Questions Asked on
June 15, 2005

  1. Chemistry Suspension Examples...

    I need 10 examples of household suspensions for science class tomorrow. I got 10 solutions, 10 colloids, and 10 solvents...but can't figure out 10 suspensions! Help! Suspensions have much larger

    asked by Nat
  2. I.Q QUESTION (Urgent)

    Can u help me out on the question below please. Would you rather a crocodile attack you or an alligator? I'd rather have it attack an alligator. Definitely certain crocs are more dangerous.

    asked by Woody
  3. english/antonyms

    What is the antonym for these words? scatter double artificial valuable private knowledge close sane Type words in box and search at link below: Does this really work?I tried it millions of times and it's never any good.Have

    asked by Sandy Tang
  4. #'s

    What comes after 1200000? :o 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,167,8888 I'm tired lol. 1,200,001 There is no pattern to your sequence. k

    asked by Amanda
  5. The Holocaust

    I need some important facts about the Ghettos in the Holocaust. AMOUNT OF FOOD GIVEN EACH DAY the ghettos depending on whitch area you are talking about where mostly small apartments on what was the poor side of town (before the Nazis). they where small,

    asked by Valerie
  6. Solving for x

    ((2X-14Cos45)/(49+X^2-14XCos45))+0.3536 = 0 Solve to find the value of X Change cos 45 to sqrt 2 and rewrite the equation in the form a x^2 + bx + c = 0 Start out by rewriting it as 2x - 9.8995 = (-0.3536)(49 + x^2 - 9.8995 x) Conimue until you get the

    asked by Sarah
  7. Soccer

    Who won the 1962 FIFA world cup? Brazil Brazil

    asked by Woody
  8. social studies

    Does anybody know a city or town that starts with x? world-gazetteer . com My student atlas shows several towns beginning with X -- including: Xankandt, Azerbaijan Xenia, Ohio, U.S. Xiaguan, China Xichang, China

    asked by Jeremy
  9. English

    I need some help diagraming the sentence: How can an art decay? Thanks, Michelle art | can decay ________________ \ \ \an \ How \ \ Please note in the above diagram that "How" modifies "can decay." i need help distinguishing verbs from verbals (cont.) i

    asked by Michelle