Questions Asked on
July 15, 2005

  1. heat

    if the absolute pressure of a gas is 550.280 kPa, its gage pressure is ? A.101.325kPa b.277.280kPa c.448.955kPa d.651.605kPa Gauge pressure - atmosphericpressure=absolute pressure where atmospheric pressure varies, but standard atmospheric pressure is

    asked by Andre
  2. physics problem-gun (projectile problem)

    A gun shoots bullets that leave the muzzle at 250 m/s. If a bullet is tohit a target 160.8 m away at the level of the muzzle, the gun must be aimedat a point above the target. (Neglect air resistance.) How far above the target is this point if the angle

    asked by Marcus Jasp
  3. science

    what happens when you mix calcium with oxygan Generally, one could expect Calcium Oxide (CaO) to form. In the presence of water, Calcium hydroxide will form.

    asked by oli
  4. Microeconomics help please!

    If someone colud help with these questions I would be very greatful, Ive been trying for awhile now and Im at my ropes end. 1)The perfectly competitive ice cream industry is assumed to be in long-run equilibrium. Suppose there is an increase in the market

    asked by crstudent