Questions Asked on
June 20, 2005

  1. Physiology

    Which one(s) of the essetional chemcial elements (C, H, O, N) does blood contain. You only need to ask the question once. Additional repetitions will not get you a faster response. An answer to your question can be found in response to your other post(s).

  2. i need help!!!!

    There were 100 more balcony tickets then main-floor tickets sold for a concert. The balcony tickets sold for $4 and the main-floor tickets sold for $12. The total amount of sales for both types of tickets was $3,056. a. write an equations or a system of

  3. help!/ very puzzled

    remon rented a sprayer and a genarator. On his first job, he used each peice of equipment for 6 hours at a total cost of $90. On his second job,he used the sprayer for 4 hours and the genarator for 8 hours at the cost of $100. what was the hourly cost of

  4. physio

    Which one(s) of the essential chemical elements (H, C, O, N) does blood contain? All of them not just one of them. All amino acids contain carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. Blood contains several dozen proteins alone

  5. business studies

    The most important way to improve the work group is for everyone, especially the bosses, to listen to each other. This can be done in regular meetings and by written communications. Suggestions for improvements should be implemented when possible. People

  6. help!!!Urgent english

    I have a question.If you have employment,are you looking for work? Pleaase answer quicky........It is due on 22/06/05. Sandy You can have employment but still be looking for another job or advancement in the same area. On the other hand, you can be

  7. purpose statements

    Using purposes statements, write a 1-sentence objective for a presentation Here are the purpose statements: •Explain corporate financial results. •Demonstrate a product. •Explain the results of a scientific study. •Explain the consequences/benefits

  8. Energy

    Without energy we can't do work cuz we can't apply ne force on an object. Gravity, itself a force, when, say, pulls a ball down to the gorund it actually does work. Now for that force, where does it get the energy from or what type of energy does it have?

  9. physiology

    Which one(s) of the essential chemical elements (O, H, C, N) does blood contain? It contains all of them. I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

  10. try

    I guess my question that I posted does not come up I would like to answer your question, but I am unaware of your previous post. Please repost with the question. Thanks for asking.

  11. physio

    Out of all four major organic molecules (carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids) which ones are present in blood? All are in the blood. Think on what is blood: water, dissolved gases, cells, foods (sugars, lipids, amino acids, etc)

  12. Help-Econ

    Okay, this is due Tuesday. I'm woking on it but if anyone can help that would be great! Suppose firm A opeates in a perfectly competitive market. The price that currently prevails in the market is $1,000. Firm A's marginal cost is 20Q, where Q is output.