.

    asked by Bryans Gurl